Level of Corruption Seems to Have Reached Tipping Point

February 10, 2016 at 11:17 AM 9 comments

corruptionI really hate dealing with this type of thing that much anymore largely because there seems to be little that anyone can do about it. All around us, we experience corruption on a daily basis. If not outright corruption, then lies that are used for the purposes of self-aggrandizement.

Maybe you also just learned that President Obama actually enriches himself when he comes out for more gun control because people respond to his threats by buying more guns and ammo and because the retirement account in which he is invested has their money invested in several stocks and bonds connected directly to gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson. Gee, who would have thought? Yet, it is true according to Reuters.

Moreover, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently stated, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” This is the same “dare” that was issued when Mr. Obama ran for office, the dare being that America would never elect a black man to the presidency. America did…twice, but racial tensions have not died down, but increased. It amazes me that the threat of hell is used by people on the left who clearly don’t even believe in God or hell, but wield these terms like daggers and direct them toward Christians and conservatives who dare stand in their way. I’m sure if you were to ask her, Albright would say that her statement does not apply to female unborn babies who are killed daily by the abortionist’s knife. Those females don’t count, I’m sure.

All over America and various parts of the world, the globalists that Satan has cobbled together and uses as his watchmen on the wall and invading troops, are busy creating a one-world system. They push ahead toward that time when the world in its totality will be theirs to control the way they see fit. The Bible often speaks of this coming one-world system. Though globalists will gain the upper hand, Satan will come in through the back door to take control from them to use the coming one-world system for his purposes, purposes for which the globalists are not aware, simply because they do not read and/or believe the Bible.

For this coming global system of governance to occur, an increasing level of corruption must continue to exist and as noted in the previously mentioned two examples, it does exist to the highest levels of government. It is fast becoming the normal way of the world. Corporations are also part of the picture as they wield tremendous power because of their ability to rake in profits even to the detriment of the average person.

A case in point might very well be what is happening in Burns, Oregon. Most of us are aware of the ranching situation that has gotten quite out of hand there with military-style troops and the FBI having moved in, transforming Burns into a militarized zone that resembles more of a town governed by martial law than anything else, with plenty of unconstitutional check points (since martial law has not been clearly put in place). You can read all about it at this link titled “There’s Something Strange Happening in Burns Oregon” from The Voice of Idaho.

I don’t have the time to verify all that is included in the article, but I do note that it is replete with plenty of what appear to be documented images that support the author’s concerns. Other Internet sites offer articles and videos about the apparent encroachment of government forces in places like Oregon in order to oust ranchers. You can read about them here and here, as just two examples. There are even plausible allegations that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) created the land fire for which several ranchers have been accused, tried, and incarcerated. We know the EPA seriously polluted the Colorado River and the agency was not fined. However, when private citizens do something wrong (allegedly), the government comes down on them full force.

If these allegations against our government are true, the question naturally rises, why would our government do this against its own citizens? The answer always has to do with money. In this case, is it possible that there are certain minerals our government wants to simply take that is on currently private or “leased” land in order to sell those minerals to foreign governments or entities in exchange for something? I believe it is totally possible.

Let’s remember that China is the main buyer of America’s debt and without their purchase of it, America would be in serious condition. Eventually, China will probably stop purchasing it, but for now, we are beholden to China. Is it possible that either China or Russia (since they are allies), are going to be given access to the land that is currently used by private ranches and has been for generations? It’s most certainly possible.

In Burns, Oregon, residents claim the town has been turned into a police state. They say it is becoming normal to be stopped at various checkpoints, ordered out of your car at gunpoint and both people and cars illegally searched. For them, the 4th Amendment does not exist and the media has turned a blind eye to all of it. All of this because a few people remain in an abandoned federal building. There appears to be much more going on here than meets the eye.

Men dressed in combat fatigues who do not respond to questions and simply refuse to offer any identification are giving orders to civilians and Burns residents. It really makes little sense unless the government is behind the whole thing and has an eye on that land. What other reason could there be since the government could easily go in and extricate the remaining individuals in that abandoned federal building?

So what can we do against this level of corruption? I do not know. I don’t believe the Bible teaches us that we can or should stand against this type of government intrustion and I know that the people of Burns are doing all they can to remain within the confines of the law. But of course, the problem is that our government has much more money and manpower than the average group of citizens. The people they send in to a place like Burns, Oregon have their orders. They’re not paid to think critically about whether or not their actions are legal. They are paid to obey orders and that’s all. Would they use lethal firepower against citizens? It’s already been done.

During Jesus’ time, there were many small groups who wanted to overthrow the Roman government. Jesus did not throw His lot in with any of them nor did He admonish others to do so.

These are very dangerous times we live in folks. Who would have thought that our government would do what it is now alleged to be doing? If true, then it is clear there is something very valuable that the government is after here that is connected with the land in Burns, Oregon.

But as Christians, what do we do? What is our response supposed to be? We must entrust ourselves to the Lord and know that all things will work themselves out based on His will, for His glory, and for our growth.

It is clear from too many places in Scripture that as we move closer to the end of the end times, society will become more corrupt. Whether they are politicians, judges, law enforcement, or the president himself, corruption is to be one of the most villainous aspects of the times leading up to the return of Jesus. We cannot fight it. While it is one thing to take up arms in defense against criminals, I don’t believe in taking up arms against the government.

This is not the time to falter in our faith. It is not time to throw in the towel and act like a pagan. It is time to draw closer to Christ in the fellowship that our salvation ordains. We must move close to Him and stay close to Him. In order to do that, we must divest ourselves of selfishness within us. You cannot add more liquid to a glass that is already filled, until you first pour out some of the current liquid. So we need to divest ourselves of our self-centeredness in order to gain more of Him.

If you believe you can or should, then by all means, use every legal means at your disposal to resist the coming tyranny. But you need to know that ultimately, God is going to allow Satan to appear to gain the upper hand throughout all the world. While it will be short-lived, lasting just seven years, it will happen. In the meantime, our job as Christians remains the same. We are to witness to a lost, dying, and increasingly corrupt world so that they might see their need for Jesus, repent and receive the salvation that only He offers.

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Knowing God in 1 John, Part 8 Fellowship with God Stems from Forgiveness

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  • 1. Terri Lewis  |  February 12, 2016 at 6:35 AM

    I must ask if you are on facebook. Your work should have a larger audience, in my opinion. But, of course, I don’t know how large your audience is on other platforms and I know you have written books. Still–things are moving so very quickly. There are many Christians using facebook to spread the Word of God and to reveal current truths that the Spirit is showing to many. Just a thought. If you would care to share that here or even with a private email, I would be very interested in knowing. It seems a place that Christians can connect very quickly and those who are only partially awake. . .or seeking. . .might be saved.


    • 2. modres  |  February 12, 2016 at 6:47 AM

      I’m on Facebook but actually I do not have a Study-Grow-Know page. I’ll set one up. My readership for my blog is just over 5,000, through FB and Twitter. People on FB often post my articles on their own timelines and you can feel free to do the same. I also have short messages up at SermonAudio.com/studygrowknow as well. Feel free to highlight those if you care to. I appreciate your interest and concern. If the Lord wants my writings out there, let’s ask Him to do thst.


      • 3. Terri Lewis  |  February 12, 2016 at 7:10 AM

        “Let’s ask Him to do that. . .” We just did! 🙂 I have thought of posting a few of your articles on facebook, but haven’t. The link to your blog I have posted once or twice. My focus on facebook has been shifting. . .in the right direction, although maybe not quickly enough. As I’ve mentioned (too many times!) I have more of a Martha life than a Mary life right now. . .my children need quite a bit of attention, even now. . .since the vaccine injuries. But God allows me time to talk about this sort of thing when I have a few free minutes. I do believe that you can expand your reach with a Study-Grow-Know page. . .which you’ve just now said you will set up. 🙂 Seems like a great idea to me!


      • 4. modres  |  February 12, 2016 at 7:52 AM

        I do appreciate your interest. Ultimately it’s up to the Lord but I will get a Study-Grow-Know page going at FB and feel free to link any particular article on your FB page.


      • 5. modres  |  February 12, 2016 at 11:07 AM

        Hi Terri,

        I have set up a basic Facebook page for Study-Grow-Know and will also post any activity from here over there.

        Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/Study-Grow-Know-621075958045995/

        Feel free to “like” the page and spread the word about it.


  • 6. Terri Lewis  |  February 12, 2016 at 6:30 AM

    So. . .any comments on how to deal (in practical terms) with the Mark of the Beast? I’m sincere and serious in my question. This has been on my mind and in my heart for some time. My understanding at this point is that it may or may not be physical. . .it probably will be. People who are (knowingly) working for the wrong side, either with their brains (head work. . .mark on the head) or body (hand work. . .mark on the hand). . .may be in trouble. One would think so, even given just the natural consequences of sin and evil done knowingly. I’ve talked with others about this, but have NOT been given any particular insight by the Spirit. I understand from Him that this is not especially my area, nor something I’m to spend a lot of time trying to grasp, but I think it’s allowable that I can bring it up with other Christians–and maybe should, as long as I don’t let it interfere with my primary mission. Obviously, it would be absolute spiritual death to knowingly take a physical mark. . .this point seems clear from my current understanding. So, I suppose most of us will be hunted down in one way or another and will not survive (physically) what must come. On the other hand, it keeps coming to mind that “The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.” This leads me to thoughts that Christians should be finding one another and connecting with one another now; we should all be growing in self-sufficiency, to the extent that we can, and growing in our interconnectedness. . .with a willingness to give what we can, work in what ways we can, and so on. We should also, I suppose, be extricating ourselves from the belly of the Beast–to the extent we find ourselves there–avoiding any actions that directly or indirectly feed the Beast (over consumption comes immediately to mind). I would love to know any thoughts you may have regarding the Mark of the Beast.


    • 7. modres  |  February 12, 2016 at 6:42 AM

      My understanding is that the mark of the beast will not be introduced and made mandatory until the midpoint of the Tribulation. No one knows what thst mark will entail though there is quite a bit of guessing going on now.

      I also believe that the Bible teaches the rapture will occur before the Tribulation starts. No one now knows what this mark will be but it’s clear that at the middle of the Tribulation Antichrist will make it mandatory and will it be connected with a person’s ability to buy and sell. The truth seems to be that when that system of identification is introduced to global society – whatever it happens to be – all Christians must reject it.

      It has not been introduced now so I don’t believe there’s any need to be concerned. Some say it’s the RFID chip, others a type of tattoo, others a vaccine. We have no way of knowing and shouldn’t even be guessing. When the system is formally introduced by Antichrist himself, people will know at that point.


      • 8. Terri Lewis  |  February 12, 2016 at 7:05 AM

        Well, okay. Thank you. I don’t have understanding enough to know whether the rapture will be before or after the Tribulation, but with my (partial) understanding, I’ve thought it would be after. In other words, I’ve been anticipating that I might go through the Tribulation and I feel. . .not certain, but concerned. . .that my children will be alive at that time. I know this is guessing and it may be right that we shouldn’t guess. I’ve been seriously wrong before about many important things, but the Spirit is my Teacher now. He clearly feels there are only certain lessons I’m ready for! When the time comes, it will be clear what’s happening and we are typically given grace for the day. . .not some kind of grace dumped out all at once, nor is understanding given all at once. I really do appreciate your thoughts and know enough to pray about this, read the parts of the Bible that I seem led to for now, and so on. I can only pray for my children at this point and ask others to do that–I hope you will pray for them, too. I have three teenagers and only one is a Christian. I did my best at the time with what I had and what I knew, but it was woefully inadequate. In any case, each of us must choose to believe–or not–for ourselves, but we are swimming upstream and it’s hard. Well, the first step is hard because the Bible is so openly dismissed in our sick, sick culture that many don’t even think to study all of this for themselves. I grew up Catholic and was not encouraged to read the Bible. In fact, reading on one’s own was discouraged because (as it was explained to me as a child): “There is too much room for misinterpretation.” I no longer believe that and understand that my perception of the Bible as seen ONLY through others eyes was a wrong way to go about learning the most important thing we need to learn in this world–we are sinners, and Jesus saved us. But we need to walk through that door of salvation and then keep walking. Prayer accomplishes much.


      • 9. modres  |  February 12, 2016 at 7:58 AM

        There are many groups today, some who believe the rapture occurs before the trib, others believing it will occur either mid-trib, pre-wrath, or post-trib. Still others do not believe in a rapture at all. Most condemn the pre-trib position as being heresy. I find its not worth arguing about. Ultimately, I believe it is exceedingly important to draw close to the Lord in fellowship and remain there. In that case, it won’t matter how bad persecution gets because our eyes will be on Him and Him alone. He will be our strentgh.


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