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We Cannot Atone

I’ve often wondered what Potiphar and his wife may have thought once Joseph became second in command (if they were still alive by that point). I’m quite sure they must have been shaking in their shoes fearing some sort of retribution by Joseph for how badly they had treated him. Yet, the situation is really never mentioned again nor does it appear that Joseph nurtured any sort of resentment in his heart toward them. The fact that years later, he could so fully forgive his own brothers for the part they played in selling him into slavery tells us that Joseph was a man of mercy and truth. This is exactly why Joseph is a type of Christ in Scripture.

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Would You Know God, Pt 1?

The reason “pride goeth before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18), is due solely to the fact that pride replaces fear. The two cannot coexist. It is one or the other. Which lives in you? Which lives in me? We cannot have both. We either want to live in fear of the Lord or we will live in proud ignorance.

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Pitfalls of Success

Wealth (success) today is often seen to mean that God has His hand on that person’s life. I know of pastors of smallish churches who consistently preach the Word in and out of season. Their ability to exegete and expositionally preach the Word is a true gift from God and something they have dutifully fanned into a flame. Yet, these pastors, who work hard to care for (not lord over), their flocks do not minister to thousands and thousands of people. Compared to seeker-sensitive churches who boast thousands of people every Sunday, these pastors and their churches are not “successful” by the world’s standards. How about by God’s standards? Are they doing what they are supposed to be doing? It seems so even though they have far fewer numbers to show for it.

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New Age’s Intentions, Pt 2

Global unification is happening, politically and religiously. The New Age movement in all its forms is the main catalyst. It’s all being done for the “good” of humankind, we are being told. Cashless society is almost here. Vaccine passports are coming and with them, very likely some sort of implant option. International travel to Europe will be excluded for those who do not have a vaccine passport. The tremendous debt that began under the last several presidents continues under Biden and there will come a reckoning. The USA’s southern border is so porous that it’s a wonder anything and anyone is kept out. Our country is being deliberately overwhelmed financially and politically and an overwhelmed system cannot continue to operate, eventually failing. That is the goal and God is allowing it. Now is the time to come out of Babylon.

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The Missing Key

Jesus lived to fear the Lord. Verse 3 of Isaiah 11 tells us this very truth: “And his delight shall be in the fear of the Lord (ESV).” Much of Isaiah 11 is ultimately referring to the time when Jesus returns to this earth and establishes His Millennial Kingdom. However, when Jesus lived His earthly life several thousand years ago, He did this exact same thing. He judged not by what He saw outwardly, but by what He saw inwardly in people. This was the result of His delight in the fear of the Lord. This fear blessed Him with a resultant righteousness and godly knowledge. Do you want that?

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Dawn of the Satanic Age

If Satan were to be successful, he would actually destroy Christianity and God. Of course, he can’t do this, but those involved in today’s mystery religions believe he will. Why? Because Satan has told them so and they believe it and have joined with him to make this happen. His followers are united in their belief that Satan (Lucifer), is the true “light-bearer;” the good guy. Jesus is the bad guy.

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God Will Strengthen You

Many portions of Scripture speak of how obedience to God looks. In verses leading up to Isaiah 58:11 we learn of several ways to obey God. Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Would you consider yourself a fool or wise? It is easy to determine. Do you fear the LORD God? Do you hold Him in absolute, profound and reverential awe? Do you strive to obey His commandments so that your relationship with Him grows and deepens and so that He can recreate within you the character of His Son, Jesus?

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Guided and Unanxious

With respect to present or future events, God is saying, “Don’t fear! I am in your life as God!” The meaning here is that because He is our God (a condition signalling our relationship to and with Him), we should not settle for fear or anxiety in our lives. Instead, we should look to Him and away from Self. Doing so puts a different perspective on things. Job learned this very clearly toward the end of the book of Job.

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Discerning the Times: Departing the Faith

Of course, what is just as concerning, if not more so, are the many leaders within Christendom who have not yet physically left the faith, but have remained, teaching heresies to followers, which results in creating heretics. This latter group may be far worse than the first, though both are clearly problematic. While the first group has at least been honest enough to admit their own failure to believe truth and have, realizing they cannot remain, the latter group has walked away from the truth and replaced it with lies, yet they remain in positions of authority within Christendom.

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Fear Not

God wants us to “sit down” on the inside by empowering us to live as He would have us live. Interestingly enough, if we actually learn to biblically fear God, we will, I believe, at the same time, be learning to “fear not” or to “rest in Him” as He works in and through us for His good pleasure.

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