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Real Picture Emerging

If you do not believe governments and others in power are not lying to us, there is little I can do for you except pray that God will open your eyes. But if the government IS lying to us, there must be a reason, right? It has to do with the fact that Satan is building his final world kingdom and doing so through human beings he calls his own and who are sold out to him either knowingly or unknowingly.

Because of this, I fully believe Christians have the duty to peacefully resist his coming rule. In doing so, we become lights to those living in darkness. It takes guts to actually do that, to resist the state powers, but it can and should be done.

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News and Notes Update: December 30, 2020

On some occasions, Jesus ignored the behavior of Judas. On others, He called Judas out. Paul did the same with people who tried to derail him. The truth is that we can only fight the good fight when we understand from where it emanates. If we focus solely on human beings, we are missing much of it because human beings are simply the puppets that Satan uses for his ends.

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Should Christians Resist Tyranny?

Jesus resisted peacefully. At times, He got into heated exchanges with the religious leaders. On at least one occasion He had some very pointed words for a political leader of His day (cf. Luke 13:32). You’ll no doubt recall the numerous times the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus and set about to do just that. Jesus’ resistance to their leadership was not sinful or wrong. It was necessary.

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News and Notes Update: December 23, 2020

The world is just a different place today and even though we’d like to look ahead and believe that 2021 will be better, there’s no guarantee. None at all. The only guarantee we have is that God is still on the throne. He controls all things either directly or indirectly because His will is going to be accomplished as it has since the beginning.

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Biblical View of Self-Defense

We live in a time where the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, current possibilities of economic and societal collapse, and crime have people buying guns and ammunition in large quantities for self protection. What does the Bible say about that? What does the Bible say about so-called “assault weapons”?

As always, we want our hearts and minds to be ruled and informed by Scripture–not by our emotions, not by our experiences, and certainly not by the World. And because the Scriptures have much to say about this topic, it is relevant and worth examining in the Church.

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Physical Health Does Make a Difference

In this day and age, it is so important that we are aware of our own health, but so many people seem not to notice at all. They don’t exercise even moderately. They eat anything put in front of them, trusting that it’s “healthy.” They aren’t concerned about any supplementation that might help them gain/keep their health. In short, without even thinking, they eat processed foods because they believe that those foods are “safe” and FDA approved. Problem is that there are so many preservatives and other things added to those processed foods because they need to have a long shelf life. If they didn’t, those foods would be a great deal more expensive because they wouldn’t last long and constantly need replacing.

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False Teachers and Prophets, Part 8

Shifting slightly from the political arena to the religious one, do we have Christian leaders who are advocating positions that go against God and His Word? We already know that we do as we’ve pointed out in this series.

Much of it stems from a desire to please people; to receive accolades from the public. This happens most when certain ministries become so huge that the money flows in. To continue the stream of income, it becomes important to not offend people because offended people stop giving their money and take it somewhere else.

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Sad Story of Gov. Brian Kemp

So what’s going on in Georgia? Patriots and conservatives throughout the state voted in good faith for a man whom they believed to be truly conservative and a Christian. Now, are we finding out that Kemp is simply another run of the mill RINO who got into politics to enrich himself, his friends and/or his family members?

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News and Notes Update: Dec 7, 2020

During WWII, my wife’s grandparents were fairly well to do living in Austria. Because of the war, the military came in and took over their home and kicked them out. What could they do? They were outgunned. They had to leave and ultimately lived in a camp for displaced citizens for 10 years before they were allowed to come to the USA and only after guaranteeing that they would not be a burden on the government. The Roman Catholic church sponsored them, brought them over and helped the men get jobs. Her parents actually met and married in that camp.

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Technocracy: Gaining Ground with Blockchain

One of the major benefits of Blockchain is that it has no transaction fee to use it, though it does have infrastructure costs. This is good news for people who are denied service by banks and companies like PayPal. They deny service simply because they don’t approve of what that company might stand for or what they are selling.

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