Kryon: Does He Speak the Truth?

May 17, 2010 at 11:25 PM 38 comments

If you cruise the Internet looking for things spiritual, it is not long before you find yourself on pages that deal with beings like:

  • Archangel Michael
  • Raphael
  • Gabriel
  • Seth
  • Kryon
  • and others

Many within Christendom are familiar with the names Michael the Archangel and Gabriel.  What about the others, Seth and Kryon?  Ask just about any New Ager and they’ll tell you about those two beings.  The same New Agers will also give you their opinion about Michael and Gabriel too, though their opinion will not necessarily match the biblical records.

Rev. Daniel Neusom is one person who claims to channel Archangel Michael, as he refers to him.  In the Bible, Michael the Archangel does not speak much at all.  In fact, about the only time you’ll read Michael saying anything is when Jude quotes something he says to Satan during the dispute over Moses’ body.

However, apparently Michael has a lot to say through people like Neusom.  In one video on the ‘Net, Michael speaks about the fact that God wants us to be free and fulfilled…on the earth.  He says that repeatedly, in various ways and then finally gets to the heart of his message, which is that God is LOVE…only.  According to this Michael, God is not judgmental, not harsh, does nothing unloving at all, and is certainly not worried about justice, or holiness.  God is love…and that’s it.  Michael describes God has someone who does not withhold, does not chastise and does not harm.

Frankly, it is not difficult at all to see why people would eat this up.  By dialing into this viewpoint, one is literally held captive by Michael’s understanding of love.  After all, why would Archangel Michael lie to anyone here on earth?  Through Rev. Neusom, Michael encourages us to get rid of the ancient religions, but not all of it.  He wants us to keep the part about God is love, and get rid of the rest.

So who is Archangel Michael?  Well, if you ask the people who tune into these videos and buy the books, he is the very Michael that the Bible speaks of, who is here on earth, to bring hope to the masses.  Is there another option?  Of course there is and for the Christian, it is not difficult to see behind the veneer and understand that this Michael is simply some demon disguised as Michael, in order to spread the lies and agenda of his boss, Satan.

I know what you’re thinking if you’re not an authentic Christian.  You’re likely thinking that saying demons are behind something like this is just too easy and too predictable of what a Christian would say.  Even so, that reason does not necessarily negate that possibility of it being a fact.

What I find fascinating about all of these beings who channel their message through some hapless human being (who believes they have stumbled onto some secret door to a higher plane), is that their messages are generally the same.  They are all about love, how the human beings of this planet are imprisoned by their own bodies, and their souls yearn to be free.  Fortunately for us, they are here to tell us that and they also attempt to show us how to walk through that door, which leads to the higher plane.

Ultimately, when Seth states “reality is what you make it” (or something similar), or Michael tells us that God is love and only love, or some other entity intones that we must learn to put our prejudices born of ancient religious thought behind us, we are being force-fed the doctrines of demons.  People argue about the veracity of the Bible all the time.  Yet, many of these same people have little to no difficulty in hearing and accepting as true, the gobbledygook that comes out of the mouth of some human being like Jane Roberts, Ruth Montgomery, or the aforementioned Rev. Neusom.  This is tragic, if you stop to consider the fact that none of these beings bother to take the time to prove anything.  They simply ramble on and on about the plausibility of our inner soul searching for the door to that eternal plane, which unfortunately, due to the darkness of our own thinking, keeps us bound within the chains of our corrupt desires, blah, blah, blah.  Sound familiar?

However, every once in a while, some entity comes along who has more to talk about than simply the subject of love.  After all, that gets old quickly if you stop to think about it, except for those individuals who are so softhearted that they find it very appealing to embrace that emotional side on a moment-by-moment basis.

So out of the mix comes someone like Kryon.  Kryon is described by some as God, who is separate from the earth plane, or from Mother Earth.  Others describe Kryon as a higher intelligence, here to teach humanity the way of love and peace, not just love.

I have to say that this Kryon tends to go out on a limb when speaking of peace.  By that I mean that he is willing to speak in more specifics than many of the other entities who simply speak of freedom, fulfillment, and love.  Kryon has – through Lee Carroll – spoken to members of the United Nations in the past.  In fact, since 1995, “Kryon was invited to come to New York and channel for the Society of Enlightenment and Transformation ) S.E.A.T, … a member of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council.” [1]

That’s an interesting thing, when you stop to consider it.  Here is a man, who is said to be the channel for Kryon to speak to humanity, having been invited to the UN, and essentially gave an audience.

I won’t bore you with all the vernacular and verbiage (it’s incredible how some of these entities can ramble on and on!  You would think higher intelligence would mean an economy of speech, but…nope), but I did find a very interesting tidbit about the Middle East situation, which I thought I’d quote here.  You can decide what you think about it.

Now remember, these demons lie.  That is their native language, however, this does not mean that everything they say is a lie.  It means that they easily mix truth with lies so that it becomes difficult for the uninitiated to determine when they are lying and when they are telling the truth.

I have found that quite often, these demons actually relay truth, but they wrap it in a package of lies.  I’ve discussed this in one of my previous books and it is fascinating to me to see how much truth they will mix with their lies.  People who are already deceived have no problem at all swallowing everything they say; hook, line, and sinker.

In 2009, when Kryon shared his wisdom with the folks at the UN, he spoke of the Middle East problem and what he believed might very well be the solution.  Oh, that’s another thing they do.  They will also caution their listeners about taking their words and statements as FACTS.  While they are speaking them, they are facts, however, the oneness is always on human beings.  We make or break the deal and by presenting it this way, they are never seen as liars.  If it doesn’t come to pass, oh well, it’s because there weren’t enough humans who believed it or some such nonsense.

Anyway, check out part of Kryon’s message in 2009 as he speaks through Lee Carroll:

It brings me now to the prophecy I’ve been giving for some time. For it remains strong [the potentials have not changed]. One of the most unusual things that you ever, ever could imagine may happen, and it involves Iran. I will say it again to you as I’ve said three other times to three other groups. Now I will state it in these halls of the United Nations. Iran may hold the key to the most stable, most profitable, most influential nation in the Middle East. And if this potential is fulfilled, it will be the young people of Iran who will create ‘The Great Iranian Revolution’.”

Are you starting to see something?  Here’s more: 

The last thing you’re going to see or imagine you would ever see has a strong potential to happen. The potentials are that Iran will actually invest in the peace of Jerusalem and that their influences and their funding will begin to have great influence for a solution in Israel – not just a solution between Israel and those called the Palestinians, but a greater one that creates solutions with the Islamic states around them.

Huh?  What?  Did Kryon just say that there is a great possibility that Iran itself will be the major promoter of peace in the Middle East?  These statements were made back in November of 2009, which of course was not that long ago.  Last November, Ahmadinejad was every bit the anti-Semite that he is now.  Yet, Kryon is telling these people at the UN that over time, a new generation of Iranians will rise up and approach the entire problem of the Middle East in a completely different manner.

Kryon has even more to tell us.  “You will see the countries around Iran join with Iran, even former enemies. Borders will be relaxed. Eventually, it will affect Pakistan and Afghanistan, who won’t want to be left out of the new Middle Eastern union. India will also be involved in a way that embraces Pakistan in trade like never before. Those who feature old energy thinking will have no place to hide, for peace will be the way of it. A brand new idea will emerge that says, “If we can stop the traditions of hate now, and teach our children to hope, eventually there will a group of nations who will only remember what the tensions used to be, from reading their history books.” It’s a quantum generation that is coming, one who can think ahead, way past their own lives… past their parents’ teaching of old hatred and old ways. This, indeed, is part of the new rift that will develop between parent and child for the next 50 years in the Middle East.”

He also told the people listening that “This is what we see and it is within the lifetime of many here. It may go slower, depending on what you do. It may go faster, depending on what you do.”  No prophecy can be given by these entities without the general disclaimer at the end, which absolves them of any responsibility.  Almighty God – Everlasting Father – Jesus Christ, King of Kings – on the other hand has specific times and dates and none of His prophecies are dependent upon humanity at all.  His will and purposes come to fruition at the EXACT moment He foreordained that they would.

Can we bank on what Kryon tells us?  No, we cannot.  However, I believe that within all of these statements, there is truth.  They see the truth and use it for their own agenda.  The young woman in Acts who became the carnival barker for Paul and his companions spoke the truth.  What the demon said through the woman was absolutely true, “These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.” (Acts 16:17b).  The problem though was that Paul did not like the idea that a servant of Satan was actually barking out that truth.

So between this and numerous other statements in the New Testament, we know that demons tell the truth.  Sometimes, it’s what they do NOT say that makes them a liar because of the impression their words give.

So here is Kryon revealing what he says will come to pass in the Middle East.  Ultimately, he states that it will be the people in the Middle East that solve the problem of the Middle East!  Interesting, isn’t it?

Those listening had no clue that this may in fact, be the absolute truth.  However, Kryon neglected to go into the many details related to that peace and the fact that any brokerage of peace in the Middle East will actually be handled and overseen by Antichrist.  Why bother with the details?

What I actually find even more fascinating than anything Kryon said, is the fact that he has actually spoken to groups within the UN and not just once, but seven times!  How does THAT happen?  It happens in a world where people want to believe that they are their own god, and that the all-powerful, all-knowing God of the Bible does not really exist at all.  That’s how it happens.

We will undoubtedly hear much more from entities like Kryon and Archangel Michael, as well as others.  In fact, it seems that as time progresses, we can expect channeling to become much more readily accepted, until it likely becomes a type of normative way of living.  It will in essence become like another news source, from the other worlds to our world.

I am not saying that we should stop what we’re doing and start paying attention to the messages of these entities who channel their speeches through human beings.  What I AM saying is that we should recognize the fact that these entities are DOING that, and with greater frequency.  Moreover, there are more and more people tuning into their messages, wholeheartedly believing and embracing them.

This is where the world is heading and the difficulty is in keeping this out of the church.  Many churches – via the Emergent Church – have been overtaken by it in some form or another.  Christians need to be vigilant and of course, not give heed to these seducing spirits.  We must not only NOT be taken in by them, but we must do all that we can to help others understand that the messages they are hearing may have some truth.  However, the source of those messages has absolutely no interest in our welfare.  They wish to deceive in order to overcome.

We must warn, whether they listen or not.


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  • 3. kim  |  July 11, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    Jesus’ message has been sadly distorted. jesus was and is the master of love. he said, i am the son of God and SO ARE YOU!!!! we are all a piece of God and as that we are ALL GODS. jesus performed miracles but his message was that so can ALL of us. as we are ALL masters and were are all dearly LOVED. NO MATTER WHAT…yes, NO MATTER WHAT! : ) ) )

    can’t you see (person who wrote the above article) that distorted messages from the bible create a society based on shame and guilt which breeds fear and violence??? it is so clear. look at the middle east. the time for it to end is now. sorry but the new earth energy is HERE and it is everything seth and kryon and archangel michael (among others) speak of. it is all based in LOVE and NOT fear. so best get with the new program soon. it’s too late…you’re old energy ways are over and things change daily to the new energy. all of the children are now coming in a different energy and they will be the ones that say no to the old energy. these children will NOT listen to ANYTHING that is NOT based in LOVE. LOVE has won and not you, christianity, the government or anything else can stop it. why would you want to exhaust yourself trying? you know what they say: “if you can berat them….”


    • 4. modres  |  July 11, 2012 at 12:44 PM

      Hi again Kim,

      Jesus’ message was given to us accurately through Scripture. The message that Seth, Kryon, and others portray is the actual distorted message. I absolutely agree with you that we are absolutely LOVED by God. What you fail to understand is that just being or feeling loved is not enough. This is why Jesus, God the Son – BECAUSE OF LOVE – became united with humanity in order that He might offer Himself as a perfect sacrifice to atone for humanity’s sins and failures. This sacrifice REMOVES the guilt IF we will simply receive the salvation that is offered through Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. Isn’t that wonderful? God so loves humanity that He took it upon Himself to become human (while remaining God) in order that He could offer Himself as the perfect sacrifice. THAT is LOVE and you fail to see it.

      People don’t like to hear truth from God’s Word. They prefer – as you do – to hear milksop from beings who are doing their level best to deceive and destroy. They want to keep you as far away as possible from God (Jesus) as possible because they do not want you to receive eternal life. They want you to think that you have to work toward it, somehow earning it through the myriad of exercises and teachings found within the New Age. I wish you would step back and reconsider what you believe and where you are going.

      You really do not understand what love actually is all about. You THINK it is a feeling or an experience where everyone gets along and we all become one with one another and the universe. You have absolutely no clue. Jesus spoke more about hell than any other subject, so desirous was/is He to have everyone receive the only salvation that is offered.

      God – because He is HOLY and JUST (not simply LOVE) – cannot simply “forgive” sin. A penalty must be paid and He fully paid that penalty HIMSELF so that you and I would not have to do so. Yet, you reject that because it sounds too much like a fable. You’d rather believe beings you’ve never seen, never touched, and no one else has really ever seen or touched either. They have proven nothing except they have the propensity to deceive. This they do very well.

      True love is ACTION. True love is seen in how it destroys evil and death. True love is absolute truth. The beings you prefer to listen to, admire, and follow are only speaking WORDS. They mix some truth with their falsehoods and you stand back in utter awe and amazement. Why?

      2 Thessalonians 2:7-10 says this: “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.”

      Paul is extremely clear here. He says:
      1) the mystery of lawlessness is working in and throughout society. Why? To create absolute lawlessness.
      2) the final individual who will be revealed is the person the Bible calls the Antichrist. Interestingly enough, this same individual that the New Age is looking forward to seeing (Maitreya) and the same one that Islam seeks (the Final Mahdi) is the same person as the Antichrist. He is on the verge of being revealed to the world and you know what? The world will accept him with open arms. You know why? Because he will SPEAK about love and how we need to remove ourselves from people who don’t get with the program, etc., etc., etc.
      3) also according to Paul, this same man will be destroyed by Jesus Christ when He returns. As far as you’re concerned, this won’t happen, but it will, so I suggest you prepare for it.
      4) the HUGE question though is WHY do so many people fall for the deceit of this coming man of sin under the heavy weight of the growing lawlessness? That question is answered in Paul’s last sentence: “because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.” This describes YOU and I would IMPLORE you to stand back, take a good look at what these beings like Seth, et al, have given you and done for you. The answer is a big whopping NOTHING. They speak the language of love, yet you don’t even know what love is. Love is not WORDS. Love is witnessed in ACTIONS and DEEDS. At the same time, to you, anything that smacks of being NEGATIVE cannot be love. Therefore, the idea of “sin” or “guilt” or “atonement” is anathema to you because it does not square with your understanding of love.

      Kim, you are DECEIVED, just as Paul clearly outlines to his letter to the Thessalonians. You need to gain God’s definition of LOVE. I have spent years analyzing and studying New Age beliefs and while they come from a variety of sources, it’s all the same lie: YOU ARE A GOD. It’s the exact same lie that Adam and Eve fell for in the Garden. It’s been the same lie ever since.

      It simply SEEMS to be that much more erudite and sophisticated these days because supposedly, these “transmissions” and messages that come to us arrive to us from ascended masters and beings who allegedly only have our interests at heart. Really. That’s nice. Jesus actually LIVED among us as the Man-God, yet He is roundly rejected, His message is changed, and His death and resurrection is something fables are made of, yet these beings who only SAY they are ascended masters (or aliens), and only SPEAK about love (but have NEVER shown it) are readily received and accepted by you and millions of others.

      If these beings are so powerful and so knowledgeable, you would think (at least I would) that they would be willing to share with us how to eradicate AIDS, the common cold, or cancer. They might take the time to show us how best to use our resources and how to feed the hungry, etc., etc. Instead, what do they do? They give us BIBLE lessons. They take the time to tell us that we got it all wrong about Jesus. Really? That’s just SO interesting, isn’t it? While they SAY they are here to help, they seem only interested in showing us how much we supposedly got wrong about the Bible and Jesus. I’m supposed to take them SERIOUSLY because of that? Uh…sounds like they have an ulterior motive to me.

      When these beings take the time to SHARE with the world some of their ascended knowledge (like eliminating AIDS, etc.), THEN they will have actually provided something humanity can sink their teeth into and start correcting the wrongs of this world. They don’t share that knowledge because they don’t have it. They don’t have it because they are NOT ascended masters at all, but merely demons and devils pretending to be something they’re not in order to blanket this globe with true deception. Why? So they can usher in the Antichrist.

      You know Kim, I have to agree with you that it is all very SIMPLE. Unfortunately, you have fallen for the same old lie that generations have fallen for and it is getting you nowhere.

      Paul also tells us that Satan is so brilliant and so scheming that he is able to transform himself into an angel of light for the sole purpose of DECEIVING the world (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan’s entire job description is to DECEIVE.

      I will pray for you, Kim, that the Lord will open your eyes. What would help you though is to actually seek the love of truth and Paul is referencing God’s TRUTH here, not the so-called truth of these ascended masters.

      By the way Kim, you might be interested to know that the Bible also teaches something we Christians call the “Rapture,” which is when all Christians will be removed from the earth instantly. Far-fetched you say? The same concept has been taught within the New Age movement for the past 50 to 60 years starting with George Van Tassel, Tuella, and most recently Barbara Marciniak and others. Of course, in their version, the people who are taken off the earth are the “malcontents,” those who simply haven’t learned how to get along and appreciate what this earth has to offer. The transmissions received by Van Tassel and others from these other-worldly beings include decidedly biblical language (“in the twinkling of an eye”). Once the malcontents are gone, THEN the earth will be able to evolve to the next spiritual level. This is what you are waiting for and unfortunately, it’s not going to be what you envision.

      The more I study the New Age teachings, the more I find it fascinating that anyone can believe the things that are taught within it. Yet, I am reminded of the words of Paul who says that the people who DO wind up believing the falsehoods taught within it do so because they ultimately do not want to believe God’s truth. They PREFER to tickle their ears with the lies of the enemy and God essentially gives them over to it so that they will believe as if true, what is patently false.

      I’m NOT trying to berate you. That does absolutely nothing. I’m simply trying to educate you. You still have the choice and it is up to you what you will do with the information I have given you.

      If you are interested, I would like to share with you a number of books I have written on the subject of which we are talking. All of my books are absolutely FREE as downloadable PDF documents. Here is the link to the page that highlights all of my books:

      All you need to do is click on any of the covers shown and on that particular page, you will see a thumbnail view of the cover on the lower left hand side of the page with the PDF icon. Click it to download – again – FREE of charge. Here are some specifically geared to the subject of your comments:

      I hope you will avail yourself of the above information.


  • 5. kim  |  July 11, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    kryon, seth and the channel for archangel all have a common thread. all of their messages are pure love and that is also thier connection. their messages are TRUTH and to say they are demonic is really silly.
    but that said, i judge no one who seeks GOD. Blessed is the human who finds GOD in any way they can, so that includes you christians too. soon you too that the only way to GOD is through LOVE and not shame or condemtion or guilt. we are all in lesson here and all trying to find the same thing….LOVE. sometimes to get back to love you must first go through some hard times and there is NO SHAME in any of it!! it is ALL appropriate and IT IS ALL LOVE.
    🙂 ) )


    • 6. modres  |  July 11, 2012 at 12:06 PM

      Hi Kim,

      You say that what these individuals SAY is a message of pure love. Big deal. Anyone can SPEAK love with words. These same individuals have done NOTHING to verify that they love anyone. On the other hand, Jesus not only SPOKE love, but LIVED love and it was BECAUSE of His love for all of humanity, that He died for the sins of that same humanity. The individuals you hold in high esteem have done nothing except talked the talk. Jesus walked the walk.

      I’ll take Jesus, thank you.


  • 7. Ron B.  |  April 13, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Modres, you are wasting vauleable time. Move on. Praise Him.


    • 8. modres  |  April 14, 2012 at 3:09 PM

      Hi Ron,

      I HAVE moved on. This particular post was written MONTHS ago. Where were you then?


  • 9. Les  |  February 28, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    With the Sword you have been given you do have results in the ministry handed to you! As for short hand, yes the book of Genesis is in a kind of short hand and so is the book of Revelation.These can only be opened by the Holy Spirit and the keys are for those who have the overcoming nature of Jesus.
    The seals of Daniel and John are being opened as I write this comment. I enjoy your title Study Grow and Know, as a believer one is in Christianity 101 and growing one comes to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus and the Kingdom. As Paul said, I must know Him and the power of His resurrection. Gnosis knowledge knowing the Lord God and then there is one more major step, we must all come into the fullness and stature of Jesus the Christ! We must all become who and what we know and believe. These new agers are searching for the truth and it’s a shame they must take this side road into channeling familiar spirits that will bind them for a time.I have known many that have been called and chosen however they have slipped into this corridor. Fire will save them! Our God is a consuming Fire.
    Not to destroy but to heal and burn away the old nature with all it’s satanic endeavors. I love these guys and their sincere quest to know the truth from the lies. I love Bill Maher, he is searching and was once a Catholic and may have had other experiences that have turned him off. The holy Spirit will free him at the right time as Father will free all those on this post! Including me and you! Religious bondage is just as dangerous as the new age mumbo jumbo!
    Keep up this good work, and may our Father open our eyes to more of His truth and the power of Love that passes all understanding guide you as you minister!
    Lord bless and heal all those on this post.


    • 10. modres  |  February 28, 2012 at 11:43 AM

      Sorry, but the Seals have NOT been opened. They will not be opened until Daniel 9:27 is fulfilled.

      I think you need to do some heavy searching through Scripture. May God open your eyes to your blindness, Les. Sorry to be blunt.

      You are so far off in your understanding of Revelation, it’s pitiful. It’s not a book of allegory and neither is Genesis.

      Why don’t you download my book “End of the Ages” from my website. It, like all of my books are available free of charge as PDF downloads. Read it, read the Bible, read other commentaries and pray that God will open your eyes to the truth of His Word.


      • 11. Les  |  February 28, 2012 at 12:13 PM

        OK! We are at a standoff! As for blindness, my eyes have been opened and I’m sorry but your time has not come! Have you been baptized since you believed?! The baptism of Jesus is not water but into the Holy Spirit. If you are only in the outer court than I’m sorry for intruding. If you are being processed in the Holy place of Pentecost then it’s time to move on and enter the Feast of Tabernacles and the Holy Of Holies! Forgive me again for intruding.
        Lord bless you and your family and may this work prosper in the saving of those who will be saved.


      • 12. modres  |  February 28, 2012 at 1:02 PM

        Yes, we are at a standoff.

        Yes, I was baptized into the Holy Spirit the moment I believed. We’ll probably disagree on that as well – no worries 🙂

        You didn’t intrude, Les.


  • 13. Les  |  February 27, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    First off modres I see that you are a fundamentalist and I suppose you take the Bible literally in the use of the English language. The concepts and precepts of the written word are from the original tongues of the Chaldean and Hebrew. Thought processes and the understanding of parable,picture language, allegory and the short hand of Moses have been translated and transliterated by German, Latin and English to our modern day as not so clear!! If one is completely immersed in the Holy Spirit the veil will be removed from the written Word to revel it’s fullness and truth. I commend you for your ministry to confused people and the condemning of disembodied spirits that are very real and dangerous in their wanting to posses many for their own lusts and devilish plans. You do not know about the fullness of judgement and the redeeming purpose of the lake of fire! As for those you say can never be saved you are in error! The new age is right in it’s rebellion against all man made doctrines and the foolishness of religion has driven many to this new age destruction! Rome is not the only apostate! The doctrines of rapture, hell forever, and many other holy cows will be soon be clarified by the
    overcoming saints of God. Be careful of preaching dead orthodox concepts that will do much damage.
    Keep up the good works and stand steady against the flood of spirits that are ruling the new age/old age lies.
    Lord bless and keep you strong!


    • 14. modres  |  February 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM

      Yes, I believe in the Five Fundamentals of the faith.

      It amazes me how people like you can come along and place absolutely NO faith in God’s ability to preserve His Word. Pure demagoguery at best.

      Wow, Moses used shorthand? Fascinating! I guess if you can call Hebrew shorthand…

      Parables? Allegory? There is ample room for understanding each of these within the framework of interpreting the Bible literally – in other words, in plain sense.

      In fact, your entire diatribe is one marked with pride and arrogance (“If one is completely immersed in the Holy Spirit…”, etc.).

      You are free to believe what you want to believe. Because you have essentially discounted the veracity of Scripture, then of course you have to move onto other things. Funny how much faith you put in those other writings, but not in God’s Word. Oh well. I wish you could see the inconsistency in such a position.


  • 15. Sue  |  September 20, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    I just want to say that I was heavily involved in the new age movement from
    January 2000 to July 2006. It started when I took Reiki level 1. From there my interest snowballed. I read dozens of new age books. I took multiple healing courses-healing touch, emf balancing technique, reconnective healing. I became a reiki master and taught reiki to others. I also became a follower of Kryon. I attended 2 at home events with Lee Carroll channeling Kryon in Fort Lee, New Jersey back in 2001 and 2002. At the time I felt transformed and enlightened. However, there is a real danger in the new age theology. I got into some real serious supernatural demonic spiritual trouble which I am still dealing with today. When the trouble first appeared, I did not want to believe it was demonic because the new age teachs there is no such thing as evil or judgment. There is no Satan. There are no demons.

    Through my struggles, I came back to Jesus Christ and my Christian roots. I am still not completely free from the demonic problems, but feel that over the course of time, I will be free. I do think that Kryon is a demon and if you read his first book he talks about meeting and inviting your spirit guides into your life. Many of my new age teachers taught about inviting spirit guides into your life. Now I know these spirit guides are demonic and they are waiting for you to invite them into your life. This gives them a legal right to be there. Once they have that legal right it is very difficult to rescind. I am not the only person who has gotten into supernatural spiritual trouble because of my involvement in the new age. There are many books out there by people who have also gotten into trouble with evil spirits due to their new age involvement. Here are a few:

    Enticed by the Light by Sharon Beekman
    Inside the New Age Nightmare by Randall N. Baer
    The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen
    The Light That Was Dark by Warren B. Smith
    Ransomed From the Darkness by Moira Noonan
    The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts by Joe Fisher
    Falling For A Lie by Jay Christian
    Deceived by the New Age by Will Baron
    Running Against the Wind by Brian Flynn



    • 16. modres  |  September 20, 2011 at 1:42 PM

      Thanks very much for writing and sharing your experience and views. Hopefully, others will see the problem as well. The Lord bless you and I will be praying for you.


  • 17. kenlee  |  September 4, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    So I’m being told how ridiculous I am by some respectful (never insulting) guy who is just a humble fallen human with nooo pride/ego. To me, that makes your words just words (not ridiculous though; just inconsistent).

    I don’t really perceive you talking from love and wishing for me to find salvation, I don’t feel I’m being taught lovingly as Jesus used to. I think you’re just trying to make a point here with brute force. (Get a megaphone).
    That’s why you can fill this thread with lines and lines of explanations, this and that, blah blah, and still my sad logic will still scream at me that the scriptures were also written by fallen humans, and I although I think the bible is a source of wisdom, to me there just simply doesn’t lay the whole truth. Just as your own version of the truth, which was also channeled, interpreted and changed by even more fallen humans with their own set of prejudice.

    And you might want to stop giving such advice, by remembering free will. I won’t read Romans again.

    Having said this, I’m gonna pack by bags to death valley now that I can finally open my eyes to your truth. Still, I hope God understands my epic ignorance and takes into account I lived under a set of parameters my christian mom taught me, a life trying to don’t do to others what I don’t want other to do to me. I guess I failed this time. For which I will just cease to respond to your offense.

    Fair winds and following seas Mr. modres.

    (Heaven for the climate… hell for the company 😉


    • 18. modres  |  September 4, 2011 at 12:00 PM

      I did not intend to intentionally insult you as you did me.

      Never said I was devoid of ego. In fact, it is BECAUSE of my ongoing imperfection that I needed and still need His salvation.

      Whether or not you “perceive” love from my words does negate that fact no more than choosing to believe that the God of the Bible does not exist or that the Bible is not true negates those facts. Even so, you’ve undoubtedly heard these words or similar in ways that you recognize as loving and the very fact that Jesus died for your sins and mine proves HIS love for you and yet you reject it. THAT is what shows no use of logic on your part. Forget everything else including my inability to satisfy your definition of love.


  • 19. anonymous  |  December 31, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    Hi modres,
    Do you know Mithras ? Make search about him!
    God forbid intercourse with mother, how do you think human race come from Adam and Eve ?
    Have you really read all the bible ?
    According to you, what Job and and Amos refer to when the talk about Lord in Pleiades ? What is pleiades for you ?

    Are you sure that the story about Judas Iscarioth is right ? There were two Judas at the Jesus time, the one was Judas Iscarioth and the other one was Judas Iharioth son of Herodus; Whose really betraid Jesus ?

    I respect your choice and your faith.
    We are here to understand not to fight!


    • 20. modres  |  December 31, 2010 at 10:37 AM


      Yes, I’m very familiar with Mithras and have a number of books about that cult in my library.

      The human race came from Adam and Eve and yes, some of their hundreds of children married each other. Please note, there was no law against that at the time. No son had sexual relations with Eve, his mother.

      You need to remember (or know) that the human race at that time of Adam and Eve had been created by God to perfection. Their bodies were nothing like ours are today. Even AFTER the fall, it took hundreds of years for the effects of sin to tear down the body from its original, perfect state. Brothers/sisters, or cousins having children together was nothing like what happens when cousins marry and breed today.

      Yes, I have read the Bible many times, have you?

      The constellation of Pleiades could have numerous meanings. There is strong indication from the book of Genesis that the original star configurations actually contained the gospel message, but this was corrupted over time after Lucifer (who became Satan) not only muscled his way into becoming the lord of this earth (and the air) by causing Adam and Eve to sin, but by his direct interference.

      When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the wise men followed the star to find Him. Even at that time, it seems clear that God used stellar configurations for His witness.

      Yes, I’m positive the story of Judas is correct. The gospel of Judas along with other works found within the Nag Hamadi are filled with error. There were more than two individuals named Judas at the time of Jesus, as it was a fairly common name. The gospel accounts are accurate. You might wish to re-read them.

      Thank you for respecting my faith. While I appreciate the fact that you also have a right to your faith, I do not respect it, no more than I respect Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, or any other faith that derides the authenticity of Scripture and of Jesus Christ as God the Son, fully man, and fully God.

      Certainly, you have a right to believe what you prefer to believe. The problem though is that your faith (and that of many others) actually keeps you from receiving the only salvation that is offered. Are you aware for instance, that with the exception of Christianity, EVERY other religion or faith is some form of works-related salvation? Everywhere except Christianity, a person is required to EARN their salvation. Christianity is founded upon Someone who freely gives salvation with no additional requirements other than faith in the all-sufficiency of Jesus.

      Your beliefs (and I gather a good deal from your comments) has led you to believe that the Bible is not correct, that Judas got a bad rap, that Jesus isn’t really who He claimed to be, etc. You have then wound up becoming no different than a plethora of others who – while they may have a different name for their particular faith – believe as you do.

      Mithras is a cult that is said to have been the original source of Christianity. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. It appears that Mithras borrowed heavily not only from Christianity, but from other religious persuasions at the time.

      The Nag Hamadi – something you likely put a good deal of faith in – is questionable not for its authenticity, but for its content.

      It always frustrates me when I hear from folks like yourself who believe you have found the truth, but everything about your “truth” is virtually little to no different from any number of other faiths with different names.

      I strongly suggest you study just the Bible for a while. Ask God to reveal to you His truth from it. Don’t go to the Nag Hamadi or other sources to determine whether the Bible is true. Go to the Bible. What you have done is no different than trying to get to know someone by asking everyone else what that person is like, instead of entering into a relationship with the person you are asking about.

      May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you in your search.


      • 21. kenlee  |  September 4, 2011 at 2:24 AM

        Dear(,) modres,

        Speaking of rambling on… there is no need for so many lines when the words fail to contain their own meaning. Do you at least notice the serenity within these “demons'” words? And it is their serenity, their inner peace the only thing to attract more adepts.

        Calm is an adjective that would give more veracity to your speech, instead of rushing in to accusations to “folks like them” who prefer to speak with actions (unfortunately these words can only stand for my own experience). Besides, being kind won’t need further endorsement, you can believe in it, use it and then see it replicate around yourself. Nonetheless, I can see you need support of greatly fulfilled prophecies to believe in something, cause I’m pretty sure you have had doubts, unless you’re not human. We all look for explanations, and finding them doesn’t make us demons, it just makes us people in search for the truth just like you. It’s my most human side trying to speak to yours. But yes we are divine.

        In case we are wrong… to be honest… I prefer to still listen to Kryon’s magical rambling rather than thinking of a God who will punish an earthly life that won’t last for more than 80 years, with burning hell for eternity.

        Just saying.


      • 22. modres  |  September 4, 2011 at 8:17 AM

        Kenlee, these attempts to insult are obvious, but I’ve approved your post for a few reasons. Have you ever been conned (other than by Kryon? If so, WHY were you conned? It is solely because good con artists KNOW the human psyche and use words and a demeanor that CALMS people’s fears before those fears get a chance to put up any red flags. Serenity means nothing when it is wrapped in lies, but unfortunately for you and too many others, you view MY words as an attack on YOUR beliefs, when in point of fact, I am trying to help you see the fallacies that you call truth.

        No, we are not divine. I would recommend taking the time to read through Romans 1. The problem is that by believing that you are divine, you are simply stroking your ego. Kryon as well as a host of other spiritual “luminaries” are all saying the same thing. In fact, it is the exact same lie that was used to tempt our first parents in the Garden of Eden.

        You simply do not realize how ridiculous you are in this. You say that if you’re wrong, you would STILL rather have Kryon’s soothing and calming words tickle your ears than consider the fact that eternal hell may be a real place. So, you’ll spend your “80 years” lying to yourself compared to an eternity of death? This simply shows you how far off the track you have gone.

        What is MORE soothing than the words that say if we will be receive God’s salvation, which is freely given, we can AVOID being on the receiving end of God’s eternal wrath? There is NOTHING more soothing than that, yet you continue to reject it just as Paul describes in Romans 1. Your ego so enjoys believing that you are divine – a god – that believing that lie does not allow you to see the truth.

        Here is the truth that you reject: God the Son came, lived, died and rose again for YOUR sins and MINE. Receiving that salvation means that God no longer looks at us as SIN. Sin is what is going to be “destroyed” in eternity and it will take an eternity since sin never ends. By rejecting God’s FREE salvation (and embracing Kryon’s lie that you are divine and must WORK to activate your own inner deity), you have sided with SIN and because of that, God has no recourse except to TREAT you as He will treat ALL sin. It’s really that simple.

        It is absolutely amazing to me that people reject this truth constantly and there is NO rational reason for it. The only IRRATIONAL reason for it has to do with PRIDE/EGO. Human beings would rather believe that we are something we are not (gods/divine) than admit that we are in need of something (salvation) that we cannot provide for ourselves. There is absolutely no logic in that at all.

        I’m just saying…


  • 23. saronguardian  |  July 12, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    You are clearly much to closed minded to understand. Im sorry.


    • 24. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 5:19 PM

      No Erik, you are too deceived to see the truth. For that, I am sorry.

      If you do not believe you are deceived or closed minded, then I suggest this:

      Take a moment to pray to Jesus and ONLY Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and ask Him to reveal the true identity of Saron and to protect you as well during the process. Ask Jesus to BIND Saron if Saron is actually a lying demon. Ask Jesus to cast Saron AWAY from you. Then ask Jesus to help you believe on Him; His life, death, resurrection that you might have eternal life. Ask for this in Jesus’ Name and because of the victory He gained by the shedding of His blood. If you are willing to do that, and mean it, I think you will be sincerely shocked to learn the identity of this Saron. In other words, if you are willing to learn that you are living under a deception (or not), then this is but a small thing to do, isn’t it?

      I would do it for you, but unless you are willing, it won’t happen.


  • 25. saronguardian  |  July 12, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    Dear Sir,

    It is I that pray for you.
    You see, you consider no other viewpoint.
    No other possibilities other than what was ingrained into your head from man. Yes, man.
    What bible do you read?
    What is its true origin?
    Who transcribed the words in this book?
    You are not at the whim of the Calvary way of thinking. You are not are their beck and call.
    You are of God, like all the rest of us.

    Peace to your Pathway,



    • 26. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 2:52 PM


      You have not even read the Bible. You are simply parroting what others (including Saron) have said to you. I’ve read all their gobbledy-gook. It’s New Age rigmarole. There CAN only be one possibility. God is not so capricious that He is not sovereign, yet you believe (based on what you have been told) that God is so large that there cannot only be ONE way. The truth of the matter is that God is infinite though unchanging.

      The simplicity of the crosswork of Christ is fully sufficient. Nothing else is needed.

      You look at the Bible and see it only as a man-created book. You see absolutely NO possibility of God supervising its composition. Yet, no such “logic” is applied to anything you hear, or channel, or read. You are at the whims of the spiritual entities who have nothing but hatred for you, Erik. You are deceived.

      I was created in God’s image. I am not “of God.” God made humanity with the capacity to reason, to think, to contemplate, to create (not from nothing), to grow both spiritually and physically. In humanity, he breathed life, which is why humanity has an eternal soul.

      I have read much of the Nag Hamadi, the Gnostic Gospels, and a ton of other books you are likely not even familiar with, Erik. The Bible is not a coincidence, and neither is it a book devoid of God’s Spirit and truth. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was WITH God, and the Word WAS God,” (John 1:1; emphasis mine).

      Again I will say to you, Erik. Stop accepting as fact everything that Saron tells you and start reading the Bible ON YOUR OWN. IF you find any contradictions, THEN come back and I will address them. The Bible is THE book that reveals God and His Truth. While it obviously does not contain ALL that God is, it is what God wants us to know about Him.

      You say that my viewpoint is ingrained from man. You make absolutely no sense, Erik and you fail to realize your own arrogance. Because you “hear” or “channel” some spirit or being from another dimension does not mean that you have truth. All it means is that you are hearing something some being wants you to hear.

      There is a great divide between what beings like Saron tell human beings and what is written in the Bible. Saron and others have their own version of who Jesus Christ “was” and what the Bible means, and what God truly is, etc.

      I find it fascinating that it does not matter if these entities are spirit beings, aliens, ascended masters, or something else entirely, they all generally say the same thing. More than that, they come to earth and one of the FIRST things they do is provide a BIBLE study!

      Aliens are said to have abducted people, experimented on them, implanted fetal material within them, and more. They come to hear to say that they want to help us and it is their desire to ensure that humanity does not become extinct.

      Yet in ALL of these transmissions (including the ones YOU receive), there has NEVER been a case of some being telling us how to eradicate AIDS, cancers, or even the common cold! They have NEVER provided any information that will help us to eliminate sickness, or feed the starving of the world. They do not tell us or reveal to us inventions that will help us save energy. Supposedly, their crafts run on magnetism, or some such propulsion. Do they share that information with earthlings? No, because they are too busy telling us the REAL identity of Jesus Christ, or that THEY as a collective are “God” and they created us.

      If THEY created us, you would think they would be a bit more powerful, yet they are unfortunately, restrained by man’s ability to think, or dream, or self-actualize. Erik buddy, you are completely deceived.

      If you read “The Seth Material,” by Roberts, or Barbara Marciniak, or any number of people who claim to channel some higher intelligence, they all same the same thing. Yet no one seems to notice that, because they are too busy denigrating Jesus Christ, or the Bible, even though you think you are holding Christ in high esteem. If you deny that Jesus IS God the Son, you have denied Jesus Christ.

      It is fascinating to me that you toss out the Bible in its entirety, preferring to believe the lying words of a demon masquerading as Saron. Again, I will ask you, what PROOF has Saron provided to you that he is who he says he is?

      “You are not at the whim of the Calvary way of thinking. You are not are their beck and call.”

      Sorry, you lost me here. These two sentences make little sense.

      “Peace to your Pathway”

      Jesus said, “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it,” (Matthew 7:13-14).

      Erik, either you are on the path that leads to life eternal, or you are on the path that leads to eternal destruction. Now, you can hide behind the lie that says God was not powerful enough to control what went into His Word, but it does not pass the muster. Who wants to worship that kind of God? No thanks.

      The God I worship is completely and totally sovereign, overseeing and directing the affairs of mankind and even “Saron” and Satan.

      “You are of God, like all the rest of us.”

      Not all of “of God,” Erik: “While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled.” Jesus is speaking there and he attests to the fact that Judas was the “son of perdition,” certainly not “of God.”

      You need to stop listening to spirit beings who tickle your ears, Erik. They tell you what you want to hear.


  • 27. saronguardian  |  July 12, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    “By the way, I am not in the least a divine individual at all. I am simply a fallen human being, who received Jesus Christ as Savior. When this occurred, eternal life was given and Christ’s righteousness was credited to my account.”

    And this perhaps bothers me the most of what you said. You are of God. Not a living God. You are of God. A Fallen Human being? Fallen from where? Eternal life was given to whom ? the human race? Christs righteousness was credited to your account?
    So you have no action to take?
    This is all given to you for the sins that Jesus died for?
    You have no obligation to Jesus, God or the Universe as you see it?
    It must be really easy to view the world in this way. No matter what you do or have done, everything is just washed away due to the greatest sacrifice this world has ever known which is Jesus giving his life for your sins?
    Do you not think there is more than that to your life?



    • 28. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 11:07 AM

      “And this perhaps bothers me the most of what you said. You are of God. Not a living God. You are of God. A Fallen Human being? Fallen from where?”

      This is also what bothers Satan the most. He wants me to believe that divinity resides within me and that I am the champion of my own reality.

      We were created sinless (as was Lucifer, who became Satan). When Adam and Eve sinned, the entire human race sinned with them. That should make sense to you because obviously something that is imperfect cannot give birth to something that IS perfect. All human beings who came from Adam and Eve were fallen – sinful. We transgressed God’s perfect Law, just as Satan did. He fell as well and took 1/3 of the angelic host with him in his fall. He has minions to do his bidding and Saron is only one of them.

      “Eternal life was given to whom ? the human race? Christs righteousness was credited to your account? Credited?”

      Eternal life is given to ALL who place their faith in Jesus Christ. Once we BELIEVE Jesus is who is said He is, and did what He said He did, this faith translates to righteousness.

      “And [Abraham] believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness,” (Genesis 15:6)

      Again, it troubles me that you have arrived at decisions regarding the Bible, yet it is obvious that you have NOT read it. Because I believe in Jesus Christ’s life, death, resurrection and the fact that He is God the Son, He credits me with His own righteousness. This means when I stand before God in judgment, He sees Christ’s righteousness in me, not my own. Because Christ’s righteousness has been given to me (based on my faith in Him), THAT is eternal life.

      When YOU stand before God in judgment, you will have only your own “righteousness” which the Bible says is nothing more than filthy rags. All filthy rags will be burned and if you continue to rely on your own righteousness, you will unfortunately, be burned with it.

      “So you have no action to take? This is all given to you for the sins that Jesus died for? You have no obligation to Jesus, God or the Universe as you see it?”

      Of course I have action to take! I have to exercise belief in God the Son ALL THE TIME. It is by faith we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-10). Jesus’ righteousness and forgiveness is ONLY given to those who exercise FAITH in Him. My obligation to Jesus is to spend the rest of my life serving Him, which I do gladly! I don’t simply receive salvation, then walk away to live my own life. I am bought with a price and that price is His blood that was shed for me on Calvary’s cross. His blood provides the perfect and eternal propitiation for my sinfulness.

      Read John chapter 3

      “It must be really easy to view the world in this way. No matter what you do or have done, everything is just washed away due to the greatest sacrifice this world has ever known which is Jesus giving his life for your sins?”

      Easy? If it was that easy, you would have embraced it. The reality is that this is the conundrum. People BELIEVE that they need to DO something, some work, some working out of the details of salvation in order to become truly saved. The idea that all I have to do is BELIEVE that Christ’s atonement is all that is needed is FOOLISHNESS to most people and you just proved it.

      “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God,” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

      You look at that and go “that’s ridiculous!” You do not believe it can work this way. You want it to be more difficult than that, yet God has purposefully made is so simply that even a cave man could see it and understand. Satan wants us to believe that this is absolute foolishness.

      “Do you not think there is more than that to your life?”

      Erik, there is a great deal to my life. Salvation is only the BEGINNING. From that point on, my life is not my own. It is Christ’s to live IN and THROUGH me as He sees fit. If He chooses to send me to India, where Christians are daily persecuted, harrassed, imprisoned, and even killed for their faith, that is His business. My job is to obey.

      You see Erik, your “religion” is all about YOU. It is trying to make YOUR life better. It is trying to do what is best for Erik. It is trying to find that happiness that seems to escape you most of the time. It is working to improve yourself on a daily basis. It’s all about Erik.

      My life is all about Jesus Christ. What does HE want me to do today? In what way does He want me to grow? How can I best serve HIM so that His will is accomplished in and through me? In other words, if lived correctly, the Christian life means FORGETTING all about me, and concentrating ONLY on Jesus Christ.

      Your life is concentrating on ERIK and what ERIK needs to do, what ERIK needs to change, what ERIK needs to become.

      Jesus said we must forget our own life and accept whatever He gives us. I’m still praying for you, Erik, that Saron will be revealed for who he truly is and his actual motivation.


  • 29. saronguardian  |  July 12, 2010 at 1:13 AM

    And you my dear sir speak of Jesus with no proof what so ever…. except a book which has been over translated to meet your needs.
    Who do I think Jesus is ?
    I know Jesus is the son of God.
    Do I believe each person is God?
    Of course not.
    Do I believe each person is of God?
    Of course I do.
    You see the argument you defend so strongly that all forms of mediumship is heretic is completely false. Do I think that there are many false prophets? Of course I do. The truth speaks in the words and the assistance that it lends to their pathway toward God and nothing else.
    The truth you know is not located solely within one book my friend.

    Let me give you an example.
    Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, all claim to speak the words of God. I am not speaking a regurgitation of the Bible verses, but the direct divine word of God.

    What does this make them?
    Do you in your faith do the same?
    Does God speak to you outside the verses of the Bible?
    Are you in fact a medium for God?

    This in it self is a contradiction to your own faith because it is the Bible that says this is heretic and it should not be.

    My friend, I do not deny your faith in God.
    What I am protesting is your stark denial of any other faith but your own as the devils work.

    God does not work in that way.
    He honors all existence.

    I must repeat myself.
    I honor you and your path greatly.
    That will never waiver.



    • 30. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 10:50 AM

      “And you my dear sir speak of Jesus with no proof what so ever…. except a book which has been over translated to meet your needs.”

      That’s simply your opinion, but it is also clear that you have not actually READ it, and yet you have decided that obviously God could have had NOTHING to do with the Bible’s creation. It was all done by man, “over translated” to suit our needs. God is completely impotent when it comes to being able to use human beings to write HIS words, yet what Seth says through Jane Roberts, or what Saron says through Erik should be believed implicitly. You see no lack of logic in this position you hold?

      “I know Jesus is the son of God.”

      To be clear here, Jesus is God the Son. The entire book of John’s gospel is directed toward proving the fully deity of Jesus Christ. It contains 8 miracles – all creative. Only God can create something from nothing – ex nilo.

      “Do I believe each person is God? Of course not.”

      “Do I believe each person is of God? Of course I do.”
      Then this is another proof that you have not read Scripture. Jesus Himself said that Judas Iscariot (among others) were of Satan.

      “You see the argument you defend so strongly that all forms of mediumship is heretic is completely false. Do I think that there are many false prophets? Of course I do. The truth speaks in the words and the assistance that it lends to their pathway toward God and nothing else. The truth you know is not located solely within one book my friend.”

      There is no proof from Saron or any other entity that they are telling YOU truth. None, yet you believe it solely because you do not believe that they would lie to you.

      The Bible forbids mediumship. It is an offense punishable by death in the Old Testament. Why? Because these entities speak lies and present them as truth.

      Please show me ONE bit of truth that Saron has told you and then show me HOW he has proven it to you.

      “Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, all claim to speak the words of God. I am not speaking a regurgitation of the Bible verses, but the direct divine word of God.”

      But much of what you speak actually contradicts Scripture. So then we are left with a question: Do we believe what we hear YOU saying, or do we believe Scripture? For me, it’s a no-brainer, because what Saron, or Seth, or Archangel Michael or any of these entities say is direct contradiction.

      In fact, it is the same lie that Satan originally tempted Adam and Eve with – “you shall be gods (or “like God”).” They bought it, hook, line and sinker. Satan has not changed his tune. He – through Saron (who is simply some demonic entity that is opposed to God and wants nothing more than for you to spend eternity with him in the Lake of Fire), is saying the exact same thing: you are god who can create your own reality. You must learn to self-actualize so that you will change your life, then others’ lives, then the world.

      THE truth is located solely in God alone. What He has provided in His Word is the truth that He wishes us to know and the truth that we can absorb. I challenge you to find ONE contradiction in Scripture, which was penned by over 40 human authors, over a period of 1600 years.

      “What does this make them?
      Do you in your faith do the same?
      Does God speak to you outside the verses of the Bible?
      Are you in fact a medium for God?”

      You are a channel, because you are being spoken through with words that are not your own. You might go into a trance, and then Saron speaks through you. When I preach a sermon, I do not go into a trance. I speak the truth of God’s Word as I understand it. There is a huge difference. I do not set my own cognition aside so that some entity can fill in the space and speak through me. That is what you do, and unfortunately, when you allow your brainwaves to go to neutral (alpha waves), the space is quickly filled in by spiritual entities from the other dimension. I do NOT do this, in fact it is something that God does NOT want us to do because of the very real danger of experiencing what you routinely experience. God tells us to “guard our minds,” not put them in neutral.

      “What I am protesting is your stark denial of any other faith but your own as the devils work.”

      I’m sorry that my “intolerance” for your “faith” bothers you. Jesus Himself said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me, the Son,” John 14:6. You apply your own meaning to that, but what Jesus means is that NO OTHER faith-based religion has merit. Even Paul said “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!” (Galatians 1:8) Saron and a host of other spiritual entities preach a different gospel, one that says that salvation does NOT come only through Jesus Christ. Paul says that angel should be accursed and condemned. He was aware that mediumship was alive and well, and through it come all manner of error. Erik, you are simply caught up in it, but you do not believe you are because of the way it makes you FEEL. Your “truth” is proven to you by FEELINGS, and EMOTIONS.

      “God does not work in that way. He honors all existence.”

      No offense Erik, but only your god (Satan, Abbadon, Apollyon, or whatever other name he is called) honors ALL existence and all faiths. Christianity is the ONLY faith in which its Founder DIED for the sins of humanity. NO OTHER religion works like this, because all other religions are man-made, and works-based.

      “I honor you and your path greatly.”

      I wish you would do more than honor it. I wish you would realize the deception under which you live.


  • 31. saronguardian  |  July 12, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    I have read your work. And I do respect all viewpoints even though you clearly do not.
    I do not believe it is me that anyone needs to pray for. I do believe it is you that needs to be prayed for. It is not a very loving place that you come from. But you do have the right to an opinion and I do greatly respect that. And I do believe that you are a divine individual although perhaps misled. You see, God, does not cast down people based on the doctrine of a few humans who formulated a text thru many translations to serve but only their purpose.
    Just food for thought.
    Peace to you kind sir.



    • 32. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 12:40 AM


      Consider what you are saying, all right? You are making the charge that the doctrine of Christianity stems from human beings to serve their own purpose. Yet, you claim that you channel a spiritual being. I see, so no one except folks like you have the ability to “receive” information from the spiritual realm? The writers of the Bible could not have?

      The place I “come from” is a deep concern for folks like yourself who are completely deceived. You have absolutely no way of verifying anything you hear from these other-worldy beings. You simply take their word for it. Why? Because you do not believe they have any reason to lie to you. You believe they are fully altruistic, yet you have nothing to base that on except how they SOUND, and what they SAY. Con artists do that all the time.

      The problem though is that ALL of these ascended masters, illumined beings, or whatever it is they call themselves (Seth, Archangel Michael, Saron, aliens from other planets, or whatever, they ALL generally say the same thing. It all boils down to each person is god. Deity is already resident within and it is merely our job to discover how to self-actualize, allegedly as Jesus did.

      I would suggest you go back and read the Bible in its entirety before you arrive at the flimsy reaction to it you have arrived at (“doctrine of a few humans who formulated a text thru many translations to serve but only their purpose”). A good deal of Old Testament prophetic discourse has already been fulfilled, which proves the veracity of Scripture.

      Saron proves nothing to you, nothing at all. In fact, I’m very surprised he/it has allowed you even approach me in an email. Is he aware of it? Here is a serious idea – ask Saron who Jesus Christ IS. Specifically ask Saron about the necessity and importance of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross. Ask Saron to explain to you WHY he believes Jesus is NOT God, as Jesus Himself claimed to be, and supported His claims with miraculous acts.

      By the way, I am not in the least a divine individual at all. I am simply a fallen human being, who received Jesus Christ as Savior. When this occurred, eternal life was given and Christ’s righteousness was credited to my account.

      This same situation could easily be yours if you simply come to agree that Jesus Christ is who He says He is – God the Son – who came into this life (from eternity) as a human being (who still maintained His deity), lived among people for roughly 33 years, without sin of any kind. He then willingly gave His life as a propitiation for sin through His shed blood on the cross. After His voluntary death, He rose from the dead, then ascended into heaven.

      Now Erik, you believe you channel a seraphim named Saron and without offering any proof, you accept what this being reveals to you. You have probably never asked Saron to provide proof of his identity, because you feel comfortable that he is who he says he is.

      At the same time, you find what I believe ludicrous. Why, because Saron tells you things that are believable and because he has chosen to talk DIRECTLY to you? That makes you feel important and humbled at the same time. What you really need to see is this Saron’s ACTUAL identity. Only then will you realize that just because a being from another dimension TELLS you something, it does not mean it is true.

      You do not believe that Saron would lie to you. You also believe that if a being from another dimension were to lie to you, you would be aware of it. You have no logical reason for believing that, yet you continue to believe it.

      This is why I said I will pray for you. In essence, you are the exact same position I am in, except you believe that because some spiritual being tells you directly, then that proves he is telling you the truth.

      You believe you know about God. How? Saron has told you, but he has never had to prove anything to you, has he? That’s convenient.

      I am going to pray that God opens your eyes to Saron’s true identity. I pray He does, but His truth is found in the Bible. The consistency throughout from Genesis to Revelation is uncanny. No human being could do that, only God.

      Whether it’s “Seth Speaks” or the books dictated to Alice Bailey, there is STILL nothing as consistent as Scripture.


  • 33. saronguardian  |  July 11, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    I respect the work you have done so much.
    I was hoping you could take a look at the information below and get back to me with your thoughts.

    I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV.



    • 34. modres  |  July 12, 2010 at 12:03 AM

      You must have me confused with someone else. If you actually KNEW what I believe there is no way you would respect my work, considering the fact that the beings that you channel are nothing more than demons in disguise.

      I hope you will wake up to that fact one day before you are completely deceived into hell.


  • 35. modres  |  June 6, 2010 at 3:09 PM

    Hey Jacques,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your opinion. A couple of things. There is nothing in the Bible that says a person can be BORN a Christian. It actually requires a decision of the will on the part of the person. Since you are obviously admitting that you did not make a moral decision to embrace Christianity, then you could not have been a Christian. This belief that a person can become a Christian by birth or through infant baptism is a norm of the Roman Catholic Church. If that is the branch of Christendom you are referring to, I can understand why you think that. My wife – as a grown woman – came out of the Roman Catholic Church after realizing the truth of Ephesians 2:8-10.

    What you most likely did was go to church, and do the things that you believed (or were told) Christians did.

    You say you dropped out at the age of ten. You made a moral decision to stop pretending you were a Christian, since had been obviously no spiritual transaction or new birth (cf. John 3). You decided to stop playing the charade. I commend you for that decision. There are a ton of people though who are like you were but are not honest enough to admit that they are playing a game. You know, sin, confess, do penance, start again.

    The fact that you believe you were born one and made a decision to stop being one at ten has absolutely nothing to do with whether Christianity looks ridiculous or not. Christianity often looks ridiculous because of the people who participate in it who are NOT Christians, but often think they are. They do outrageously sinful things and by doing those things, bring dishonor to Christ, and their testimony to the world becomes worthless. We all sin – even Christians – but Christians are commanded to NOT walk in sin (continue in besetting sins). Priests who sexual abuse children are not Christians. Though they APPEAR to be does not make them one.

    Regarding the Crusades, those were initiated by the Roman Catholic Church, which unfortunately was the only “game” in town as far as Christianity was concerned. It was also largely a political movement, because the Roman Catholic Church was married to the state. It started out with the Roman Emperor’s blessing and grew in numbers and power due to that. You were either Roman Catholic or you were not and not being Roman Catholic often meant death through contrived charges. The power of the Roman Catholic Church has not been equaled. It was not until the Reformation led by Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and others that the doctrine of salvation really got back to the biblical standard.

    It also does not appear as though you know your history all that well. You might want to recheck your facts on the history of Islam, starting with their prophet Muhammad.

    The other very important point you seem to be missing is that just because someone SAYS they are a Christian, it does not mean that they truly ARE a Christian. Proof of that is the parable of the wheat and the tares and the parable of the sower, given by Christ Himself. These are found in Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43.

    Essentially, what Jesus is teaching there is that when HE began His Church (Acts 2), the enemy came along and planted “other seed,” or tares. If you know anything of agriculture, tares are weeds that look surprisingly similar to wheat when they first start to grow. It is only when the wheat and tares are ready for harvest is the real difference seen. This allows the harvesters to cut down the tares and leave the wheat.

    The point is that the visible church is FILLED with hypocrites, sinners, and TARES. The tares will NEVER be wheat (will never be saved), but alongside the wheat (authentic Christians), there is a resemblance.

    No Christian is perfect. Not one of us. The reason we NEED Christ in the first place is because we are NOT perfect. Even with the new birth, no Christian becomes perfect in this life. I still sin and make mistakes.

    The difference is that the TARES have no ability to overcome sin INWARDLY. On the outside, they may walk like a Christian and talk like a Christian, but internally, they are not Christians. This is exactly why Jesus Christ – at their judgment – will say to them, “Depart from me, I NEVER knew you!” He is saying that being a true Christian starts from within. It opens the door to a relationship with Jesus Christ. The people who PRETEND and even do many things in His Name are not Christians UNLESS they have had the new birth. If they have not had the new birth, all those things they may have done are completely worthless. Though they may have appeared to be “good” deeds to us and benefited people by them, the fact that they have/had no relationship with Jesus Christ means that they ultimately have no salvation.

    This is exactly why there is so much corruption within the visible Church. By the way, years ago people often went into the priesthood not because they were CALLED, but because it was a good CAREER path. They had the security of a job, pay, room and board. All their medical was taken care of, and everything else connected with it.

    This is unfortunately why many people STILL go into the ministry and that is the wrong reason. I read an ad not long ago from a church in the south who was in need of a Senior Pastor. Starting salary? $300,000 plus a 401k, etc. That is OUTRAGEOUS!

    What is wrong with no hatred, no violence, and peace, love and harmony? Nothing. Do you actually believe that people are capable of that? Leaving Christians completely out of the picture for a moment, you still have Islam, which fully believes that they will take over the world and put Sharia Law in place.

    Beyond this, history is filled with ethnic cleansings and holocausts. It is clear that people often hate other people based on race alone. How is it possible to take all that hatred and eliminate it? It is impossible solely because you will not get everyone to go along with you, Christian or no.

    As far as Christianity goes, the KKK believes themselves to be Christian. It is a historical fact that Hitler believed himself to be a Christian. Other dictators believed the same thing about themselves. Does that mean they were? Hardly.

    If I came up to you and said, “I’m a police officer,” your first question would probably be “Do you have any identification?” We want people to prove who they are in this world.

    Why is it simply because someone attends a church, or says they are Christian that they must be. Your head would spin if you knew the percentage of Satanists who attend protestant churches. In every way, they give the impression that they are Christian, but they are not.

    Jacques, I’m praying for you. I’m sorry you have found Christianity to be wanting, but it may have to do with your understanding of it and your expectations.

    If you want, go here: and click on “BOOKS.” If there are any books I wrote that you want or seem interested in, let me know. I will send them to you completely free of charge, no strings attached.


  • 36. jacques  |  June 6, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Let me write a few words about christianity.I was born one and i dropped out at the age of 10,that s just how ridiculus this so called spiritual movement is.Just look at history.The cruisades, i mean that alone makes the islamists of today look like angels.And it adds up…..political tractation,pedophiles,even the pope recently covered up one of his friend for such an accusation.No big surprise there since his predessesor j-p2 was a gas salesman in the 40 and supplied the nazzis.Very nice picture of a spiritual movement.Now tell me what is so wrong with love,peace and harmony,no judgement,no hatred and no violence,realy what s wrong with that concept.


    • 37. Jessica  |  May 3, 2012 at 7:58 AM

      I strongly agree there is far more to consciousness than Christianity will ever explain. I know you said this but everything is blamed on ‘demons’ what a simple explaination this is for everything christianity cant explain. For me I will rely on love and quantum physics that comes the closest to explaining the absolute stunning vastness of consciousness. I see very little of love with today’s Christians.


      • 38. modres  |  May 3, 2012 at 9:36 AM

        Jessica, you seem to forget that even though people become authentic Christians, the sin nature REMAINS with us until we die. That alone colors the way we think about life, God, and ourselves. That’s simply part and parcel of being a Christian and it is what makes living the life of a Christian so difficult. I’m sorry you see so “very little of love with today’s Christians,” but I’m wondering where YOUR love is and how is it evidenced? Quantum physics? Really?

        I see a GREAT deal of love with Christians today. I see their concern, the way they reach out to others of the household of faith, and the way they reach out to the lost of this world. I know Christians who constantly give of themselves and their money to help the lost of this world and other Christians. I know Christians who will be at your door at a moment’s notice to help you in time of need. I know and understand the value of acceptance that many Christians exhibit toward one another and the lost. You see very little love? That’s quite an indictment and what it means is that either you simply are not noticing or you have serious doubts about the way God works in and through those of His Body.

        Your desire to explore the “stunning vastness of consciousness” is – if you’ll forgive me – a bit selfish on your part. This is part of the reason that Christians are not seen as loving because they are too wrapped up in RECEIVING and exploring the “vastness of consciousness.” It’s a ruse used by the enemy of our souls to keep SELF fully enthroned. Christians who like to astrally project themselves here and there and playing the enemy’s game. They are pawns in his scheme to keep worshiping SELF.

        If you loved God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself, you would not care about the “stunning vastness of consciousness.” You would care about the lost people of this world turning to the only One who can offer them true salvation.

        As we LOVE, we live as Jesus Himself lived. As we live a life of love, we GROW in our awareness of Him and are conformed to the image of His character, but our focus becomes less on ourselves and more on OTHERS. Read the entire book of Ephesians or Philippians to learn how Christians are to emulate Jesus and what it means to live a life of selflessness from the apostle Paul. It is not found in exploring the alleged vastness of consciousness as you say. That simply serves SELF. It is found in EMPTYING ourselves of our own SELFISHNESS so that we can live the life God wants us to live.

        Too many Christians are INWARDLY focused as opposed to OUTWARDLY. Their desire is purely for their own self-gratification rather than to see a soul come to know the Lord, though they firmly believe that they are the “true” Christians because of all the “mysteries” they have learned about.

        So let’s just agree to disagree then, all right?


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