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Jesus Never Debated…

The truth needs to be spoken in love, in and out of season – in other words, at all times. It needs to be stated. God will (or will not; His choice), take what we say and use it for His glory.

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Tossing Israel Under the Bus

All will look good for Israel, and then…disaster strikes.

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He Has a Flea…and Apparently, It’s Me!

Someone actually took the time to review his poorly argued book (which he is proud of though), and he considers the person who did this (me) a “flea.”

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Christianity, Practically Speaking

Let’s face it, today, most people will tell you that they are “Christian,” however, the problem is that the definition of it can and does often vary from one person to another.

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Those Pesky Anti-Zionists…

The problem with the Anti-Zionist, is that all the while they are accusing Christian Zionists of harboring racist attitudes, they themselves seem to completely unaware of the fact that they are filled to the overflowing brim with hatred toward Jewish individuals, and those who deign to support Israel’s right to be a sovereign nation. The tragic consequences of their beliefs have been center stage off and on through the centuries, yet in spite of the calculated manifestation of their own anti-Semitism, they gamely plod along, unwilling or unable to acknowledge what everyone else readily sees.

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The PreTrib Rapture, and Being (Allegedly) Unprepared

Because PreTrib Rapturists believe they will be taken off the planet prior to the Tribulation, it is charged that they will essentially stop growing spiritually. They will become lazy, immature, unspiritual and a plethora of other things besides. The general idea is that we Pretribbers will adopt the “Hey, I’m safe! I’m gone before it gets really tough! No worries!” and of course, this attitude then carries over into our daily living, which means that we will stop reading the Bible, we will become very lackadaisical when it comes to prayer, going to church, and in general, obeying Christ as He seeks to secure the souls of the lost through our testimony.

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