My Dare to Atheist Agenda People

March 3, 2010 at 12:00 PM 4 comments

Where's a Jihadist When You Need One?

You know, it is incredible how ridiculous some people can actually be!  Atheist Agenda, a group of godless individuals out of the great state of Texas, has recently made headlines for their “Smut for Smut (Bibles)” program.  Apparently, some wizard in the group thought it would be fun for people to trade their Bibles for actual pornography.  Remember folks, we are speaking college students (as well as some college instructors).  I am aware that their signs simply say “Exchange your religious literature..” (cluck, cluck, cluck), but it becomes clear that they are singling out Bibles.

Of course, in return for this program they are getting exactly what they wanted:

  • coverage from the press
  • angry/upset Christians

I’m not sure why people fall for this garbage.  Me?  I could care less what Atheists Agenda does with the Bible.  I used to be insecure about things like this, believing that it was my job to defend Scripture to people who had absolutely no respect for it whatsoever.  You know what?  It’s not my job.  To that end, I believe the best reaction Atheist Agenda can have from Christians is NO REACTION.  These people are absolutely entitled to their opinion.  If they want to, they can burn copies of the Bible, although they should probably be careful since it may appear as an offshoot of Fahrenheit 451. Book burnings are never really a safe bet, and even these atheists might be going too far.

If nothing else, the Bible contains quality literature, and if people refuse to accept God Almighty as the Author, then they should still be able to appreciate the Bible for literature, which represents a number of epochs and periods in earth’s history.  Instead, the morons at Atheist Agenda have decided to label the Bible smut.  Why?  Other than increasing and directing the ire of Christians toward them, I can think of no reason.  Obviously, they have not taken the time to actually read the Bible, before making their pronouncement, unless of course, they only read Song of Songs, or some of the Proverbs.

It is very obvious that the folks connected with Atheist Agenda have no backbone.  They direct their frustration and indignation at a group of people that they know will not return insult for insult.  You know, Christians turn the other cheek and all that jazz.  There may be an insane individual here and there who believes that taking up arms against Atheist Agenda is his God-ordained calling, but generally speaking, Atheist Agenda people are completely safe from harassment.

With that in mind, here is my dare to Atheist Agenda:  Offer the SAME program for the Koran.  I mean, why simply single out the Judeo-Christian Bible?  Muslims are also mono-theistic and look to the Koran as their Scriptures.  So that the Atheist Agenda people will be seen as equal-opportunity bigots, they should focus their attention on Islam too.  Come on, just set up another table with the sign that says “Smut for Your Koran” and see what happens.

Of course, you would first have to sign up atheists who were willing to put their lives on the line, by overseeing that particular table.  This is of course, NOT to say that any or every Muslim that came in contact with that table would become ruffled to the point of wanting to inflict physical violence on the atheists at that table.  However, it is never clear when you are going to encounter a peaceful Muslim, or a Jihadist Muslim.

We are all too familiar with the incidents, which have occurred in various parts of the world where someone was literally killed because it was deemed that they had done, or said something that offended Allah.  There is always at least ONE Jihadist Muslim who decides that it is up to him to defend the honor of Allah.

I submit that it is for this reason and this reason only that Atheist Agenda would never be so cavalier to set up the same type of exchange program for the Koran as they have for the Bible.  It is easy to get in a Christian’s face and tell them that they are “elitist,” or “wrong,” or something else, because the person doing the labeling has nothing to fear.  In fact, he will likely look like a brave little atheist soldier to the rest of the atheists on campus.

But take this same individual and let him get in the face of a hardcore Muslim.  In fact, why not take it to the top of one of America’s great fascist organizations around – the Nation of Islam, starring Minister Farrakhan?  What, are your atheist legs starting to quiver?  Losing your nerve?  It simply proves that Atheist Agenda is nothing.  They have nothing because they are nothing.  Yet, too many Christians are making the mistake of making them something by giving them the attention they want.

I say ignore them.  Have we learned nothing?  Every time a movie is boycotted, or a store is boycotted, or this group protests against this or that, more often than not, the thing being protested against receives more attention than they would have, if everyone simply ignored them.  In other words, Christians are putting the Atheist Agenda on the map!  Christians are actually ENABLING Atheist Agenda, allowing them to continue to exist and grow in numbers.

What harm are they doing?  They are clowns masquerading as serious students.  They are nothing.  It is all for SHOW.  If Christians MUST give them attention, it would be far more appropriate to gather around the tables of Atheist Agenda and just LAUGH at them.  Make it a carnival, not a depressing sideshow!

Groups like Atheist Agenda come and go, but the length of their stay is often determined by the amount of protests they receive, which is what they truly want.  They do not care about giving away smut for Bibles.  It is simply a “goading” by them, to the Christian.  As long as Christians react as they are now reacting, we can be sure that Atheist Agenda will grow and other groups will start because of them.

God keeps track of everything.  He will repay.  It is simply not our job.  Our job as Christians is to evangelize the lost, not argue with them.  Each person – if being truly honest – will have to admit that they have broken any number of God’s Laws.  While atheists can argue all they want about morality and the fact that it was created by man, they need to tell me what is wrong with “thou shalt not steal,” or “thou shalt not bear false witnesses”?  There is nothing wrong with these laws.

On judgment day (and let’s pretend that it does exist at some future point for everyone), we will all discover that if we have EVER lied, we are classified as a LIAR.  If we have EVER stolen anything, we are classified as a THIEF.  If we have ever hated anyone so much that we would have liked to see them dead, we are a MURDERER.  If we have ever looked upon another person with LUST in our heart, we are an ADULTERER.  It is that simple folks.

When we discover how God sees us (provided of course, that God DOES exist), then we will also discover that we will be found GUILTY.  If God then were to judge us on the basis of HIS laws and be proven guilty, then this same God MUST follow through (like any good judge) and pronounce sentence.  That sentence is HELL.

But this is where it gets good.  Because God the Son, came in the flesh, being born of Mary, He then proceeded to live a perfectly sin free life.  This made Him the perfect atonement for our sin.  Since it was GOD HIMSELF who offered HIMSELF as a substitute, then no “innocent” human being was involved in the process.  For those who believe that Jesus’ death paid for their sin, and who put their faith in His death on Calvary’s cross, they receive salvation.  This is NOT intellectual assent.  This is far more than simple head knowledge.  It is an inner understanding of WHO Christ is, and WHAT He accomplished for us.  We place our faith in HIS finished work.

When we become saved, God declares us RIGHTEOUS because Christ’s shed blood completely eradicates our sin (through faith in His work).  At that point, God no longer sees our sin or corruption.  He sees Christ’s righteousness instead.  So, when we stand before Him and every idle word we have ever spoken, or any thought we have ever had, condemns us by declaring us guilty, our Advocate Jesus Christ simply points out the fact that we have been given His righteousness, because we trusted in Christ’s redemption made possible by His shed blood and death and Calvary’s cross.

Christ took OUR sentence upon HIMSELF.  God’s wrath was poured out on God the Son, as He hung dying on Calvary’s cross.  Our faith allows God to impute Christ’s righteousness to our account and from there we are justified.  From that point on, we spend the rest of our lives submitting to God allowing His purposes in and through us to be accomplished.

This salvation is just that – salvation, which saves us from hell, giving us new life.  Yet many reject it, because it sounds foolish, or because like Christopher Hitchens, they have problems with the “substitionary atonement.”  The reason they have a difficult time with it is because they think that in Christianity, God is said to have simply chosen a man to die for humanity.  What they fail to realize is that this is not what Christianity teaches.  It teaches that due to God’s tremendous sense of justice AND love, He became a Man (while retaining His deity), lived among us perfectly, and died.

So while the Atheist Agenda seeks to ridicule Christianity, Christians are helping them do it.  I say ignore the fools, or gather around them at laugh it up.  They will not be able to handle either reaction, but they will hate the latter more than the former.  But just so we’re clear, to show that they are not afraid of anything or anybody, Atheist Agenda needs to run the same program for the Koran.  Personally, I would pay to sit and watch the results of that one….

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  • 1. modres  |  March 3, 2010 at 11:10 PM


    In short, I believe there is NO way that Christ will ALLOW a believer to leave the faith. There are plenty of references in Scripture to support this. I do not believe there is a CHANCE that a true Christian will ever leave the faith. Christ has made too many promises, yet you seem to focus only on Paul’s writings.

    When I say “Paul is effectively saying,” I do so because we are dealing with a TRANSLATION. We have a Bible in English, but Paul wrote in Koine Greek. The translation loses something in the process. Only the “original autographs” were completely inerrant. We do not have those – and would not know if we did.

    This is why there are newer translations, which rely on newly discovered OLDER manuscripts. So, in point of fact, Dave, you cannot simply look at the English words in whatever translation you’re looking at and decide that this is what Paul said. Paul did not say that. He said what he said in Greek and it has been translated into English. The final English version is the result of a team of translators who did their best. By the way, most scholars view the NIV as not so much a translation, as a translation-paraphrase. In essence, the NIV translators did not shoot for word-to-word translation, but thought-to-thought translation. The NASB went for the word-to-word translation. This makes a major difference. The NIV, while a decent Bible is NOT a Bible people generally use for serious Bible study.

    The people who have LEFT the faith – as I have explained to you on several occasions before – were NEVER saved. They never EMBRACED salvation. They had a “head knowledge” or gave intellectual assent to it, but never RECEIVED it.

    I also wrote a book on that called, “The Anti-Supernatural Bias of Ex-Christians” in which I compare THEIR testimony and understanding of receiving salvation, to the Scriptural testimony. Anyone can LOOK as though they are living the Christian life. What is INSIDE the heart though?

    Dave, I’m not sure why you feel the need to continue this conversation. If YOU are convinced in your thinking, that’s fine. You do not need my approval. At the same time, if you ARE convinced in your thinking, then it can only be that you are here to debate, and I find debating completely useless. I wrote a book about that too, called “Apologetics Never Saved Anyone.”

    You are free to believe what you would like to believe, Dave. I’m simply not sure why you feel the need to try to convince me that YOUR understanding is THE only real way.

    I have not come to your blog to attempt to convince you of anything. In fact, my days of going to forums to try to convince people of my views are long past. It is a waste of time, and therefore serves no purpose.

    I find it difficult to believe that with all the verbiage we’ve exchanged, you still find the need to try to convince me that you are right.

    You have your opinion and you are welcome to it. I am done with this discussion, all right? If there is something else you wish to comment on, that’s great, but I will not be approving anymore of your posts as long as they deal with this topic. We’ve done it to death.

    I really think – if you have not already done this – that you need to take some time to study under qualified instructors. Many of these people have been given to the Church to equip the saints. If you personally do not know Greek or Hebrew, then you are relying on someone’s translation anyway. If you believe the Holy Spirit alone can teach you, He is using a TRANSLATION to do it, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Thanks for understanding.


  • 2. glasseyedave  |  March 3, 2010 at 6:04 PM


    I do believe you are a good man and are bearing me with great patience, but I simply cannot understand why it better to understand that “Paul is effectively saying”, when I can look at what he did say. It simply seems to me you are asking me not to believe what I read, but what is implied.

    I believe there are believers who are as Col 1:22 states we are. I personally believe, not knowing you, that it applies to you as well. But this is only because we have continued in our faith and not moved from the hope held out in the gospel.

    However is it not possible for such a person as you or I to quit continuing in the faith, therefore Col 1:22 is no longer applicable to us?

    Or do you hold those who left the faith were never presented holy without blemish and free of accusation, or “saved”?


  • 3. modres  |  March 3, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    Hey Dave,

    C’mon, let’s not start THIS over again, all right? 🙂

    If you look at Colossians 1:22, you’ll note that he HAS (present tense) reconciled us by Christ’s physical body. Christ is also the One who makes us free from every blemish and accusation.

    “I only wish Paul would agree, don’t you.”

    Dave, please don’t try to “lead” me, all right? If you look at the entirety of Paul’s writings, he absolutely DOES agree. If you just take the first 8 chapters of Romans, you’ll find that he goes through the entire process of our being declared righteous, justified, and sanctified (which lasts our lifetime).

    Paul is speaking of two sides of the same coin. The problem as I have mentioned before is that WE can NEVER tell who is authentically saved. Paul is effectively saying that those who are NOT saved, will be UNABLE to continue in the faith. It’s really that simple, Dave.

    You are more than welcome to your opinions. I just don’t think we are getting anywhere by continuing to debate the subject.


  • 4. glasseyedave  |  March 3, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    Hi Modres,
    I see that you put the message of the gospel of salvation in your blog. I think I am getting what you are saying. Believers need not doubt their eternal destiny because they are without blemish. Those who call Jesus Lord will be free from all the accusations of the devil. Because we have been saved and declared righteous we are now holy in God’s sight.

    (Col 1:22 NIV) But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation—

    This scripture is why believers need not be anxious when we stand before God. This is why confidence can be expressed by all who have been saved because the work of salvation as mentioned above is already done, we are saved! The fact that there are no if’s or doubts about the complete work of Christ in our lives is liberating. I only wish Paul would agree, don’t you.

    (Col 1:23 NIV) if you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.


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