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Armed Police Arrest Midwife and Take $500 Cash

A few days ago, midwife Brenda Capps was arrested in her Bakersfield, California home by armed officers of Medical Board’s Operation Safe Medicine. She has since been charged with a felony, “booked for violation of Business and Professions Code section 2052, which is unlicensed practice of medicine.” [1] Both Mrs. Capps and her husband considered this a ministry and she has been involved in midwifery for over 20 years. Because she does not have a license to be a midwife, she was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

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Thomas Ricks and His Arrogance

I saw the video – and probably so did you – where Thomas Ricks was on the FOX News channel to discuss the Benghazi implications. He quickly took the time to twice castigate FOX for “politicizing” the Benghazi situation. He was roundly cut off and the interview ended.

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David Runs from His Son

Psalm 3 represents the first of 73 psalms that are attributed to Davidic authorship. This is a sad Psalm because of the events that led up to it. You will recall that David succumbed to the temptation to commit adultery with Bathsheba (cf. 2 Samuel 11). What is interesting about the events described in 2 Samuel 11 is the steps that occurred, which brought David to a point of not only committing adultery with another man’s wife, but of committing murder in a vain attempt to keep his adultery secret.

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Benghaz: The Continuing Saga

I wanted to put this information out in front of readers so that you folks can come to informed conclusions. There are two links that I’ve provided in this article that will take you to the Canada Free Press website. There, journalist Doug Hagmann offers an extended interview with someone he refers to as “Intelligence Insider” and the Benghazi situation. Regardless of whether you believe you are reading absolute truth or not, it is certainly an interesting read. In some ways, the information here reads like a great mystery novel. The Intelligence Insider is obviously someone who at the very least, speaks with authority and appears to either have a tremendous imagination or actually knows what happened. At least you will not feel as though your intelligence has been insulted by the time you get to the end and that cannot be said for any number of conspiracy-related websites out there. Most often, when reading those individuals, you come away with a sense of embarrassment.

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The Trinity Speaks in Psalm 2

This is another fascinating Psalm for a variety of reasons. If read straight through, it can almost be confusing. That is, until we understand that in all likelihood, the Godhead is speaking among themselves.

Beyond this, the true impact of who God is – along with the absolute power that He wields – is on display in this Psalm. Regardless of what humanity tries to accomplish against God, it will not only come to nothing, but because the plans of man are so puny and finite compared to the infinite awesome power of God, that He is forced to laugh at the attempts man conspires against God. This is His first reaction. It is not His final and last retort.

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UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN Gun Ban)

I’m sure someone will offer some correction if they think I’m wrong, but I had nothing better to do so I decided to read through the entire text of the Arms Trade Treaty. This is the treaty that is often referred to as the UN Gun Ban Treaty. It’s the same one that Mr. Obama announced just one day after re-election that he wanted Hillary Clinton to work on behalf of the United States to get on board with this treaty.

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Comparing the Righteous and the Wicked

You have to love the Psalms. They are very succinct in so many ways because they don’t pull any punches, but tell it like it is for us.

The Psalms are filled with contrasts that allows us to see with clarity the lessons that God wants us to see in order to live a life that pleases Him and grows in such a way that He is glorified. Ultimately, it is for our good.

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Conjecture vs. Conspiracy

There are many conspiracy theories in life that take the form of aliens getting ready to take over the earth and are currently living among us as Reptilians. Because of sound and light vibrations they emit, are able to cloak their native alien skin in something that appears to us to be far more human.

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Agenda 21 and the Loss of U.S. Sovereignty

When you consider all of the things that Mr. Obama has made happen since he became president, one has to wonder what will become of it? I’ve talked about this as have many others; that the overarching goal seems to be a world that is effectively run by the UN, which then will have sovereignty over all nations. Of course, we need to remember that eventually, there will be a one-world government that will control all nations. The way it appears now is that over time, the UN will be given greater and greater power to establish itself as the vehicle through which the world is forced to conform.

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Our Lord and Savior? Really?

Many people in Hollywood often make asinine of statements and whether they are simply trying to make a joke or attempting to be taken seriously doesn’t seem to matter. Most, when they are off-script, cannot put two cohesive sentences together, try as they might.

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