Buying a President

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Men Who Built America
Watched a few episodes of the new History Channel series titled, “Men Who Built America” last evening and realized how interesting they were for any numbers of reasons.  First, I enjoy learning about history immensely.  Always have.  Second, much of what I learned from this series confirmed aspects of what I’ve recently read from Dr. Dennis Cuddy with respect to the developments in this country involving Carnegie, Ford, Morgan, and Rockefeller.

It was fascinating to see a number of American titans like J. P. Morgan (Jr.), Rockefeller, and Carnegie deal with building their own financial empires on the backs of the hard-working folks in America.  True to form, Morgan and Rockefeller played ruthlessly.  Westinghouse was also part of the burgeoning growth of this country.

Originally, Morgan worked with Edison and his DC electricity.  Westinghouse began working with Tesla and his AC electricity.  Tesla had originally worked with Edison but as far as Edison was concerned, Tesla was merely one of the people in his employ and Edison did not take any of Tesla’s suggestions seriously.  Because of this, Tesla eventually quit and went on his own.  That’s when Westinghouse stepped in and offered financial backing for Tesla’s electricity ideas.

J. P. Morgan
To make a long story short, according to the History Channel series, Morgan played hardball with Westinghouse, forcing him to turn over all the patents to Tesla’s work.  It was either that or be sued and Westinghouse at that time did not have enough money to go up against Morgan.  He would have eventually had to give up because Morgan would have outspent him in a court of law.

Morgan had spent a number of years working with and backing Edison.  Once Morgan gained control of Tesla’s patents, he was also able to buy controlling stock in Edison General Electric.  He changed the name to General Electric and fired Edison.  Then, he converted GE into a plant that ran on Tesla’s AC current.  At that point for Morgan, it seemed as though the sky was the limit.

Morgan then did something else to make even more money for himself.  This seemed to be a recurring theme throughout.  It became what these rich men lived for – to become even wealthier.  Morgan took his companies and figured out ways to make them more profitable.  He did so by firing a good percentage of his labor force.  Those who remained worked longer hours for less pay.

Conditions in these companies was often described as abysmal.  It was not uncommon for steelworkers to die while at work because of the unsafe conditions.  None of that mattered to the men who owned these companies.  Their goal was as much wealth, power, and control as possible.  It was capitalism gone sadly awry.

Eventually of course, the government of the United States got these men in their sights and even began suing them to try to break up their monopolies.  One up and comer, William Jennings Bryan, began running for the Democratic candidate for the president of the United States.  He spoke vehemently against Morgan, Rockefeller, and Carnegie.  This of course, concerned these men so that they actually decided to join forces against Bryan.

Buying a President
This is where it really gets interesting.  The History Channel shows the men at a table trying to figure out what to do.  Carnegie points out that Bryan would surely gain the Democratic nomination for president.  Another person at the table notes that the Republicans would have a good candidate as well.  At that point, J. P. Morgan says this:  “No, we will buy a president.”  Fascinating.

This is exactly what they did.  They looked around the country and settled on William McKinley, governor of Ohio.  At once they began pouring a good deal of money into McKinley’s campaign, while remaining cleanly in the background.

These men had resources that others did not.  They owned newspapers or were able to use financial influence to get their articles and headlines into newspapers.  They began a campaign against Bryan by attempting to paint him as a religious zealot (he was Presbyterian) who would impose his religious ideals and zeal on Americans.  The papers said he would shut down businesses.

Keep in mind that many of the big city newspapers were owned by the same elite cartel that were advocating for an increased role for the Federal government in the daily affairs of the average American. Of course, they were going to commit libel against the most public opponent of the Progressive agenda. It wasn’t the residents of the big cities that Jennings was at odds with, but certain individuals and various special interest groups who just happened to choose the big cities as gathering places.[1]

Democrats had been in control of Congress for the previous four years and were largely being blamed for the severe economic downturn at the time.  Because of this, Bryan had an uphill battle to fight.

Progressivism of 1896
This period of time is either largely unknown or not remembered as the era of “progressivism” in America’s history.  The progressives in this case were the elite like Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and others.  They stood against those who wanted to break up their monopolies.

It should be obvious the Rockefeller-Morgan connections throughout this whole Progressive Movement. What had happened was business had become increasingly competitive in the late 19th – early 20th century. Morgan and Rockefeller beginning with railroads and oil attempted to establish cartels. But the free-market spirit and public distrust of monopolies in addition to central banking fouled up these attempts. So they managed to hoodwink the masses using the same language of opposition to monopoly as a way to put over monopoly.” [2]

This, in my opinion, is what we are seeing today, however, it is now the Democrats who are calling themselves progressives.  Yes, they want to make it appear as though the Republicans favor the rich and could care less about the average American.  This is nonsense because as I’ve pointed out previously, there are plenty of ultra-rich Democrats in Congress who show no sign of any type of willingness to give up even part of their wealth to help this country.

During J. P. Morgan’s time, Morgan himself was in a position to loan the Federal government huge sums of money.  He considered it a form of nationalism by doing so, even though he was rewarded handsomely in the form of interest paid back on the loan.  Such was the life of these extremely wealthy men in those days.

Bryan Portrayed as a Right-Winger
Regarding the presidential race between Bryan and McKinley, the powers that be in Morgan, Rockefeller, and Carnegie did whatever they could to bring about a win for McKinley.  In order for them to continue with business as usual, they needed someone in the White House who would essentially do what was in their best interests.

One of Morgan’s protégés was Henry Cabot Lodge.  Lodge basically acted as a middle man for Morgan as backstage negotiations were being conducted with the Rockefeller political machine operating out of Ohio. The main contact for the Rockefeller camp was William McKinley’s campaign manager Mark Hanna.

“The basic agreement was that Morgan would throw his support to William McKinley in exchange for certain concessions on establishing a central banking structure in the future.” [3]

All of this took place in 1896 and of course, Bryan lost.  He garnered 176 electoral votes to McKinley’s 271.  However, the popular vote was much closer.  Part of the reason for the win was that Morgan, et al, broadcast the allegation that if Bryan won, plants would close the next day because they would not be able to remain in business under Bryan.  As a worker in one of these factories, it became clear that even though with your heart, you wanted Bryan to win, it seemed as though to remain employed, you needed McKinley to win.

Has the PE Stopped Buying Presidents?
Ask yourself a question here.  If the alliance of J. P. Morgan (Jr.), Rockefeller, and Carnegie could literally buy a president and ultimately gain control of what that president did, is it difficult to believe that the very same thing could be happening today?  I think that once this occurred in American history, we simply have to ask, why would those in power ever stop exercising control over who gains the highest office in the land?  Obviously, with this one very real example in America’s history about three extremely powerful men who bought a president, it seems to me that the practice has very likely continued from that point onward.

Many things have changed within America over the years.  The Democratic and Republican parties have changed their foundational beliefs and platforms, but they both still attack candidates from the other side of the aisle unmercifully.  In many ways, it appears to me that Democrats and Republicans have become little more than opposite sides of the same coin.

Since the re-election of Mr. Obama, I have noticed a good deal of “tough talk” in the media, coming from the GOP side of the aisle.  I have seen and heard people like McCain and Graham blaming the president for the Benghazi fiasco.  I have seen legislation moving forward that will make it an impeachable offense if Mr. Obama sidesteps Congress again in the use of the military.

Everyone seems to be doubling down and sounding really tough.  But tell me, where was this before the election?  Did no one besides the Obama administration know of the impending layoffs that are bound to shake this country to its economic core?  Why was there so little support by Boehner and others for “Fast and Furious”?  Why was Benghazi so easily forgotten and Hurricane Sandy allowed to become front page news instead?

Now, it appears as though some in Congress want to get tough with the president and even the news media is acting like have all of a sudden grown backbones.  Why now?

That’s easy to explain.  Mr. Obama has been re-elected and nothing can or will be done about that (voter fraud allegations not withstanding).  So why the rancor and visible tensions now among those in Congress?  Others will have to worry about their own re-elections, won’t they?  They will point to these times when they talked tough, when they stood for justice and truth against an administration they believed was covering up and lying to the American people.  They could have done that before the election, but they chose not to do so.

J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and Carnegie literally bought a president in 1896.  I think it is quite believable to say that the practice has continued from that point onward until today.  I’m convinced that if these three men had been able to find a way to cheat through voter fraud, they would have done so.  Instead, they had to sweat out the evening for roughly 20 hours before they would know what all of their money and efforts did to bring their candidate into the Oval Office.

President McKinley Paves the Way
Once McKinley became elected, it was a boon for three of the richest men in America.  Yes, there were problems, but they were not insurmountable because they had a candidate of like mind in the White House, someone who would go to bat for them.  Why on earth would anyone give that up and stop buying presidents after that?  It makes no sense at all!

It is likely the very sad reality that within politics, Americans have not truly had a say since 1896.  We have only been allowed to believe that we have had a say to keep us in the dark.

When I listen to politicians speak now, I find it difficult not to laugh.  Either they’re protesting too much, or not enough and I believe all of it has to do with whether their own re-election is near or far.  They know that the American people are very easily persuaded and even duped.  They know that there are powers that be that seek to line the pockets of many in order to gain political favors and there are too many people in this world who are willing to have their pockets lined.

The Bible tells us often how illegal and unethical deals were often made behind the scenes and out of earshot of the average person.  Of course, God always sees these deals and He has a way of stopping them if they are not in line with the perfection of His will.  We see this take place in the book of Esther, as merely one example, when Haman came up with a plan to eradicate the Jews by trying to convince Ahasuerus to kill Mordecai and all the rest of the Jews.  His plan is revealed to Esther who is able to turn the tables on Haman.

There are many examples of this type of thing occurring in the Bible.  Sometimes, God allows the plan to succeed, while at other times, He brings it to a dead stop.  It all has to do with His will and His purposes.

At some future point, the Antichrist will move onto the world’s stage.  He is described as the 8th horn and the 11th horn depending upon the passage of Scripture that is being referenced.  What is fascinating is once this world becomes one in purpose and in government throughout the globe, it is partitioned into ten parts, each ruled by one individual.  When this happens, the Antichrist will step out of the shadows and make a quick rise to the top.

Politics is often filled with vitriolic rhetoric.  Many times, politicians are charged with crimes that land them in jail.  Either they took bribes, or they misused the power of their office in other ways that were illegal or unethical.  In some cases, there have been whispers of violence and even murder associated with aspects of politics and certain politicians.  It is true that power can and does corrupt people.  I think if we could pull back the veil that keeps us from seeing just exactly how corrupt many politicians are within our government, it would likely shock us.  I cannot imagine once having tasted what it’s like to be a Senator, a Representative, or the president, and then going back to life as a normal, average citizen, what that would be like.  Is it any wonder that many of these individuals are often working deals in the shadows?

The Antichrist will do whatever it takes to embrace his lofty position and that includes murder.  Daniel 7:7-8 says, “After this I saw the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong.  It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet.  It was different from all the other beasts before it, and it had ten horns.

“I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots.  And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.”

Note the phrases I’ve placed in bold.  This little horn steps onto the scene and then destroys three of the ten horns that were in power.  That leaves seven horns and those horns give their full allegiance to the little horn, which is the eleventh in this case, but after killing three of the original horns, he becomes the eighth.

Revelation 17:12-13 explains it this way:  “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast.”

Again, I’ve placed in bold part of the text that mirrors what we learn in Daniel 7.  The kings actually give their power and authority to the beast (the little horn of Daniel 7) so that they can remain in their positions.

This is politics at its worst and one day, the world will be the stage upon which these scenarios are fully played out.  The Antichrist will rise when the time is right to become absolute imperial ruler of the earth.  Others will have done the hard part.  They will have moved global society to a place where global socialism exists for the average person, while the leaders will continue to enjoy the full benefits of capitalism without restraint.

The many groups that exist today like Greenpeace and other “green” groups that emphasize Mother Earth over people, or Peta that emphasizes animals over people, or any other group that seeks to lower the importance of humanity to preserve the earth’s resources is simply a front for the enemy’s work.  I’m not saying that it’s not good to conserve energy or resources.  We should do that and by doing so, we become good stewards of what God has given us.

Turning it Upside Down
The problem though is that many of these groups are doing whatever they can to turn God’s Creation upside down by devaluing humanity.  We are the crown of God’s Creation, not the bottom of it.  We are to subdue the earth and use the resources that God gave us.  However, we have been taught for decades that we must preserve resources for future generations, even though those resources could be used now to save the lives of millions in third world countries.

The Power Elite (PE) does not want to save millions of lives.  In fact, they want the earth’s population to be seriously reduced from its current state of 7 billion to right around 500 million globally.  All of what is being foisted upon us and fed to us constantly is because the PE sees a world in which they rule and they benefit.  When we hear organizations talking about conserving resources for future generations, they are unknowingly referring to the future generations of the PE, not the average citizen.

What I don’t even think the PE realizes is that once they have done everything needed to create a global society that exists under the terms of socialism, they will soon after that see their own world crumble around them because of the Antichrist who rises to take from them what they have spent generations and generations creating.  They won’t be top dog.  They will find themselves answering to another; one who ultimately comes from their own ranks.  It will be a rude awakening for some as we know that three of these ten rulers will be killed so that Antichrist will be seen as someone not to mess with or cross.

I truly believe that at that point in the future, when all of this happens, they will start to wonder what they have really brought about.  Of course, by then, it will be way too late and they will have two choices:  1) to fall in behind the Antichrist, or 2) to reject him outright.

These are the same two choices that will be offered to the world by the time the middle of the Tribulation arrives and he seats himself in the Holy of Holies in the rebuilt Jewish Temple and declares himself to be god.  From that point on, every person will worship him or be executed.  This is what the PE is bringing this world to and don’t think for a moment that they will escape culpability as far as God is concerned.

God will allow these things to occur because He will be able to show the entire world upon His return that He and He alone is God.  No one stands before Him.  Not people and not the Antichrist.  When Jesus returns, He will demonstrate to the entire globe instantly that Antichrist is no match for Him.  Jesus will gain the glory.


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[3] Ibid

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