Atheists on the Prowl Because They Have Nothing Better to Do

August 27, 2011 at 4:25 PM

I recall when I use to frequent a Christian-based forum that was quite large and included many sections.  There were sections on cults, sections for Protestants and sections for Roman Catholics.  There were also sections for atheists.  I thought that was interesting that there was actually a section where atheists were welcome to come and discuss their beliefs.

What I also found interesting is that most of these atheists did not appreciate that opportunity to thoughtfully engage in discussions regarding differences of opinion between groups.  In fact, a number of atheists on that board were pretty intolerant of people who were religious in nature.  For me, the question was why are they here?  They spent hardly any time at all in the atheist section and that was fine, since no one expected them to simply segregate themselves to that section.  They – like all others – were more than welcome to go into other areas for discussion.

I recall that the administrators and moderators of that board were pretty hands off unless there was a major problem somewhere.  I appreciated that because I have been to a number of Christian-type forums where mods often have a heavy hand.  In trying to keep problems from occurring though, they did not seem to realize that being as forceful as they often were created more problems.  I recall one particular board where if you disagreed with a moderator or administrator, you received one warning and then you were out.

So this particular board that was very large and accommodating to many people was unique and probably still is, though I have not been there in several years.  I left mainly because people – myself included – are set in our ways and forums are generally not the best way to have a discussion.  Beyond this of course, you never know if someone is simply a troll (a person who comes along for the sole purpose of trying to create problems, then sit back and watch the fireworks – it’s how they get their jollies).  Because of the relative anonymity of the Internet, it becomes very easy to attack someone because they are essentially nameless and faceless.  They are represented by words on a page.  In real life, people are generally far more civil to one another.  Because of that, forums can be very tiring.

At one point, it was learned by several mods (because some atheists kept dropping obvious hints), that there was a group of atheists who were intent on crashing the board.  They wanted to take it down.

I recall more than one atheist who, after ridiculing my beliefs, extended his/her ridicule and sarcasm to the owners of the board as well.  My question to them was, why were they there if they thought the forum was such a waste of time.  Moreover, the fact that this particular forum owner allowed and even encouraged atheists to join in the discussion was something that I would think would be appreciated.  After all, I could not off the top of my head (at the time) think of any forums that catered to atheists in which Christians were invited and encouraged to participate.  It may be different now.  I don’t know as I generally have no time for forums anymore.

It always amazes me that too many atheists accuse Christians and people of other religious institutions as being cloistered, or especially intolerant.  That seems to be a favorite of atheists.  Yet, here we all were on a forum where in general, people wanted to discuss subjects and it was not long before the innuendo, the sarcasm, and the outright attacks would take place.

So let me get this right.  Atheists went out of their way to join the discussion at a board that caters mainly to folks of various religions and they are there for one reason:  to attack.  What’s the point?  I don’t get it.

I raise this question because of a number of atheists who have decided that stopping by and posting their drivel is in my best interests.  How arrogant is that?

I am not one to search out blogs by atheists for the sole purpose of ridiculing their beliefs.  I don’t make it a point to read something by an atheist and feel the need to post in their territory.  I’m not arrogant to think that they would value my opinion and why should they?  I also do not believe that forums or even blogs are the best way to exchange ideas.  Blogs are for one reason and one reason only:  to post opinions.  This is one of my blogs.  I use it to post my opinions.  If people disagree with my opinions, that’s perfectly fine.  In fact, I do not expect everyone to agree with me and frankly, if they don’t, that does not necessarily mean my opinion is invalid.  It simply means they do not agree with my opinion.  Great.  Wonderful.  Free speech works.

I do not take it upon myself to deliberately search out atheist-related boards or blogs for the purpose of adding my opinion to their conversation.  Why would I do that?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Yet, here I’ve got a number of atheists who apparently believe that their opinion is needed here.  The trouble is that I would not at all mind someone’s opinion that differs from mind.  What bothers me is the obvious arrogance with which these atheists offer their opinions.  Because they view my beliefs as archaic, they believe it is necessary for them to offers sarcastic rejoinders in an effort to ridicule me into submission to their point of view.  Again, I do not go to their boards and do that, so I can only assume that the reason they come to this board is because they have an extremely high opinion of themselves and a low opinion of me.  Well duh, I realize that atheists in general are not going to see their way clear to agree with just about anything I post here.  Does this mean they have to prove it by wasting my time and theirs?  It’s really very foolish when it comes down to it.

If I wanted to be on the receiving end of asinine comments and ridicule directed at me, wouldn’t it be easier for me to go to one of the many atheistic boards on the ‘Net and simply make a post and wait for the responses?  Again, I do not mind when people take the time to stop in and share their opinion in a respectful way when they disagree with me.  Believe it or not, I have atheist friends and we simply don’t discuss religion.  Why should we?  If my life does not prove my worth as a Christian, no amount of discussion will.

It just boggles my mind I guess.  This is a place where I post my opinion and every once in a while I have to post something like this.  People come here and they want to debate me about this or that.  I’m not interested primarily because I have no time.  Debate is pointless, unless you are a professional debater and that’s how you make your living.

I have written nearly 30 books.  I’ve written those books for one purpose.  It is to simply add my opinion to the mix.  My books are not the final word on anything and neither is this blog.  It’s a fun, relaxing thing I do because it allows me to hone my writing skills and it forces me to be as well read as my time allows, when I’m not writing books or preparing radio shows.

I realize that sometimes you read something and you feel like you just have to comment.  I’ve been there and I understand that.  But rather than attack me because I do not share your opinion or because you think my opinion is juvenile and worthless, why not start your own blog and add your opinion officially to the mix?  That seems to make sense to me.

I’m not looking for responses and opinions from people who only share my opinion.  I get so many “Great post!” or “I agree 100%” that I don’t even post them.  When someone has something to add to the conversation that actually furthers it, I’m all for that, even if the expressed opinion is opposite of mine.

I don’t mind when people disagree with me, but for heaven’s sake, if you are absolutely unable to keep your anger or disgust in check, then it would be better to not submit your opinion to me at all.

I realize that many people blame religion for all the ills of the world, or at least most of them.  Of course, while I would agree that there have been many things done in God’s Name that are insane, this does not prove that all religions, or Christianity is bad.  In fact, Christianity has done a great deal of good from a human perspective.  Other religions have also done good things, again, from a human perspective.

Certainly, I believe that Christianity is the only real means of salvation and there are many who disagree with that belief.  That’s their right.  The only thing I’ll say here is that people who want me to take their posts seriously, should present them seriously, without the sarcasm and ridicule.  If not, there is no point in writing.

I don’t go out of my way necessarily to attack atheism.  If it’s part of what I’m writing about, I’ll deal with it, but I don’t simply post page after page of how wrong I believe atheist is, etc.  I don’t waste time getting into arguments about Creationism vs. Evolution.  I know what I believe.  Evolution means nothing to me, just as Creationism means nothing to the Evolutionist.  There are people – Christians – who have dedicated themselves to opposing Evolution.  That’s fine and it’s up to them.  That’s not me.

I believe my calling is to help Christians understand how to live the Christian life, from a biblical perspective.  No worries, because I certainly don’t live it perfectly either, but I do think there is a good amount of acrimony within Christendom that could be eliminated if people would strip away the things that have been added to the gospel.  There are many people who do are completely confused about Christianity.  They don’t know what God expects and they do not know how God sees them.

They do not understand God’s love and forgiveness.  They do not understand they according to Romans 8:1, the authentic Christian is no longer condemned and according to Romans 8:37-39, there is nothing that can separate the true Christian from God’s love.  What does that mean to the average Christian?

There are many within Christendom who are not authentic Christians, but simply say they are and those folks are causing great harm to those who are authentic Christians.  They create problems with their attitudes, their lack of love and their ability to confuse.

There is enough that needs straightening out within Christendom and while that may sound arrogant, it really isn’t.  I would like people to get back to the basics and that needs to start with the cross work of Jesus.  I would like to help people get there if possible.  There are many who could care less about it and certainly many outside Christendom who simply want to ridicule it.  That is their prerogative.

There are many Christian organizations who have long been involved in helping people, whether it’s feeding them, clothing them, or filling their needs in another area altogether.  There are many fine Christians who are most interested in changing lives one person at a time.

I’m really not that political.  I read the Bible and parts of it seem to apply to our generation today (cf. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, etc.).  These are my opinions.  Feel free to disagree with me, but it is absolutely pointless to try to get your point across through ridicule.  Surely, you have far better things to do with your time, don’t you?

I realize that many atheists are opposed to religion in general and want it relegated to a person’s private life.  They don’t want to see it in public.  I’d like to hear people stop using the Lord’s Name in vain too, but I doubt that will happen.

It’s pretty naive to think that a country founded on biblical principles should become a country that is overtly godless.  It’s not as if all of our Founding Fathers were Christians.  Some were simply Deists.

If I had my druthers, there would be no atheists because they’d all be Christians.  I’m not naive enough to believe that will happen though and I do not go to atheistic web sites and forums in an effort to ridicule atheists into becoming Christians.  That doesn’t even make sense.  Yet at least some atheists believe that this is what they should be doing when it comes to Christians.

Recently, I was told that Christianity is not a religion, but an ideology.  Couldn’t disagree more.  I worship God.  Whether or not atheists accept the existence of God is besides the point.  Because I believe God exists, I worship Him.  Because I worship Him, He is far more than a set of ideological values.  Christianity is indeed a religion.

I’ve said that I do not consider Islam to be a religion, but merely an ideology.  The reason for that is that everything Muslims do is done because of their comprehensive vision or goal.  It is to convert the entire world to Islam, to usher in the next caliphate.  An ideology is a set of goals that individuals believe they will use to set the pattern for all of society.

As a religion, I do believe that one day, Jesus will rule the world.  However, unlike Islam, I don’t believe that I need to help Jesus make that happen, by trying to convert the entire world to Christianity.  This is where Islam differs because Muslims believe that they must work to create the environment so that the final Mahdi will be able to rise to power over this earth.  Without Muslims working to make this happen, it won’t happen.

In Christianity, Jesus will come back when He’s ready and He will rule the world without me having to help Him get here.  In that sense then, Christianity is not an ideology.  It is a religion as far as the government is concerned, yet it is far more than that.  As a Christian, I am in relationship with Jesus.  Muslims cannot say that Allah lives within them.  Buddhists cannot say that Buddha lives within them.

Being a Christian means that I am involved in a religion, not an ideology that seeks to change the world.  I believe it will change and I believe God will do it in His time and in His way.  Islam believes they must change the world so that Allah will be pleased to work in and through the final Mahdi who will usher in peace.  Notably, the peace of Islam means no other religion exists and atheists are not tolerated either.

It’s funny that in today’s world, it seems that more people have problems with Christianity in spite of the fact that Muslims are the main perpetrators of suicide bombs, and plots against Westerners.  These same people who complain against Christianity do not realize the absolute danger that Islam poses to the world.

One person said that yes, Islam has done stupid things and so has Christianity.  The problem though is that if we consider Islam today, it is easy to see that Islam continues to do stupid things, stoning people to death for adultery, lopping off hands and feet, cutting out tongues, forcing women to wear burkhas, beating them as if they were less than human, and more.  All of the rapes that were committed in the Netherlands last year were committed by Muslims against white, Western women.

Islam is a problem, but as long as people continue to not see Islam as a problem, then it will continue to grow.  As it grows, more freedoms will be removed.  But go ahead and continue to focus on Christianity.  Good move and good luck with that.

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