The Men Who Would Be Kings

November 26, 2012 at 7:42 AM

There appear to be many similarities between President Morsi of Egypt and the desires of a certain president of the United States.  It seems that both wish to have autonomy that can be challenged by none.

We are aware of President Morsi’s decrees issued last week essentially proclaiming that his edicts are to be above all judicial review.  If successful, he would essentially become a modern-day Pharaoh.  This idea does not set well with the average Egyptian.  Even Mubarak did not rule in such a way, yet this was the same man who Mr. Obama wanted ousted from his position as president of Egypt.  Mr. Obama denigrated and castigated Mubarak and said that it was time for him to go so that true democracy would have a chance to flourish in Egypt.

The result was that Mubarak was overthrown and all the outward signs of a true democracy came into play.  It appeared as though democracy might have a chance in Egypt.  Then the Muslim Brotherhood offered a candidate for president, something they initially said they would not do.

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate won the day and Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat became the fifth president of the modern state of Egypt.  Since that time, he has tried to run roughshod over the people of Egypt and it is clear that he wants to impose Islamic Sharia law on the entire nation.  He has essentially stated that if people in Egypt are not Muslim, they need to either convert, pay tribute, or leave.  Many of them have already been killed.

But recently, we saw President Morsi issue several edicts that would make him an absolute imperialistic ruler.  His word would be final.  If that happens, any chance of true democracy goes completely out the door.

Today we learned that Morsi believes there will be a quick resolution to the problems surrounding the issuing of several edicts that have caused revolt and rioting in Egypt.  Maybe Morsi believed he would receive little to no resistance for wanting to be the new Pharaoh.  Instead, Morsi saw many within his country take to the streets, start fires, and basically stand up to his dictatorial attitude that they are fed up with and will not allow.

The move by the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi has sparked violent street protests, largely in Cairo, that have reportedly resulted in more than 500 injuries.

“The protests are expected to continue, unraveling the stability brought after political protests ousted President Hosni Mubarak and put Morsi into power this past summer.” [1]

Since Morsi’s announcement last week, our own Obama administration has been eerily quiet.  It was only after Sen. John McCain “called on President Obama to renounce Morsi’s move to seize full control of the country, saying the president should ‘condemn’ his actions” [2] that the U.S. State Department finally issued a statement.  The statement was bland pabulum that really says nothing except the politically correct points that this administration has become known for issuing.

This past November 12, 2012, Mr. Obama basically said that he believes the U.S. Constitution is woefully out of date and wants to write a new one. [3]  Would it have anything to do with the fact that he has previously stated that if it were not for the Constitution he could get more done?  He has repeatedly shown his disdain for the Constitution which created the rule of law here in America. [4]

It is clear he has no love for that document.  Does he see himself as Morsi sees himself?  It would certainly appear to be the case and there have been too many examples of the Obama administration doing whatever it wants to with respect to the Constitution and in spite of the laws that were designed as checks and balances between the three branches of the Federal government.

Like Morsi, it seems clear enough that Mr. Obama wants to create his own laws that allow him to do whatever he wants to do.  This will create situations that are untenable as we are seeing in Egypt.

Here in the United States, it would appear that Mr. Obama considers the Constitution something that gets in his way of governing the way he wants to govern.  Yet, we see how he has governed and we see a man who treats the Constitution as if it does not exist in the first place, routinely skirting it whenever he feels the need.  For all practical purposes, the U.S. Constitution does not exist as far as Mr. Obama is concerned and he very likely sees himself as someone who would be far better served if no law stood against him.

The problem of course is that the United States is not a dictatorship and should Mr. Obama continue his move to the Left, he will run into serious problems.  I think though that it is safe to say that Mr. Obama is not at all bothered by the specter of problems on the horizon.  I am convinced that he firmly believes there is nothing that might stand against him that he cannot overcome, so he trudges onward, illegally going where no other president has gone.

For all the statements issued by the Obama administration regarding giving true democracy the opportunity to first, be set in place, and second, be allowed to grow and flourish, it is abundantly clear that for himself, he does not want that.  I believe that Mr. Obama sees himself as completely above every law and he is frustrated that he cannot simply do whatever he wants to do in order to set the entirety of his agenda in place.

He still has to deal with those pesky politicians in Congress.  Yet, even here, he really is not up against much at all.  “Fast and Furious” continues to move along with four flat tires, gaining no momentum at all toward justice.  It sits in limbo and eventually, my fear is that Congress will give up on it. I believe the same holds true of the situation with respect to Benghazi.

If Mr. Obama had his preferences, there would be no need for Congress or the Supreme Court.  He sees himself as dictator of the United States, unwilling to work with anyone who does not see things his way.

Obama and Morsi appear to be cut from the same cloth.  They both want to be dictators and if they get the opportunity, this is what they will become.  It is interesting to note that only one day after Morsi “sponsored” a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, he issued the edicts that literally made him a god.  The Obama administration said nothing as a response until they were forced to make their statement that says nothing, but appears to encourage democracy.  The fact that they said nothing for days tells me that they were obviously taking a wait and see attitude regarding what the response in Egypt would be to Morsi’s edicts.

What is Mr. Obama’s plan for the United States?  We know that before he was re-elected, he told Putin through Medvedev that after the re-election, he would have more freedom to go much further Left.

In spite of the fact that he said that, no one in Congress held his feet to the fire over it.  No one demanded an explanation and certainly the press dutifully did what they could to downplay the comment, even portraying Obama later joking about it.

The Obama administration is not a joke.  It should be clear to anyone who places value on the rights and freedoms granted to American citizens that we have someone in this nation’s highest position who is doing everything he possibly can to bring ruin and destruction to this nation.  Only those on the Left (and idiots) do not see it that way.

How else do you describe someone who has done nothing but shown constant disdain for the rule of law in America and the very documents that have created that rule of law?  Folks, we have lost our Republic.  It is no longer our America.  It now belongs to traitors who want to overthrow America, remaking it into something completely different.  This has been in the works for quite some time, but it has simply become so emboldened that it has become very obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.

In the possibly near future, we will see a full attack on gun owners’ rights.  We will see this administration attempt to go through the UN to establish a higher law than the Constitution.  They will state that any treaty made with the UN is binding and supersedes the US Constitution.  I beg to differ.

We – as Americans – have rights that are guaranteed to us by the Constitution.  Simply because a president or someone from his administration says that any treaty made with the UN takes precedence, does not make it so.  Are you going to live as though the Constitution has no power over your life?  Are you going to act as though the UN has sovereignty when the Constitution does not allow for it?

As Christians, we have rights and responsibilities guaranteed us by the Bible, God’s Word.  If some politician decides that their law is on a higher plane than the laws of God’s Word, are you going to give into them because of it?

We have choices to make, Christians.  We have responsibilities and rights that are going to be grabbed and abrogated.  How will you respond?


[2] Ibid

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