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The Politics of Politicians

Hillary has accused Russia of hacking and giving the election to Trump. Yet, Hillary sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. Why? It somehow clearly benefited her and her compatriots. Anyone who has any interest in finding the truth about Clinton can do so with little effort. However, the people who voted for her refused to consider this truth. I mean for goodness sake, rumors abound that the left paid people to riot at and during Trump rallies to scare people away. We have a Muslim woman who initially complained to New York police that Trump supporters harassed her and has now come clean about it, saying she lied. She was left with no choice since no surveillance footage supported her claims.

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Saudi Arabia Uncovered

In schools in Saudi Arabia right now, young Muslim boys are taught that Christians should be punished to death with the hopes of eventually eliminating all Christians. Knowledge of these books and teachings have actually come to light and the Saudi family has stated that they are making changes. Yet, the documentary clearly shows that ultraconservative Wahhabism is being forced onto the population whether anyone likes it or not. If ISIS and the Saudis have their ultraconservative Islamic beliefs in common, then it stands to reason that the Saudis would not object to (and might even be inclined to help), ISIS marching through areas of the Middle East (or parts of Europe and America), doing what they can to instill fear, impose ultraconservative forms of Islam, and help overthrow factions and governments that are not ultraconservative Islamic in nature.

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Level of Corruption Seems to Have Reached Tipping Point

If these allegations against our government are true, the question naturally rises, why would our government do this against its own citizens? The answer always has to do with money. In this case, is it possible that there are certain minerals our government wants to simply take that is on currently private or “leased” land in order to sell those minerals to foreign governments or entities? I believe it is fully possible. Let’s not forget that China is the main buyer of America’s debt and without their purchase of it, America would be in serious condition. Eventually, China will probably stop purchasing it, but for now, it is possible that either China or Russia are going to be given access to the land that is currently used by private ranches and has been for generations? It’s most certainly possible.

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Obama Greater than Jesus?

Obama is someone created by the media and he was catapulted to fame and presidential capacity by the same.

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Always Ready and Watching?

We do not know when the Rapture will occur. Therefore, every day should be lived as if it is happening today. We should be about the Father’s business with the understanding that before this day closes, we could be ushered into His presence. Does that scenario bother you? You feel as if you are not being true to the integrity of Scripture? Okay, that’s fine. Then instead of the Rapture, substitute the phrase “your/my death.” Do you have any logical arguments at all that would prohibit you from believing that before this day ends, your life could end?

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Tossing Israel Under the Bus

All will look good for Israel, and then…disaster strikes.

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Islamic Terrorist Phone Transcripts

It is interesting to me how the world’s leaders continue to use Jerusalem as this huge pawn in their game of “king of the mountain.” Jerusalem is God’s Holy City and I doubt seriously that He will allow this to go on much longer. His patience thus far has been remarkable, but if we understand the Bible correctly, we know where this is all heading.

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“Obama’s Real Face”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Iranians that U.S. President Barack Obama has “removed his mask” and has revealed “the real face of the American people.” He charged that President Obama offered to negotiate with Iran but has not kept true to his word.

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The Searing Storm of Socialism

I find it fascinating that this country, after having been a democracy since its inception, is now on a fast-track to Socialism!  The absurdity of this is that there are people who actually believe that Socialism works!  This in spite of the fact that it has never worked anywhere in the world before.

Frankly, I think this is all a stunt to simply take what people earn and give to others.  It’s another form of Robin Hood, with Obama being Robin and he’s certainly taking what he can, in order to give to the “hood.”  In a short time, he has literally taken over many of the banking institutions, GM, as well as others, and now wants to create healthcare for everyone.  As more than one senator has asked, where is the money coming from to put this plan into action?  Obviously, it is coming from those of us who pay our taxes year in and year out.

What I also find interesting is that ever since Obama took office, not ONE peep has been heard from two of the most loudmouthed individuals representing the African American community.  That’s right, I speak of none other than Jackson and Sharpton.  Where have these guys been hiding?  Is it possible that the White House door has been open for them all the time?  If so, how has the press not found out about it?  Oh, that’s right, Obama doesn’t feel he needs to share that knowledge with the public, even though it is the public that owns the White House.  I realize Bush did this, but he wasn’t right either.

It is exceedingly interesting how fast and far left this country is moving.  However, when all is said and done, it is occurring only because God is directing things.  As a Christian, I am commissioned by God to pray for the leaders of this country and the world.  I have no fear that Obama will actually ruin anything.  What he accomplishes while in office will be what God ultimately wants accomplished and the reality is that as we move toward the final stage of the End Times, God’s designed ends will come to fruition.  Care to know what they are?  Read Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, or you can read “Footsteps of Messiah,” or “Return of the Antichrist,” by Patrick Heron.

June 20, 2009 at 10:51 AM 6 comments

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