Islamic Terrorist Phone Transcripts

July 2, 2009 at 10:58 AM

People tend to think that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Unfortunately, if it is, then those who are peaceful within it are doing nothing to convince the rest of the world of that.  They are standing by while their brothers are involved in one terrorism scheme after another, much of it directed toward Israelis.

The following is a partial phone transcript between Muslim terrorists who were in constant contact with their leaders, as they carried out their terroristic attacks on innocent people.  The transcript was translated by Indian officials as reported in today’s Arutz Sheva.  As can easilly be seen, life means little to these marauding Islamic terrorists.  They live (and die) for one thing and one thing only; Islam.  Their belief is that one day, Islam will be the one-world religion and to this end they fight.

In many ways, this should not be seen as unexpected.  It really dates back to Genesis and Abraham.  Once he took the advice of his wife, Sarah and slept with her handmaiden, Ishmael was born.  Ishmael, though he and Isaac seem to have come to terms with one another when they buried their father, Abraham (cf. Genesis 25:9-11), at least for the funeral, their descendents have not done the same.  The anger, vitriol, and outright hatred that the Abrab nations express toward Israel is well known, yet some who are blind, see the problem as lying with Israel.

I do not see Israel using terrorists to infiltrate and kill innocent people in order that their interests in the Middle East will be served.  I do not see Israelis blowing people up as suicide bombers, taking with them lives of many innocents.  Rest assured, that if this was occuring, it would not escape notice of the media!  The fact that we do not hear of it means simply that it does not exist.

While Israel has done much to protect herself over the decades, Arab and Muslim terrorists do what they can to unseat Israel from her nest.  As far as these terrorists are concerned, Israel has no rights at all and certainly has no right to be a sovereign state in the Arab world.

Even our new president has indicated that Jerusalem should be split into two terrorities; one in which Muslims would have control, and one in which Israel would have control.  The problem of course is that Obama’s solution is to cede control of Old Jerusalem (with the Temple Mount) to the Arab world.  Even though the Dome of the Rock Mosque sits atop the Temple Mount, on paper Israel controls that area and Old Jerusalem.  This is on paper only, but nonetheless that is the legal situation.  It appears though that with possession being nine-tenths of the law, the Muslim world outwardly controls the Temple Mount.  Obama would legally give that area to the Arab nations.

Just today, Arutz Sheva also reported,

Four weeks ago, CAP held a panel discussion based on the premise that the Old City of Jerusalem is the main impediment in finding a solution to the Israel-Arab problem in the Holy Land. Michael Bell, a former Canadian Ambassador to Jordan, Egypt and Israel, presented a plan entitled the Jerusalem Old City Initiative. The plan does not call for the internationalization of Jerusalem — but is not far off from that. It recommends that both Israel and a future state of Palestine appoint a third-party administrator that would run and police the city.” 

This was clarified further by the same report with this,

Bell explained that the plan calls for an administration or regime that would govern the Old City of Jerusalem for an interim period, without either Israel or the PA giving up their demands for sovereignty: “Frankly, I don’t think there’s going to be any agreement on sovereignty. I think that the two sides need not cede their demands for sovereignty; these claims can remain exactly as they are today. The sides would simply agree to delay the implementation or assertion of these claims until after an agreement is reached. Until then, a special administration would be set up, with the two sides agreeing to set this up, at least on an interim basis. And what this would do … would be to ensure dignity, human rights and equity for all living in the Old City, all visitors, and all pilgrims.”

It is interesting to me how the world’s leaders continue to use Jerusalem as this huge pawn in their game of “king of the mountain.”  Jerusalem is God’s Holy City and I doubt seriously that He will allow this to go on much longer.  His patience thus far has been remarkable, but if we understand the Bible correctly, we know where this is all heading.

Taj Mahal Hotel – 0108 hours
Pakistan caller:
How many hostages do you have?
Mumbai terrorist: We have one from Belgium. We have killed him. There was one chap from Bangalore. He could be controlled only with a lot of effort.

Pakistan caller: I hope there is no Muslim amongst them?
Mumbai terrorist: No, none.

0126 hours
Pakistan caller: Are you setting the fire or not?
Mumbai terrorist: Not yet. I am getting a mattress ready for burning.

Pakistan caller: What did you do with the dead body [on the boa?
Mumbai terrorist: Left it behind.

Pakistan caller: Did you not open the locks for the water below? [Thought to be a pre-arranged plan to sink the vessel
Mumbai terrorist: No, they did not open the locks. We left it like that because of being in a hurry. We made a big mistake.

Pakistan caller: What big mistake?
Mumbai terrorist: When we were getting into the boat, the waves were quite high. Another boat came. Everyone raised an alarm that the Navy had come. Everyone jumped quickly. In this confusion, the satellite phone of Ismail got left behind.

0137 hours
Pakistan caller: The ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) chief has been killed. Your work is very important. Allah is helping you. The Vazir (Minister) should not escape. Try to set the place on fire.
Mumbai terrorist: We have set fire in four rooms.
Pakistan caller: People shall run helter skelter when they see the flames. Keep throwing a grenade every 15 minutes or so. It will terrorize.


0310 hours
Mumbai terrorist:
Pakistan caller: Greetings! There are three ministers and one secretary of the cabinet in your hotel. We don’t know in which room.

Mumbai terrorist: Oh! That is good news! It is the icing on the cake.
Pakistan caller: Find those three, four persons and then get whatever you want from India.

Mumbai terrorist: Pray that we find them.
Pakistan caller: Do one thing. Throw one or two grenades on the Navy and police teams, which are outside.

Mumbai terrorist: Sorry. I simply can’t make out where they are.

Oberoi Trident Hotel –
0353 hours
Pakistan caller 1:
Brother Abdul. The media is comparing your action to 9/11. One senior police official has been killed.
Mumbai terrorist 1: We are on the 10th/11th floor. We have five hostages.

Pakistan caller 2: Everything is being recorded by the media. Inflict the maximum damage. Keep fighting. Don’t be taken alive.
Pakistan caller 1: Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.
Mumbai terrorist 2: We have three foreigners, including women. From Singapore and China.
Pakistan caller 1: Kill them.
(Voices of gunmen can be heard directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Sound of cheering voices.)

Nariman House – 1945 hours
Mumbai terrorist:
Greetings! What did the Major-General say?
Pakistan caller: Greetings. The Major-General directed us to do what we like. We should not worry. The operation has to be concluded tomorrow morning. Pray to God. Keep two magazines and three grenades aside, and expend the rest of your ammunition.
Pakistan caller: Keep in mind that the hostages are of use only as long as you do not come under fire because of their safety. If you are still threatened, then don’t saddle yourself with the burden of the hostages. Immediately kill them.
Mumbai terrorist: Yes, we shall do accordingly, God willing.
Pakistan caller: The army claims to have done the work without any hostage being harmed. Another thing: Israel has made a request through diplomatic channels to save the hostages. If the hostages are killed, it will spoil relations between India and Israel.
Mumbai terrorist: So be it, God willing.
Pakistan caller: Stay alert.

2226 hours
Pakistan caller: Brother, you have to fight. This is a matter of prestige of Islam. Fight so that your fight becomes a shining example. Be strong in the name of Allah. You may feel tired or sleepy but the Commandos of Islam have left everything behind. Their mothers, their fathers, their homes. Brother, you have to fight for the victory of Islam. Be strong.
Mumbai terrorist: Amen!

Dossier Handed to Islamabad
The transcripts are part of the three-part dossier of evidence handed over by New Delhi to the Pakistani government this week as proof that the siege emanated from within its borders, a claim previously denied by Islamabad.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reiterated Tuesday, as officials had said for months, that the terrorists could not have been acting alone.

Pakistani Information Minister Sherry Rehman acknowledged Wednesday in response that Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the single surviving terrorist, was indeed a Pakistani citizen. The admission comes after months of hedging by Islamabad, which claimed it could not locate in its databases the only one of the 10 terrorists not killed by Indian commandos during the siege.

Indian officials recovered a fishing trawler that had been hijacked from its Indian owner by the terrorists, as well as GPS instruments, a satellite phone, an 11-seat dinghy and various other articles, which they documented as evidence in the investigation.

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