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Radical Islam Making Their Presence Felt

Well, let’s see, with this current administration’s hatred of America and forces outside of our borders doing their level best to work with forces inside our borders to bring this country down, it may not be too long before women must start wearing Burkhas and men will be able to beat them in public. Who knows, but the phrase “Off with their heads!” may become more than simply a phrase from Alice in Wonderland.

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Mark of the Beast?

If the system whereby the Antichrist can make everyone take the mark, is on its way to us, in the guise of worker verification, then maybe other things in the Bible are not so improbable either.

May God open your eyes to the coming holocaust, headed by one man; the world’s final ruler.

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Islamic Terrorist Phone Transcripts

It is interesting to me how the world’s leaders continue to use Jerusalem as this huge pawn in their game of “king of the mountain.” Jerusalem is God’s Holy City and I doubt seriously that He will allow this to go on much longer. His patience thus far has been remarkable, but if we understand the Bible correctly, we know where this is all heading.

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