Has Babylon Fallen?

January 6, 2021 at 3:29 PM 5 comments

The results of the runoff election are mostly in and it appears that Warnock has pushed Loeffler out in Georgia. Ossoff has done the same with Perdue. We know also that VP Pence says he will not be standing with President Trump and his supporters. In response to this, thousands of people breached the barriers and are attempting to get into the Capitol building. Police appear outnumbered. People are questioning whether they are patriots or AntiFa dressed like Trump supporters. Impossible to know but from photos, it appears that some of the same people who participated in AntiFa/BLM riots were also at the Capitol through the use of facial recognition software. This is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.

For all intents and purposes, it appears as though America has made its last stand and is now crumbling before our very eyes. I’m so glad neither my parents or my sister are here to see this.

This situation offers proof about Pence. For more on this, here’s a 3-part article published today that details the corruption in DC, which includes Rod Rosenstein and VP Pence: At the Highest Levels

Certainly, our salvation is not anchored in America at all and it’s good to remind ourselves of this very important fact. Our citizenship is in heaven, the eternal place of God’s throne. America is falling in real time and very likely through the use of fraudulent and corrupt means. But considering Satan is a liar and murderer from the beginning (John 8:44), what can we expect? Won’t he use every deceptive means at his disposal to ensure his final global kingdom comes to fruition just like he used Judas to ensure the death of Jesus?

In all this, I’m reminded of several things. First, recall that the mysterious Q had posted several things about voter fraud way back in 2018. Note that in this image, Q responds to a question posed by an “anon” (anonymous person). As you can see, the person asked, “Will voter fraud be exposed before January?” The poster was referring to January of 2019.

Note Q’s response:

2019 push Voter ID based on verifiable intel (fraud).
2020+ safeguarded.

This has to be a joke, right? In all reality, voter ID would not make any difference whatsoever as we’ve recently seen. Why? Simply because of all the questionable circumstances surrounding absentee ballots. There are simply too many ways to slip dubious ballots through the system if those controlling the system are themselves dubious.

For instance, Project Veritas proved that one place in Atlanta with the address 201 Washington Street, allowed up to 4,000 homeless people to use their address to register in order that they could apply for a photo ID. This is patently illegal. Once a person has a photo ID, they can then vote. The problem is that in order to receive an actual legitimate voter ID, the person must have a real, permanent (no PO box), address where they actually live. Homeless people do not have such an address. It is illegal for people to obtain a photo ID through fraudulent means. So, this means that at least 4,000 people who were not legally entitled to vote may have done so. It’s an interesting video here.

In fact, go to this search link on the Project Veritas page to see many examples of proven fraud. The fraud is real.

Moreover, Stacy Abrams bragged about registering over 76,000 first time voters specifically for the GA runoff. The problem? No one new is allowed by law to vote in the runoff if they did not vote in the general election since the runoff was simply the extension of the general election. Georgia law makes that clear.

But the biggest problem I can see is with Q. Q essentially tells people not to worry because it’ll all be taken care of when the 2020 elections roll around. But clearly, photo ID would not help and in Georgia, a photo ID is mandatory in order to vote. However, when submitting absentee ballots, the process is a bit different.

What was the situation that caused absentee ballots to be utilized in the general and runoff elections more than they were previously? Covid-19. Through the use of fear-propaganda, many believed it was “safer” to stay home and mail a ballot in or drop it off at one of the drop off boxes located throughout communities.

Covid-19 is being used for many things but mainly, to instill fear in people so that they felt the need to vote by mail-in ballot instead of going to the polls. Remember though, the same people arguing for this actually approved thousands of people “protesting” in the streets. For some reason, there was absolutely no concern that CV-19 would be a problem for those who protested and wearing masks helped conceal their identities. In spite of the riotous destruction of many areas throughout the USA and even the beatings and deaths of conservatives who made the mistake of trying to have an actual peaceful counter protest, CV-19 did not become a problem for those who were busy destroying inner city areas, many of which turned out to be “opportunity centers” as noted by Catherine Austin Fitts a few articles back.

So, Q stated that all would be well, didn’t he? But all is not well. There was no absolute push by our elected officials for photo ID and stricter voter ID laws. In fact, the laws currently on the books were not enforced either and some states changed laws in midstream during the election, which should not have occurred either. So what can we conclude?

We can conclude that Q is a LARP, designed to mollify people into a false sense of security that things will be “handled,” but were clearly not handled and they won’t be handled.

So what now?

Well, it appears that the USA is going the way of Venezuela; crashing and burning. But it’s not there yet. The freefall has actually just begun. Once Congress becomes dominantly Leftist and Biden heads to the Oval Office (at least for a time), there is nothing they will not be able to accomplish. Reminds me of what God said about the people who were following Nimrod (Genesis 10/11). They were all “one” in thought, word and deed and because of Nimrod’s leadership (who was already a king prior to starting to construct the Tower of Babel (cf. Gen 10), God knew that there would be nothing they could not do.

God’s answer was to create confusion by introducing languages. Up to that point, everyone spoke only one language. That makes sense because everyone during Nimrod’s time had come from Noah’s and family loins. Those 8 people started life all over again. They spoke one language and so did everyone else after them, as there was no need to have any other language.

The introduction of languages at that point in Gen 11 created massive confusion and forced the people to join with others who spoke the same language. They then wandered off to “fill the earth” as God had originally commanded.

It seems we are arriving to a similar point today if we’re not already there. When Joe Biden becomes the next president of the United States, he will begin in earnest to dismantle what the founders of this country created. There are already radical Left groups leaning on him to come down hard on biblical principles and especially Christianity and Christians.

I’m not talking about the faux Christians on the Left who believe they are Christians simply because they invoke God’s Name or attend a church. You cannot be a Christian and believe it is fine for women to kill their unborn child, for example, calling it “healthcare” instead of “murder.” You cannot have a socialist of Communist view in life believing that Jesus was also a “socialist” and call yourself a Christian. Jesus was the furthest thing from a socialist.

The faux Christians on the Left to far-Left will be fine. They approve of the LGBTQ+ dogma and believe that biological men who “identify” as women should be allowed to compete against biological women. They believe there should be one bathroom for all people. They believe in things like universal basic income in spite of the Scriptures that tell us that if someone refuses to work, they should not eat. The Left hates anything that is opposed to their line of thinking so they welcome with open arms the radical agenda of Leftists today.

Because of this, we will see the USA fall at great speed. One of the quickest ways to make that happen after seating a majority Democrat Congress is through reparations or anything else that spends tons of money that the USA does not have but can print based on nothing. Reparations will likely happen and put the USA over the 30 trillion dollar mark of national debt, also furthering the racial divide. That debt is unsustainable but that doesn’t matter, because the goal is the destruction of the United States at all costs. This country as no other is what is standing in the way of the world marching toward that final, one-world government that Daniel highlighted for us in chapter 2.

Another way the USA will be made to fall is through the cancellation of the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and the rest of the Fourth Amendment. Once these are gone, then people can be thrown in prison/jail for saying things that the Left does not want to hear. This is already the case in England, Canada and elsewhere. Canceling the Second Amendment will also allow the government to take guns that people currently legally own. Of course, they won’t have to worry about criminals and their guns. Like Hitler’s 3rd Reich, they are only concerned about citizens pushing back against the government, not criminals, because criminals couldn’t care less about the government since they clearly live outside government rule.

So, the USA is in the stages of falling and I notice that there are some who believe that the USA is the “Babylon” mentioned in Revelation numerous times so we must be in the Tribulation, right? They believe that when Revelation talks about this Babylon, it’s talking about the United States.

There are some problems with this view. First, Babylon is mainly a system that undergirds the economies of the world. It is a system borne of greed and self-aggrandizement. However, I do also believe that the Babylon of Revelation will be seen in a physical city that will become central to the final one-world global Antichrist kingdom.

The other problem with thinking the USA is the Babylon of Revelation has to do with location and timing. Babylon is not said to fall until at or after the midpoint of the Tribulation (3 and a half years in; Revelation 18). We are not yet inside the coming Tribulation. We know this because the Tribulation does not begin until a treaty is brokered by the Antichrist with Israel and surrounding Arab nations (Daniel 9:24-27). Scripture is very clear and if not for Daniel’s book, we would not know the start of the Tribulation.

The Antichrist is not yet on the scene, at least as someone we can point to and name. Revelation, as well as Daniel, Ezekiel and other books, point to the fact that the coming Antichrist will rise among a ten-king federation that will already be in existence.

In other words, a one-world government, divided the world into ten sections will be controlled or ruled over by ten individuals. Those ten individuals are very likely deep in the shadows now and run things from where they sit while they enjoy the anonymity of the shadows to protect their identities. Eventually, we will know who they are but in the meantime, we do not. You’ll recall Catherine Austin Fitts referred to this committee of elites as “Mr. Globalist.”

It’s not George Soros, Bill Gates and others we see or hear about daily. Those people are merely the chosen “agents” of the real rulers who rule from behind the scenes. Once the world has been united into a one-world system of government, these ten “kings” of Revelation 17:12 will give their allegiance to Antichrist.

The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. ()NKJV)

Notice these ten kings will receive “authority for one hour as kings with the beast.” In other words, they will appear at the same time the Antichrist is alive and well (and known to the world), and working for his spiritual father, Satan. The fact that these king will have authority for “one hour” speaks to the fact that their reign will be short-lived and could very well be only one hour though seven of them will continue to rule with Antichrist, though under his authority.

Verse 13 tells us, “These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” and interestingly enough, other portions of Scripture tell us that the Antichrist will dispatch three of them and the remaining seven will pledge their undying loyalty and allegiance to him (v 11; see also Dan 7:24).

Finally, Babylon will be the headquarters of the Antichrist and it will be somewhere in the Middle East, not far from Israel/Jerusalem. Just as Satan used the ancient Babylon for his headquarters, so too will his spiritual son, Antichrist do the same. The USA simply does not fit the bill here.

However, it is clear that in order for the entire world to become one, the USA must be brought down. If the USA stands in the way successfully, this cannot occur, but the prophecies of Scripture must be fulfilled.

I’m reminded of Abraham’s chat with God in Genesis 18. Abraham learns that God intends to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual depravity and violence. Remember, the blood of victims had cried out to God (18:21).

Abraham questioned God and whether or not He would kill the righteous with the wicked. Eventually, Abraham learned that if God found 10 righteous people there, He would not destroy the cities. Unfortunately, there were not even 10 righteous ones there. In fact, only four left Sodom/Gomorrah area and one of those (Lot’s wife), looked back, longing for her city. Three people survived.

It is sad to think that God cannot spare the United States, but that appears to be the case. God must eventually judge all nations and the people in them because of the way they deny Him and live according to their own fleshly desires. The United States is not special in that regard in God’s eyes.

All countries and nations must be absorbed into the coming one-world government so that Satan can try his best to raise up a human army of millions/billions to fight against God when He returns physically in victory. What Satan has been doing from the shadows for millennia will be brought out into the open where the entire world (and Creation itself), will see it all played out as God has decreed.

These days are not for the faint of heart. Look up.


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Catherine Austin Fitts Explains It All News and Notes Update: January 8, 2021

5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. starbucksgirl  |  January 7, 2021 at 5:13 PM

    FYI this is no longer the law in Georgia.

    “No one new is allowed by law to vote in the runoff if they did not vote in the general election since the runoff was simply the extension of the general election. Georgia law makes that clear.”


    • 2. modres  |  January 7, 2021 at 7:11 PM

      Thanks I’ll look into this. When did it allegedly change, do you know?


    • 3. modres  |  January 8, 2021 at 9:08 AM

      According to this website (see #10 on page), the law remains in effect that only those who voted in the general election are allowed to vote in runoff connected to general election.

      If Sec of State’s office simply cancelled or set aside this law due to CV-19 or any other reason they had no authority to do so. Laws are made, rescinded or changed in the GA Statehouse. Any govt agency like Sec of State has no authority to create or rescind any law, which can only be done by Statehouse.

      If said law was set aside between general election and runoff even if by Statehouse (which did not happen), that would also not be legal since runoff is merely an extension of general election and it is illegal for voting laws to be changed while voting is underway.

      This along with many other anomalies like prohibiting poll watchers from being present, keeping them too far away to see anything, bringing out suitcases of ballots, etc etc etc means there are serious questions which need to be investigated. The fact that many on the Left refuse to cooperate means there is even more reason to investigate.

      In short the law that prohibits newly registered voters from voting in the runoff who did not vote in general election still stands. Sec of State cannot set aside due to a pandemic since there is no pandemic clause in either the GA Constitution or Constitution of the US which allows elected officials to set aside law at their discretion anymore than they can legally shut certain businesses or churches while labeling other businesses “essential.”



  • 4. Maranatha Today  |  January 6, 2021 at 4:14 PM

    “Certainly, our salvation is not anchored in America at all and it’s good to remind ourselves of this very important fact. Our citizenship is in heaven, the eternal place of God’s throne. America is falling in real time and very likely through the use of fraudulent and corrupt means.”

    Hi Modre, Thanks so much for another excellent article!

    I woke up this morning to the news about the Demonrats winning Georgia and that was the first thing that came into my mind ‘Our Citizenship is in Heaven.” I was praising God and thanking Him for allowing this to happen because I believe it means we will hopefully be going home soon. This will give everyone who calls themselves a believer in Christ who has unfortunately been hoping on a man to save the day, to hopefully realize they should repent and it’s the only place they should be thinking about…even if Trump had won, the New World Order is forming and he would be taking us into it anyway!

    The shenanigans of the Left this week alone shows that Judgment has to come and it will be SWIFT!

    We know whose we are…Yahweh has not abdicated His throne and ultimately it is He who they do not fear or reverence. It is His name they do not want to bow to; it is Him they shake their fists at…They have no idea who their Creator is, but they soon will!

    We are overcomers, we have our full armor on, wicks trimmed, and extra oil in our lamps. We do not fear – the spirit of power, love and a sound mind is ours! The Two Witnesses might arrive soon but even if not, we stand strong in the knowledge that Jesus has won at the Cross of Calvary and they will be allowed to go only thus far!

    I hope this opens for you…my sister who lives in UK sent it to me this morning…time will tell. We stay prayed up and no matter what comes to pass, Jesus is our only Savior!


    Get your passports ready! Blessings and Maranatha!


    • 5. modres  |  January 6, 2021 at 5:52 PM

      Thanks much, Maranatha!



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