Tossing Israel Under the Bus

September 25, 2009 at 2:07 PM

Thanks to President Obama, Israel virtually stands alone in this world.  Interestingly enough, President Obama believes he now speaks for all Americans, or at least he speaks for those in America who agree with him.  The rest of America?  He really does not care. 

In 1948, following a UN resolution which gave Israel statehood, Arab countries have been set against it, and with vehemence.  In 1967, following the 6-Day War, Israel, after having been unceremoniously attacked by surrounding Arab countries, lost and then won back virtually all that she had lost, and then some!  This was not to the liking of the Arab nations which really wanted nothing less than no Israel in the Middle East.

President Obama, in speaking to the UN, sided with the Arab nations.  While dutifully ignoring the clear fact that the Arab nations will not be completely happy until Israel is a non-entity in the Middle East, Obama had the temerity to tell Israel that she needed to stop building and she needed to withdraw.  Either Obama is really naive, or he honestly believes that he sees things in an honest light.  The trouble though is that he really does not.  In fact, he is optimistically blind, bulldozing straight ahead in spite of the facts of the situation.

Listening to PM Netanyahu’s address, was much more truthful and telling.  In spite of the fact that Israel has repeatedly given into the demands of Hamas and others, these same organizations have given absolutely nothing to Israel, except more bombs and more rockets.  Though Israel completely pulled out of the Gaza Strip, displacing over 20,000 Israelis, not only did the rocket attacks not stop, but they actually increased in ferocity and instance.  Instead of these Arab-controlled groups happily give a bit, as Israel gave, they increased the vitriolic verbiage and fired more rockets.  Obviously, they thought they had Israel on the run, and continued to push them out.  However, Israel was not running.  They were attempting to bridge the peace gap.

Israel, as she stands now, stands alone.  No other nation has risen to her defense and now with a U. S. President who has resolutely made his stand with the Arab nations, America, in effect, has tossed Israel under the bus.  I for one, am not that type of American.  I defend Israel because of what I believe God is doing, not because I simply stand for the Jewish people.

I believe from chapters in Ezekiel, Jewish people have not only been led back to, and reformed the nation of Israel, but they have been led back there in ubelief.  From there, God will present Himself to the nation and essentially get His way.  He will do this, not because of the Jewish people.  He will do this for one reason, and one reason only:  for the sake of His Name.  This is the very same Name that Israel has made a laughing stock throughout the nations.  In spite of the fact that they have been blessed beyond measure, they have routinely rejected God and His ways.  Ultimately though, God has always kept for Himself a remnant, and today’s Jewish people are no different.  During this generation and since the birth of the Church, He has kept for Himself a Remnant, within the Church.  Once the Church is taken in the PreTrib Rapture, He will begin to work with another generation of Jewish people, who will become His Remnant for that generation.  He will have His way, and He will ultimately win over a rebellious people, in order that the world will know and understand that His Name is honorable.

I cannot imagine too far into the future when Ezekiel 38 will come to pass.  There is a good possibility that this will occur prior to the Tribulation period and prior to the PreTrib Rapture.  Since there is not one country that truly stands with Israel, Israel is on her own.  When the nations do decide to attack her, God Himself will deliver her from this attack.  The world will tremble, but it will only tremble for a little while.  It will quickly go back to its worldly, anti-God ways, believing that Israel can be overcome.  Out of this much, will rise one who will seem to defend Israel, and win her over with great words and peaceful actions.  He will be able to broker peace where everyone else (including President Obama) will have failed.

All will look good for Israel, and then…disaster strikes.

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