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Mark of the Beast?

If the system whereby the Antichrist can make everyone take the mark, is on its way to us, in the guise of worker verification, then maybe other things in the Bible are not so improbable either.

May God open your eyes to the coming holocaust, headed by one man; the world’s final ruler.

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James Cameron’s AVATAR

AVATAR is a decent movie, for what its worth, but as stated, the obvious references inserted into the film by Cameron become annoying. Since I don’t worship Mother Earth, and I’m not a New Ager, then you can hopefully see why this became an annoyance to me.

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Noah’s Ark Finally Found! NOT

Just now, we were told that it was all faked. Here is a letter from Randall Price who was on the original expedition team (thanks to One can only wonder who or why this was promoted as if the actual find, considering that if it was fake (as it appears to be), it would soon be discovered, leaving those who found it with egg on their face.

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Loftus-Delusion by David Reuben Stone

Stone not only shows Loftus for who he truly is, but makes it impossible for intelligent people to miss the fact that Loftus has no response, but prefers to pretend that he has no interest in what Stone has written.

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Unique Identification Number Is Up and Coming!

Of course, the fascinating thing is that the Unique Identification Number (UIN) is based on biometrics, which means the number that is assigned to each person is not only unique, but literally becomes part of the person.

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Grave Influence

Grave Influences by Brannon Howse writes about 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave

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Seventh-Day Adventism Orthodox or Cult?

Christ did not appear in 1844. After this “Great Disappointment,” one “little flock” still insisted the date of their original predictions had been correct. They decided the event marked by 1844 was not the Second Coming, but the entrance of Christ into the Holy of Holies in the Heavenly Sanctuary. There, they said, He began the “Investigative Judgment.” (See #6 below.) This doctrine was received and endorsed by Ellen G. White (Ibid., p. 680).

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