Mark of the Beast?

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And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” Revelation 13:17

It’s funny how often we are told by Reformed, Covenant, or Preterist theologians that all of Revelation has occurred except the last few chapters.  They insist that the Antichrist was either Nero, or some other Roman Emperor of the past.

However, what is interesting is that in their zeal to allegorize Scripture, they miss points that are obviously to be taken literally.  For instance, the mark of the beast and the fact that he (the Antichrist) will cause everyone to have it and without, no one will be able to buy or sell seems to be a real factor in the End Times events.

Consider that in India, a national biometric I.D. system is being set in place in which all people MUST have a number.  Their unique number will be imbedded just under their skin.  In essence, this makes the number part of them.  This is being done to eliminate the problem of identity theft and it is also being done so that people’s I.D.s will always be with them.

Because of the problems with illegal immigration in the United States, as well as other countries, our Congress is moving to do what they can to shore up those problems.  They are also seriously considering starting our own version of the bimetric numbering system.

The bill focuses on three areas: It would tighten security along the nation’s northern and southern borders; register illegal immigrants with the federal government and set them on a path to citizenship if they pay fines, learn English and stay out of criminal trouble; and crack down on employers who hire illegal workers.

“Our proposal will require the government to secure the border first before we adjust the status of a single person here illegally — just what many of our colleagues are saying on the other side of the aisle,” said Schumer, who insisted the border security proposals he is advancing are tougher than those considered during Bush’s tenure.

Schumer also highlighted a proposal to implement a nationwide worker-verification program, which would require every worker to carry a national identification card with biometric information within six years.

That proposal has already drawn fire from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), but Schumer said it is essential to stem the tide of illegal workers.

“Our proposal recognizes that no matter what we do on the border, we’ll only succeed in dramatically reducing future illegal immigration by creating an employment verification system that holds employers accountable for knowingly hiring illegal workers,” he said.”

The article goes onto say that it is really impossible to stop every car, truck or van entering into the United States, to search for illegal aliens.  A better system (biometric numbering) would allegedly solve this problem because of the worker verification system built into it.

While I am NOT saying that this new system IS the mark of the beast spoken of in Revelation, I AM saying that a system such as this could EASILY be manipulated by the Antichrist to be a mandatory system in which EVERYONE will need to take such a mark.  It will be the government’s way of keeping tabs on everyone.

Now please note that they are referring to a type of card for the United States, not necessarily a number that is somehow embedded into a person’s skin.  This is also included in India’s system.

The problem is that they will likely discover – duh – that simply issuing a CARD to people does not solve the problem of identify theft.  This will be the reason that they say they must move to a system in which the person’s unique number is somehow embedded under their skin.  If the number is attached to each person in this way, identity theft could become a thing of the past.  I’m sure hackers will find a way around it, but that may take a great deal of doing.  Even so, if a law were passed that made it impossible to buy or sell anything without that unique identification number, people would obviously need it.  In essence, it would become illegal to attempt to make a purchase without having that number.

There really would be no reason that a law like this would be made unless the institution making the law simply wants to keep tabs on its citizens.  In the case of the Antichrst, he will make the law to ensure that only those who are loyal to him take that mark.

Again, I am NOT saying that this upcoming  system presently being instituted in India (or even the one they are talking about here in the United States), IS the system that the Antichrist will utilize for his benefit and to advance his power. 

All I am saying is that it is certainly not far-fetched to think that such a system like the biometric numbering could wind up being used for such purposes.  It is also very possible that this biometric system is simply a precursor to the system that the Antichrist uses for his own purposes.

One question that we need to consider is, when in history has a system such as this ever been utilized, with the type of technology that is being discussed today?  Never.  There has never been this type of numbering system that is brought to bear on the people of India.  There has never been a biometric numbering system that the United States Congress is considering for citizens here.

While people may point to other systems, the ones being discussed and implemented today are by far, much greater in advanced technology and potential for harm than any system previous to it.

In spite of this, Reformed, Covenant, and Preterist theologians will continue to deny what is logically apparent.  They will continue to point to the past and say that the Antichrist, along with the Tribulation has already been here.

If more countries are going to begin adopting this type of worker verification system, how difficult would it be a one-world ruler to use that system to weed out the “unfaithful,” those who are not sold out to him?  It could easily happen.

Those who do not believe in the upcoming Antichrist, or the coming mark of the beast will simply cast this off as fantasy and go on with their lives.  The principles involved in this new biometric numbering system are too much like that described in the book of Revelation to simply be coincidental.

If the system whereby the Antichrist can make everyone take the mark, is on its way to us in the guise of worker verification, then maybe other things in the Bible are not so improbable either.  In fact, I believe a number of things are pointing directly to the upcoming Tribulation:

  1. the various earthquakes happening all over the world in unprecendented destructive waves
  2. the current administration has placed the United States firmly on the road to Socialism
  3. things have been heating up in the Middle East for quite some time and they are simply getting worse since President Obama became president
  4. this is the first time since Israel became a nation that demands are being made to them that they stop all construction before anyone will be willing to enter into peace talks with them
  5. Iran has arrived as a nation that has nuclear capabilities
  6. Syria, Iran, Iraq and other nations have all expressed their hatred of Israel
  7. Russia has begun openly supporting Iran’s nuclear capabilities and has sold them arms
  8. Islam is becoming a dominant religion throughout the world, and it seems that leaders of many nations are bending over backwards to placate Muslims so that they are not offended
  9. the problem of course is that they are merely playing into the hands of Muslim extremists
  10. Christianity is slowly being silenced here in the United States and other free countries like Great Britain
  11. Christians are actually being thrown in jail for “offending” Muslims by providing their opinion about Muhammad
  12. Islam will not stop until Sharia law becomes THE law of the world

The plain fact of the matter is that this world is moving toward another holocaust.  In this day and age, people are still being executed in places like Iran for having the audacity to protest their government.  Recently, many young men were strung up on the end of cranes until they were dead because they dared to speak out against Sharia law.

It should also be understood that Islam awaits its final Mahdi, or Imam, the individual they believe will usher in world peace through enforcement of Sharia law.  This individual is understood to be the Antichrist, according to Christians who take the Bible literally.

So it is not simply Christians who are speaking of an end times situation in which one individual will rise to the top of the heap to rule the entire world.  Islam believes it as well.

We also need to remember the nation of Israel.  Orthodox Jews are still waiting for their Messiah.  Since their forefathers rejected the actual Messiah – Jesus Christ – roughly 2,000 years ago, they believe that their Messiah is yet to appear.

Is it any wonder that this coming individual – the man believed to be the Antichrist by Christians, the man believed to be the last Imam by Islam – will be seen as the Jewish Messiah?

He will make a covenant with Israel for one week (7 years; see Daniel 9:27), and will break it in the middle of the week after just 3 1/2 years.  He will initially be seen as a Superman who brings peace to the Middle East after everyone else has tried and failed.

May God open your eyes to what is coming, headed by one man; the world’s final ruler, before Jesus Christ returns to take possession of what is rightfully His.

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