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Atheists on the Prowl Because They Have Nothing Better to Do

What I also found interesting is that most of these atheists did not appreciate that opportunity to thoughtfully engage in discussions regarding differences of opinion between groups. In fact, a number of atheists on that board were pretty intolerant of people who were religious in nature. For me, the question was why are they here? They spent hardly any time at all in the atheist section and that was fine, since no one expected them to simply segregate themselves to that section. They – like all others – were more than welcome to go into other areas for discussion.

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John W. Loftus: At It Again…

Give it a good shot though, John W. Loftus to eradicate Christianity. Try to do what the Romans could not do. When you fail though, please do not pat yourself on the back as if you actually accomplished something, will you? It’s really no different than what you do now.

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Today’s Atheist: Modern Day Pharisees

When ONE atheist is able to PROVE beyond doubt that God does not exist, I’ll listen. Until then, their religion of faith is no different from mine, except that they are on the wrong side of it.

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My Dare to Atheist Agenda People

So while the Atheist Agenda seeks to ridicule Christianity, Christians are helping them do it. I say ignore the fools, or gather around them at laugh it up. They will not be able to handle either reaction, but they will hate the latter more than the former. But just so we’re clear, to show that they are not afraid of anything or anybody, Atheist Agenda needs to run the same program for the Koran. Personally, I would pay to sit and watch the results of that one….

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