Our Lord and Savior? Really?

November 26, 2012 at 1:33 PM 1 comment

Many people in Hollywood often make asinine of statements and whether they are simply trying to make a joke or attempting to be taken seriously doesn’t seem to matter.  Most, when they are off-script, cannot put two cohesive sentences together, try as they might.  That wasn’t always the case because everything in Hollywood was thoroughly scripted and stars were fully protected.  Not so anymore.

There is a tremendous love for Mr. Obama in Hollywood because he is Left and so are many in Hollywood.  Most actors who are able to actually make a living at acting support the Left’s agenda.  They do so because they know if they do not, they will most likely not have acting jobs for long.  This is probably true of everyone in Hollywood regardless of whether they are in front of or behind the camera.  There are a few on the right side of the fence like Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Patricia Heaton, and others, but they are certainly not the majority and they are generally quiet about their beliefs and motivations.

Now however, it is routine for microphones to be shoved in the faces of celebrities only to hear either the run-of-the-mill expected PC response, or words that smack of absolute stupidity.  It is becoming the norm and it’s all because of how dumb society has become.

People really do not think anymore, at least critically.  This skill is lost on most of the populace because they never had it in the first place.  Try as they might, logic is not necessarily taught in schools today, though educators will tell you that there are plenty of exercises in critical-thinking skills.  What they won’t tell you is that most students fail those exercises miserably.

Today, people are grabbed by experiences and if they like the experience, they hoot and holler in approval.  If they don’t like it, they boo, complain, and riot.

We saw a perfect example of that recently with the Soul Train Awards 2012, with host Jamie Foxx.  You can check out the video here if you’d like:

Folks can argue whether or not Mr. Foxx was joking, but I would argue that this is not something that should be the focus of a joke.  In spite of the fact that he might have been joking, the response of the audience was very telling.  In the video, Foxx says, “First of all, give an honor to God…and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama.”

The immediate response was huge applause and then Foxx asks the crowd to stand up as he continues to egg them onto with more applause.  It really does not matter if Foxx was kidding or not.  The response of the audience shows that there are plenty of people who agree with Foxx’s assessment that Obama is god.  Jamie Foxx might say that people should lighten up and learn to take a joke, but that is simply misdirect.  There were obviously plenty of people in attendance who agreed with him and showed it by their applause.  That is the key, not whether Foxx meant it as a joke or not.  How did people receive it?

The truth is that Mr. Obama is not god.  He is not our Savior and God.  He is not Jesus Christ.  I can only wonder what the response would have been from the Muslim community had Mr. Foxx attempted to make Mr. Obama equal with Muhammad?  I seriously doubt that Muslims would be laughing and in short order, Jamie Foxx would have found it necessary to sincerely apologize for offending the Islamic community.  Not doing so would have given him reason to be concerned for his own safety.  Had that kind of comment been said with Muhammad in mind, we would hear the words of Mr. Obama in the background about those who offend Islam should have no part in the future.  What about Christians?  Crickets.

To these folks, it doesn’t matter when/if Christians are offended however.  We need to lighten up and get over it.  We shouldn’t take things so seriously.  But the reality is that there are too many factions within society who see Mr. Obama as something more than a human being; he is certainly godlike to them.  If that’s their opinion, they are welcome to it, but to attempt to make him equal with Jesus Christ is nothing short of blasphemy.  Yet, there is no concern at all for the fact that this implication might offend Christians.  If it does, oh well.

It seems clear enough that Mr. Obama tends to believe this type of press about him as well because of all that he attempts to accomplish in spite of the laws of this land. He circumvents the Constitution as often as possible and Congress seems either unable to do anything about it or unwilling.  In the midst of all of this, Mr. Obama continues resolutely forward accomplishing the will of the global elite who have installed him as president.  His only concern is in how he can impress them with a job well done, not the people of the United States.

People who voted for Mr. Obama have voted for someone who is extremely narcissistic, this based solely on his desires to overturn parts of the US Constitution.  He has essentially stated that he wants to rewrite it.  Can you imagine what that would be like?

This is not someone who believes he is merely president (as much power as that position holds).  It is someone who sees the Constitution as a constant annoyance, hindering his efforts from doing what he really believe he needs to do in America.  That cannot be a good thing at all and we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes.

Beyond this, Mr. Obama fully supports a woman’s “right” to murder her unwanted child any time she wants to do so.  How can a person who places no value on life itself, or on the rule of law (that he did not create) for that matter be considered a god by so many people?  A person like this obviously believes himself to be above all man-made laws.  The fact that he sees no value in life among the unborn also proves his mindset.  But the most important question is how can authentic Christians have even voted for this man?

I believe many voted for him and tend to believe that is more than a man solely because of the delusion that God is sending onto this world.  God is preparing society to receive the coming Antichrist (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).  But before that man of sin steps into public view, the stage must be set so that a true sense of lawlessness replaces the traditional values upon which this country was founded; values based on the Bible.  That is what is occurring.

It is interesting to note that the Bible also tells us that evil men who are deceived will go about deceiving others (cf. 2 Timothy 3:13).  In fact, this type of man – something the Bible calls an imposter – will go from bad to worse.

The truth here is that if Jamie Foxx (or anyone in the audience who heard his remarks) believes what he said about Mr. Obama to any degree, he is deceived.  If Mr. Obama does not come out and fully reject those comments by Foxx, he is also deceived.  Not only that, but he is also an imposter.  Paul is deliberately referring to a person who attempts to set himself up as a god.  That man is an imposter because we know that only One true God exists and it is not Mr. Obama.  But if Mr. Obama chuckles at Foxx’s comments or even believes them to any degree, he is an imposter who is self-deceived.  From that point of view, he then deceives others.

Sociopaths do this all the time.  They have a world view that the rest of us do not share.  They live from that world view where they essentially become their own god.  They make decisions not based on what is normally accepted as right or wrong, but how they are compelled to do something.  If they are killers, they fully enjoy killing.  If they kidnap and torture people, they thoroughly enjoy that.  Some sociopaths are incredible liars and con artists.  Their art is in stealing from one person and then the next.  They consider themselves above the law.

Does Mr. Obama believe himself to be a type of god?  Unfortunately, I believe it might be the case.  Just as Nebuchadnezzar believed that it was by his power and might that Babylon was built, so also does Mr. Obama very likely believe the accolades he hears constantly.  He may well have come to believe that the global elite is relying on him to bring about the final steps that will usher in the new world order.  Because of the fact that he was elected not once but twice (in spite of the odds) and because of how well protected he has been by the media and the elite and because of the fact that he has literally done whatever he has wanted to do since becoming president, he may well believe that he is some sort of god.

In 2008, we were witness to a painting that depicted Mr. Obama arms spread out as if on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head.  I don’t recall him ever saying that someone had gone too far with that.  Rather, he probably enjoyed the parallels found in the image.  Nothing was stated for or against publicly as far as I know.

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, we all saw the podium used with a stained-glass backdrop.  The religious significance of this is not lost and neither is the fact that many vendors associated with the 2012 DNC sold articles of a religious nature related to Mr. Obama.

Did anyone from the Obama administration or the DNC condemn these items?  How could they if they themselves had a stage with a stained-glass temple of sorts?

Leading up to the 2012 election, United States flags were produced with Mr. Obama’s portrait where the individual stars normally were affixed. Beyond this, the folks at the DNC originally had no problem taking God completely out of the Democratic platform, did they?

Yet, there are many professing Christians who have no problem being a liberal Democrat and supporting someone like Mr. Obama who allows these things to be said and done and continually supports the murder of unborn children.  I cannot help but wonder how an authentic Christian votes for the man?

These people will likely tell you that they have major problems with war as well.  They don’t understand the need for a strong military because they do not understand the difference between standing up to a rogue nation with a show of force, that routinely uses terror to maim, destroy, and kill as many people as possible all in the name of their ideology and the wanton wholesale slaughter of innocent lives in the unborn.  There is no comparison.

If there are only two candidates running for the same office and both of those candidates fully support abortion rights, then authentic Christians should not vote for either candidate.  That much is simple, yet apparently not for so many who call themselves Christian.

As Christians, we can be offended when we hear blasphemy coming out of the mouth of a celebrity, but more importantly, we should be saddened.  In truth, we must look past this tendency toward being offended to realize that these people need Jesus.  Jamie Foxx needs Jesus.

The people who applauded his remarks need Jesus.  It doesn’t matter if they go to some church on Sunday.  It doesn’t matter if they have Bibles or even if they read them.  They are guilty of actively lifting a mere man to the level of deity, replacing Jesus with Mr. Obama.  That is major cause for concern because it tells us that these individuals desperately need salvation from the very one they denigrate.

What I do know is that by his silence, he seems to agree with those who heap godlike attributes on him repeatedly.  Who does this except someone who also believes themselves to be god?

Just as Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod, Judas, the Antichrist, and even Satan himself all believed themselves to be gods, all but Satan are gone from the scene.  Only Antichrist has yet to arrive and Satan has yet to be finally dealt with by God Himself.  For every one of these individuals (with the exception of Nebuchadnezzar who eventually turned to God), their lives came to an abrupt and terrible end.  They believed themselves to be something they were not; self-made beings, not men, but gods.  God proved to them what they in fact were.

Today, there is a seeming large element within society made up of people who are completely enamored with Mr. Obama.  They tend to believe that there is more to Mr. Obama than meets the eye and in a good way. They fawn over him and treat him as if he truly were a god.

These people see past his mistakes, his faux pas and his foibles to something far greater.  They somehow mistakenly believe that he is a type of deity and the only conclusion we can come to is that God has sent a delusion so that those people will believe that lie.

I do not really think most people know what is in front of us and coming down the pike that has already drastically affected our society. They are following the pied piper to destruction, yet cannot see it.  At the same time, from where I sit, everything I see is reflected in Scripture and with the exception of the return of Jesus and His Kingdom (along with the multitudes that will be saved out of the Tribulation), there is nothing good.  Yet, God will gain the glory – all of it.

Mr. Obama – though being used by the elite for their purposes – seems to be fully protected by someone or some thing.  Oh, we know the elite has placed him where he is and they protect him as well as they can.  We also know the media offers their own form of protection through their pretended ignorance and deliberate omission.

But beyond this, there simply appears to be something that keeps the world from seeing the truth about this man.  At the same time, it also keeps those who see the truth from being able to accomplish anything to change the path he is on.  We ask the question, what do we do?  What can we do?  Apart from trusting God, continuing the Great Commission, and learning to reject fear, there seems to be little.

We are coming to the end of this age.  As such, we know that God sends the delusion that actually causes people to believe lies.  We also know that Satan comes with greater boldness working miraculous signs and wonders.  Is he gearing up to start doing just that?  Has he been given the go ahead?  Will we begin to see someone start living up to all the hype that is being foisted upon him?

Maybe I was wrong about Mr. Obama.  Maybe there is something about him that is truly “antichrist.”  He talks about rewriting the Constitution.  Maybe he will become that man who changes the times and seasons.  I truly do not know.

All we can do is pray, stay focused on God, and wonder about the specifics regarding how the future will take shape?

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The Men Who Would Be Kings Agenda 21 and the Loss of U.S. Sovereignty

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  • 1. Lester  |  November 26, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    And the crowd cries “we have no king but Caesar”! “Give us a king like all the other nations of the world” Saul! Saul!

    Yes and like the actors, writers, cameramen,producers and directors etc etc etc in Hollywood that are pro democrat, most all the unions are dyed in the wool democrats and better stay that way or else!
    All these pre figures of anti-Christ are leading up to the end of this worlds order and the soon coming of the Kingdom of God that will take it all away!

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