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Mosab Yousef’s Prediction Regarding Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

As we sat there, listening to Yousef, I must admit that I was impressed with the amount of carefree spirit he now possesses. He says he is unconcerned about whether he lives or dies. He believes, as should all authentic Christians, that his life is in God’s hands. Because of that, he just does not care what might befall him. He has stated that he travels the globe, yet does not see his family. That makes sense because if he did in fact, become a Christian, then he would be treated as if he did not exist and if the chance was ever there, he would be killed because he has left Islam and become an infidel. In fact, he has become worse than an infidel because Muslims would say that he once knew the “truth” (Islam) yet left it for something inferior; something that is a lie.

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Muslims Rebuffed by Bulgarians as they Try to Take Over the Streets

Islam will not stop until they are forced to do and the difficult for civilized people is that Islam is prepared to go to the mat for what they believe? The question for us is, are we?

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KJV Only and the Evidence

There is enough evidence through manuscripts, comparative readings, reason, and history to 
demonstrate that the Byzantine Text‐Type should not be discarded for its value in determining 
the original writings of the Apostles. It is my opinion, not dogmatic however, that the King 
James and the New King James are sound
 witnesses to God’s Word, and can (and should) be 
used by serious students of the Christian Faith. I believe that anyone attempting to study God’s 
Word will benefit more from the New King James, if only because of the changes to the archaic 
language, and for its diligence in providing notes on the variations in the differing texts. That is 
not to say that the New King James is superior. It is not. No translation is perfect, and it is 
incumbent upon the reader to search the Scriptures as the Bereans did to find out the truth. 

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KJV Only and Haters

Radical Muslims call me an infidel because I am not Muslim. I have now also been called an infidel by people who worship the KJV of the Bible. They would say they do not worship it, but simply revere it. I disagree. With the amount of vehemence, they are either worshiping it or simply protesting way too much.

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Debt and the Blame Game

Discussing politics is not my favorite subject simply because it seems that there is way too much politicking going on and it angers me. Politicians are too concerned about scratching each other’s backs in order to garner votes for their pet projects than doing what is actually best for this country.

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It’s Merely an Illusion of Free Will…

The other day, my brother-in-law had to put down his cat. The only other choice was to bring it home and watch it die, which would have been unnecessary and inhumane. Whenever some animal or human being dies, I
am reminded that we did this to ourselves. In Adam and Eve, absolute free will was brought to bear on a perfect Creation and the choice was made to go against the perfection that God had created. The result has been absolutely
devastating and it continues today through those who refuse to see things God’s way.

Fortunately, may God be praised, His will reigns supreme though many refuse to recognize it that way. God’s will is and will be accomplished, whether we like it or not. All I can say to that is AMEN!

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Zechariah: a Voice from the Past Looking to the Future

The book of Zechariah is fantastic in so many ways. This fourteen-chapter book is filled with evidences of God’s faithfulness among the nations, specifically with respect to Israel. He not only speaks of things that have occurred in our past – from the perspective of 2011 – but also speaks through Zechariah to point out things that will occur in the future from 2011.

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