Spiritual Forces within the UN

December 4, 2012 at 8:41 AM

Most of us – who know anything at all about the goals of the UN and have at least some understanding of what the “powers that be” as seen in the global elite want to accomplish – realize that for these individuals the UN is all about spirituality.  The UN is essentially on a mission to instill within humanity and on this earth a higher knowledge of what they believe to be from the ascended masters.

A few years ago, I wrote an article called “Kryon: Does He Speak the Truth” and interestingly enough, I highlighted the fact that Leo Carroll – the human host for the spiritual entity Kryon – had visited the UN and had even given talks to the folks there.  There are videos of Carroll literally praying to Kryon in front of many UN officials while at the UN offices.

After reading about the UN, I learned about the UN’s Meditation Room. I then started doing some more research and soon came across a website with a page simply titled “The United Nations.”  If you take the time to head on over there, you will soon learn that this page was created by the Aquarian Age Community based in Ohio, a New Age think-tank of sorts.

On their page titled “The United Nations,” they include separate pages labeled as follows (I’ve kept them linked to their original pages in case you would like to check them out):

Of course, the most interesting we can learn about the UN is their spiritual foundation.  It literally permeates the entire assembly and structure.  It is all about gaining spiritual insight through meditation and working together to create the harmony that the UN desires to achieve.

I’m all for peace, love, and getting along and I applaud any group that applies themselves to working toward those ends.  However, the problem – as I see it – is what happens when we begin to rely on spiritual beings, powers, and forces to bring this about and we don’t even really know the true nature of those beings.

We do know that the people involved in the UN are not calling out to God.  They are certainly not humbling themselves before the God of the Bible, nor are they endeavoring to seek His will for His Creation.  Instead, they call out to what is very likely the “god of forces” (cf. Daniel 11:38).

Here is an interesting explanation of the term – god of forces; “if you have a bit of understanding of Eastern Religions you will soon come to realize that Kings who claim ‘deity’ become ONE with their ‘deity’, i.e. YOGA – to YOKE/UNION with and become ONE with, as well as others.  Therefore, the man [Antichrist] will become ONE with his Demonic Deity (the God of Forces) – hence, the Demonic Spirit Abyss Beast.  Moreover, I suggest that the man [Antichrist] will glorify with coveted treasures of gold, silver, precious stones, and coveted things, this/his demonic deity/himself in the STRONGHOLDS/ FORTRESSES, in direct relation to the FORCES.

Therefore, God of Forces mentioned here in Dan. 11:38 should NOT be understood as a name or a title of the [Antichrist’s] Demonic Deity, BUT rather what he does – he is the god/Master/King Deity to/of the Demonic Spirits (Demonic Forces) which are the FORCES of Dan. 11:38 – Abaddon/Apollyon/Adonikim, and their STRONGHOLDS are their pagan TEMPLES where the [Antichrist] will bring his coveted items of gold, silver, etc., as offerings.” [1]

The god of forces then is the powerful demonic entity behind the people that represent him on the earth.  This will finally culminate and be most powerfully seen in the coming Antichrist.  However, it seems to me that this powerful demonic force is already at work and has been at work since the fall of Lucifer/Satan.

The more you learn about the UN, the more you cannot help but conclude that it is a body of human beings through which demonic forces empower those individuals to spread the work of Satan throughout the earth.  I have also stated previously that I fully believe that the global elite works through the UN.  This allows them to remain anonymously in the shadows until such a time as they wish to come out into the open.  It also gives them a common base through which they can work.

If you stop to consider the fact that the UN represents a good portion of the nations on this globe, then it would make sense for the global elite (as well as the powers of darkness) to work through this body. It simply makes things easier all the way around.

There is one very important factor that we all need to constantly remind ourselves though about the UN and the people connected to it.  The globalists actually believe that what they are trying to achieve is a very good thing for this earth.  They are blind to the fact that Satan controls their motives, the desires, and the actions.  To the individuals who participate in the activities, the lectures, and the furtherance of the UN goals, they fully believe that the eradication of war, poverty, disease, and many other things will finally be accomplished when the world becomes one in purpose.  This they see as good and who does not? However, the problem lies not in the goals, but in how they are achieved and the power behind them.

Since the UN is at its core a spiritual body, it makes sense that they would rely heavily on the spiritual realm through meditation to achieve their goals.  UN officials believe that sincerely seeking to bring these goals to fruition through meditation will empower them tobring them about.

Today, the UN is being given more power by the nations, including the United States.  As I write this, the UN is deliberating over ways to take control of the Internet.  They want control of it for various purposes, but you can bet that if they are successful in gaining that control, taxation of some sort will follow.  Money (and lots of it) is key to gaining power.  The wealthier the UN becomes, they more power they will attain.  Beyond this, they will be in a position to determine what type of speech is allowed on the Internet.

Apparently, our ambassador to the UN (currently meeting in Dubai) has stated he is doing everything he can to stop the UN from taking control of the Internet. [2]  Maybe I’m being naive, but it would seem to me that the U.S. can simply opt not to become part of the situation by refusing to allow the UN to gain sovereignty over the Internet here.  Seems simply enough.  Why does it appear as though we are cowering and biting our nails with bated breath waiting to see what the UN will decide as if we are obligated to follow the dictates of the UN?  Have we already given them sovereignty over the U.S.?

If that’s the case, then all the worrying our ambassador is doing may simply be a case of him pretending he is opposed to the UN’s control of the Internet and trying to tell us that the UN may just be too strong to resist.  That’s garbage.  Absolute garbage.

Our ambassador to the UN even stated as much saying,  “The [International Telecommunication Union] is not an international regulatory body. Regulation in the telecom world happens at the national level.” [3] So then what is the problem?  If the regulations occur at the national level, that seems to mean that the United States has a choice of whether or not to allow or give the UN that authority, right?  If we have that choice, then we simply say “no.”

In other areas, the U.S. (through Hillary Clinton) is negotiating with the UN regarding the Arms Trade Treaty that I have written about before.  The U.S. is under absolutely no obligation to enter into that treaty or any other treaty with the UN.  In fact, the treaty itself states that it is voluntary.  So why are we even bothering?  Because our government is working towards and in conjunction with the globalization efforts of the UN.  This is true of the Arms Trade Treaty and it is true with respect to the issue surrounding the Internet.

Again, going back to our premise, the UN sees these things as good goals because it ties in with their desire to see the world become one in purpose.  It is clear that our current administration also agrees with this otherwise Hillary Clinton would not be working with the UN now with respect to the Arms Trade Treaty and another of our ambassadors would not be “worried” about the ramifications of the UN eventually controlling the Internet.  If we did not agree with the UN agenda, we would simply stay away and not even be involved in the process.

The UN sees a world where swords are turned into plowshares.  They see a world where peace is the overriding factor, where hunger is a thing of the past, where disease does not exist, and where there is simply one sovereign world nation, governed by the powers within the UN.  This is what many people see as the ideal that can be achieved and anything that stands in the way of that happening should be eradicated.

The trouble is of course, is that this is Satan’s counterfeit version of a world that in reality, only God can and will achieve.  Satan provides us with lies that are extremely believable and it is clear that many in this world stand with Satan as he attempts to bring his goals for this world to completion.  He has taught the world that meditation is where things start and from where power is gained to achieve.  From that vantage point, all things will come together to create a world where Satan (Lucifer, to the globalists) will do whatever he chooses.

However, we must realize that the things that Satan chooses to do are those things which are designed to serve only him.  He has no interest at all in making this world a better place for us.  It is for him he works so that he can – at some future point and through the power and insight of the Antichrist – gather the human forces of this world in a united effort to overthrow God.

This is the whole point.  That is what it is all about for Satan.  For his followers, they are only thinking in terms of making this world a better place.  They do not see the larger plan and when they are told of it, they balk and ridicule.  Lucifer would never do that to them, they say.  Lucifer only wants humanity to achieve great things.  He empowers us and frees us through secret knowledge.

The UN is that body where Satan can continue to work freely to bring all things together under one roof so to speak.  In doing so, the UN becomes his active arm by which his power will be thoroughly displayed throughout the world.

You know, there is a great deal of talk today about what is wrong with the U.S. and the current administration.  There is much anger because of the travesties that have taken place within our government.  People are extremely frustrated.

Folks wonder what they can do.  They believe that voting doesn’t help because it’s too easy for voter fraud to take place, especially with the voting machines run on software that can be too easily hacked.  They know that the courts are available, yet in too many cases, judges ignore the full ramifications of the Constitution and do what they want.

People are upset and rightly so.  Though the government is supposed to be for the people and by the people, it is abundantly clear that our government was hijacked long ago and little by little, our rights are being stripped from us, replaced with the same type of repression that has marked nearly all evil dictatorships of the past.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that all of this originates and emanates from the spiritual realm.  It does not start with people.  It is simply carried out through people.

Need I remind us of Paul’s words in Ephesians 6 where he clearly states that we are not wrestling against other people but against powers and strong forces within the spiritual realm?  This is a truth that is too easily forgotten.  We need to realize that the battle takes place there, in that world and filters over into this one.

If we simply try to fight what is happening in our government without first getting on our knees, we have already lost the battle.  We must start there.  Action, no matter how good it appears, is never a substitute for seeking God’s face, His will, and His strength.

I believe only as we battle in prayer that God will fully reveal to us how we are to stand up against the powers of darkness in this realm as evidenced through human beings.  But we must always remember that the people through which the powers of darkness work, also need the most important thing in life – salvation.  It is really a two-pronged proposition, isn’t it?  If we take our eyes off of the spiritual forces behind people and focus only on people, we will also lose sight of the fact that these people need Jesus.

Focus is the key.  If we start focusing on people, I truly believe our lives will become very frustrated.  We will wind up wasting a great deal of time and energy trying to put out this fire or that one.  If we learn to focus on the spiritual realm, we will see people as nothing more than pawns who are being used by the enemy, but who are also in dire need of salvation.

As we focus on the source of the problem – powerful dark forces in the spiritual realm – God will help us see what it is we need to be doing.  In the end, we will not be simply using up what energy we have trying to put out a ton of small or large fires.  We will be using God’s strength to accomplish what He wants us to accomplish.

Focusing on people (instead of the source of the problem) will actually cause us to hate people for what we see them doing.  We cannot allow ourselves to go there.  We cannot hate Mr. Obama, or anyone else in his administration that is doing what they are doing.  They are spiritually blind and God is allowing them to do what they are doing, but they still need Jesus.

Are you praying for Mr. Obama’s salvation?  Are you praying that God will turn the tide of evil so that Satan’s goals are not accomplished?  Remember, we are asking.  It is God who decides how He will answer each request.  Are you willing to allow Him to be God and have final say about what He allows?

The UN appears to be a very strong power base and gateway for the spiritual dark forces of other dimensions to this one.  Sadly, these forces have a strong foothold in the UN and consequently, in this world because of it.  We need to pray constantly and understand where that battle begins and from where it emanates on a continuing basis.  So, I’m calling all authentic Christians.  Join me in seeking His will, His face, His strength, and His wisdom to know how to live for His glory in this life.

The only thing that may change is that more people come to know Him, while God continues to allow this world to plummet toward destruction.  It seems to me that this is exactly what the Bible teaches.

[1] http://www.shalach.org/Antichrist/who is the god of forces.htm

[2] http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2012/12/03/us-ambassador-were-trying-to-stop-un-from-regulating-internet/

[3] Ibid

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