Muslims Rebuffed by Bulgarians as they Try to Take Over the Streets

July 31, 2011 at 2:31 PM

We are going to start seeing this more and more worldwide as more and more Muslims decide they can simply take over the streets.  As you can see in the video (link below) from Barenaked Islam, these Muslims believe it is their Allah-given right to snub those whose countries they immigrate to and do what they can to bring Sharia law to these new countries.

What many people do not realize and are unwilling to admit if they ARE aware of it is that when Muslims pray publicly like they do in the video, they are claiming that ground for Allah.  If Christians in the United States tried to do what the Muslims in the video are doing, they would be warned to disband (unless they had a permit for a public gathering) and arrested if they did not disband.

Moreover, there are any number of atheistic groups in the United States who would oppose a prayer gathering of Christians in the public.  When Christians pray in public, we are not necessarily claiming anything for our God.  We are simply praying for His will to be accomplished.  This is different from proclaiming physical ground.  When Muslims do this, it is like conquering a new or foreign land and planting a flag on the parcel of property.

The Muslims in this video can be very “peaceful” as long as no one messes with them or tries to rebuff their attempts to gain ground for Allah.  Once they are disturbed, they will respond with violence.  I find it interesting that though the police officers in the video did not see it, a Bulgarian man was already down (the police had come to him to try to protect him from further harm).  As the police turned their attention to something else and moved slightly away, a Muslim popped up from the behind the brick wall, issued another punch to the man and then ducked down behind the brick wall again and no police officer saw it.

It saddens me to see people act like this, but if left to the liberal media and politicians (of any country), the Muslims would get their way.  However, in this case, it appears to be a right-wing group of Bulgarians against right-wing Muslims and it was not long before the clash began.

If Muslims want to pray, they have their mosques for that purpose.  They don’t need to block streets three times a day in order to worship Allah, with the police standing by unable to intervene as now happens regularly in many parts of England.  People are not allowed to cross through the group of praying Muslims for fear of inciting a riot.  Never mind that if the Muslims were not blocking the streets, there would be absolutely no danger of a riot in the first place.

Again, though “moderate” Muslims will say differently, the reason that Muslims pray in the streets toward Mecca is simply because they believe by doing so, they are claiming new land (streets, buildings, or whatever) for Allah.  Once that is claimed for Allah, there is no giving back.  This is how Muslims gain control of a city, by starting out praying on one block at a time.

Even though they are blocking traffic (both pedestrian and auto) and in essence causing a problem, because they appear to be doing so peacefully, then the blame is fixed to anyone who tries to interrupt their prayer time.  Those Muslims can simply say “they started it” when in reality, they started it by doing something that interferes with the daily lives of thousands of other people.  That is not their concern though because their allegiance is to Allah and Allah only.  They do not care if they put people out, or force people to have to walk or drive blocks out of their way.

This is exactly how many suburbs of England’s larger cities have become “no-go” zones because they are controlled by Muslims.  It has gotten out of hand and because of the size of the problem, neither law enforcement officials, politicians, or Englanders themselves can really do anything about it.  They can certainly try to keep the problem from becoming larger, but without proper enforcement tools, that method will likely fail.

This video – and many others like it – should be a warning to the rest of us.  Unfortunately, it probably will not serve as a warning to most, who will simply adopt the attitude that it’s “their problem” (the people in Europe).  One day, it will be your/our problem.

My heart goes out to the people in Bulgaria and other nations where they are standing up to this type of insurgency by militant Muslims.  To watch this type of unlawful activity occur in their countries is sad, to say the least.  It is a shame that it has gotten to this point, but it would appear that these Bulgarians are not willing to let it go unchecked.

Muslims will not be happy until the entire world is turned into another Islamic Caliphate.  That much is clear, yet because of the political correctness of our elected officials, this is never mentioned or seen as something that could potentially happen.

As I have also stated before, I fully believe God has all things under control and the outcome is His.  However, what do I do in the meantime?  Is there anything I can do?  Well, the easiest thing I can do is remain vigilant.  If I started seeing hoodlums move into my neighborhood, I would be extremely watchful and take as many precautions as necessary.  If these same hoodlums started encroaching on my property, or attempted to break into my home, they would be met with force in an effort to protect myself and my family.

The world is definitely turning into something it has never been and the upheaval that is being caused by groups of radical Muslims intent on giving this world to Allah is not only noticeable, but is causing ripples throughout the world that only those living on an island or in a cave will not notice.

Islam is something that plans on impacting everyone on this planet.  That is their goal.  That is what they want and they are unwilling to set those plans aside unless they are forced to do so.  The people in Bulgaria have the right idea; that they are not willing to allow Bulgaria to be turned into something it was never meant to be.  There were just as peaceful as the Muslims in that video.  In fact, I would say that they were more peaceful because it was not until Muslims began to get in the face of the Bulgarians did fists start to fly.

Imagine if these same Bulgarians did nothing and allowed the Muslims to do whatever they wanted to do.  What would happen then?  It would simply be a repeat of England’s problem.

Islam will not stop until they are forced to do and the difficult for civilized people is that Islam is prepared to go to the mat for what they believe?  The question for us is, are we?

Click here for video

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