Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi on the Run in Egypt

December 4, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Wow, some interesting things happening in Egypt at the moment.  According to at least one site, President Morsi is literally on the run, having fled the Egyptian palace where he had designs on reigning supreme over all of Egypt.

I guess Egyptians just aren’t having it and they have gathered by the hundreds of thousands to protest Morsi’s stated desire to essentially become a nothing less than a modern-day Pharaoh by placing his decisions above the parliament and the court system.

As things have been heating up, we see what is transpiring.  “Riot police at the palace faced off against activists chanting ‘leave, leave’ and holding Egyptian flags with ‘no to the constitution’ written on them. Protesters had assembled near mosques in northern Cairo before marching towards the palace.” [1]

I’m guessing all of this is not sitting well with the global elitists at all.  Here, they had planned a somewhat peaceful transition from Mubarak to a “democracy” (in name only) and now they are having to deal with the very real fact that the people of Egypt are much more intelligent than the global elite has given them credit for being.  They actually want real democracy and they are all too aware that under President Morsi, life will go back to what it was like in the A.D. 600s under Sharia law.

People are simply not lying down and rolling over as Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the global elitists want and expect.  “Opposition groups have accused Mursi of making a dictatorial power grab to push through a constitution drafted by an assembly dominated by Islamists, with a referendum planned for December 15.

“Egypt’s most widely read independent newspapers did not publish on Tuesday in protest at Mursi’s ‘dictatorship’. Banks closed early to let staff go home safely in case of trouble.

“Abdelrahman Mansour in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the cradle of the anti-Mubarak revolt, said: ‘The presidency believes the opposition is too weak and toothless. Today is the day we show them the opposition is a force to be reckoned with’.” [2]

Apparently, when push comes to shove, Morsi wears chicken feathers.  “Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi left the presidential palace in Cairo on Tuesday, two sources reported, after protesters angered by his decree last month to extend his powers clashed with police outside.” [3]

In fact, there are any numbers of websites reporting on these recent developments.  Notably absent in reporting this (at the time of this writing) are the following “news” sources (using the term very loosely), who had no article or link to an article on their home pages:

  • CNN
  • MSN
  • PBS

However,,, all had at least links on their home page to articles about the current situation in Egypt.  It is ironic what some news bureaus do not consider to be news worthy.

CBS speaks of how the protests in Egypt have turned violent because of the new constitution that Morsi and his allies hastily drew up that grants Morsi unlimited powers. [4]  The courts have even gotten into it by suspending work for now as a show of protest against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from which he came.

The truth we see in Egypt – that a number of news bureaus do not even want to highlight – may not stop there either. In another article on, they note that this could very well become a large-scale protest that could easily turn into nation-wide civil disobedience. [5]

What is truly interesting here is that the truth of the matter is without the Internet, we would likely not be aware of what is unfolding in Egypt.  The United States is currently in meetings in Dubai to determine whether or not the Internet will eventually be controlled by a group under the umbrella of the UN.  If that happens, I would be willing to bet that a good deal of information that we normally gather without even thinking about it, will be at the very least, edited, if not fully censored.

Things like this protest against unlimited powers that Morsi wants to grab would simply not be known to us.  Just think, if the UN is successful in somehow gaining power over the Internet, either directly, or indirectly, life as we know it will drastically change.  You and I can currently go on the Internet and learn about a ton of things that are happening throughout the world in real-time.

Even though CNN, MSN, MSNBC, and other organizations pick and choose what they want to bring to our attention, we can easily go to any numbers of other sources and find out what we need to find out because of the Internet.  The UN will change that!

I also think that something bigger may well be in the works here, folks.  What I mean is that I know that millions upon millions of authentic Christians have been praying.  Beyond this, people have been working to do what they can to oppose the policies of this current administration here in America.  Things have been very peaceful.  There have been no demonstrations or ugliness.

Americans – in spite of their frustration – have been willing to use all legal avenues to put a stop to what Mr. Obama and his administration are trying to do to this nation.  It may well be though, that people even here in the United States will come to a point where their frustration overflows into something that is far more powerful than simply using words.  It may be that large gatherings of groups for the purpose of protesting our government’s overreach may be on the horizon.  I’m not advocating anything illegal or violent.  I’m simply saying that people may well reach a point where they feel that peaceful protesting may be the only thing that makes a difference for America.  Again, these protests – allowed under the rule of law in America – do not have to be violent.  They will make a statement that cannot be ignored.

I have no doubt that if the Muslim Brotherhood has the chance, they will shut off Internet access and even phone service throughout Egypt to keep the world from knowing what is really going on.  They may even try to present a completely untrue picture to the world through a variety of avenues that shows them in control of the situation and downplaying the sheer numbers of Egyptians who have gathered in protest.

If the UN gets control of the Internet, then people are going to have to start using shortwave radios again to communicate.  I would recommend getting one anyway, especially if you live in areas where hurricanes and other severe storms come through, knocking out power, TV, and radio.

Folks, it may be that God has chosen to stand against the powers of darkness.  I’m not really sure.  I know that the Bible tells us that one day, the world will become one, led by the Antichrist.  I do not know when that time will be.  If it is right around the corner, then what is happening in Egypt may turn out to be a bump in the road.

But as for what is happening here at home, maybe it’s time that people find ways to make their voices heard.  So far, our government is completely deaf to our wants and needs.  Even though the Republicans have sent a letter to Mr. Obama asking him to come to the table in good faith, the Democrats have refused.  This constant tug of war needs to stop, but as long as the bureaucrats in Washington believe that they can do anything they want, the people of America have no real power to do anything.

I’m all for giving up on this government and starting over, as are many.  The problem is that every solution I have read about takes lots of time.  There is an immediate problem that needs to be addressed.  It calls for action.  It does not call for illegal action or absolute civil disobedience.  But somehow, people need to make their voices heard so that we will not be denied.

We live in the United States, land of the free, home of the brave.  Yet, I feel (as do many of you) that our rights, our privileges and everything that goes with them has been under attack for some time.  As a Christian especially, it seems to me that atheists, communists, and Marxists have come out of the wood work to sue everyone in their path.  Muslims are coddled; Christians are abhorred.  My friends, this should not be; not in America.

Morsi tried a grab for ultimate power and it has so far, backfired.  He deliberately left people out of the mix.  “Following those decrees, a panel dominated by the president’s Islamist supporters rushed through a new draft constitution without participation of representatives of liberals, the Christian minority or women. Morsi then called a national referendum on Dec. 15 to approve the new constitution.” [6]

As a natural-born citizen of America and a Christian, I feel as though I am not only being left out of the process, but I have been deliberately pushed away from the process.  Something needs to change and as I wrote in my previous article, it is important to approach situations like this with prayer.  Only then will God reveal to us the direction He wants us to move in and what He would like to accomplish in and through us.

I don’t believe this is a time for unchecked anger.  I do not think it is a good idea to just go out and “do something.”  I think we need to take time to knot the whip, so to speak.  Before Jesus went into the Temple area and overturned the money changers’ tables, even chasing them out with the whip He had created out of cord, He took time to actually create the whip.  It gave Him time to think, to pause, and to pray.  This is what we need to do.

He was obviously angry but He never allowed His anger to control Him.  He was angry, yet He did not sin.  That’s where we need to be and it will only come through prayer.

Ask God today what He would have you do, not what you want to do.  Submit to His will for your life.  Continue to ask Him to right the wrongs that our government continues to create.  Ask for His wisdom, His discernment to know what you need to do.  Pray for the people of Egypt that they will prevail against the powers of darkness.  Do the same for this nation, which is quickly being taken over by the liberalism that has destroyed everything in its path.

If God wants the globalists to win now, they will win.  However, their victory will be short-lived and we know that.  God may also have chosen to stand against these globalists for now.  I do not know the answer to that and I don’t think we will know until we begin to move out under His direction.

Above all things, pray.  Pray that God will hold back the powers of darkness, that He will – through you – gain the victory.  Ask Him to help restore to this nation the things that it was founded upon.  We do no harm in asking God to these things and the worse thing He will say is “no.”  However, without ever asking, we will also never have the opportunity to hear “yes.”


[2] Ibid




[6] Ibid

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