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Killing Abortion Doctors is OKAY???? What?

Scott Roeder is no better and no worse than Dr. Tiller. In fact, he has committed the same crime as he accused Tiller of committing. There are too many whackos in society today, calling themselves Christian, but acting like devils. I believe Roeder is one of them.

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Death or Rapture

We are all going to die and we have no clue about our day or time of departure. If I am living my life daily considering the fact that I could die at some point in each death, am I being spiritually mature, or lazy and unspiritual?

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Alien Interviews with L.A. Marzulli

Marzulli’s book is a good one. It highlights what I believe to be the power of Satanic deception at work today. In fact, it is fascinating to understand how Satan is likely working today to achieve an artificial appearance in our world that is being more and more accepted by the masses.

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Scientist Believes Alien Life Already on Earth

It absolutely amazes me that people will literally tune into some space transmission from someone who simply SAYS they have the truth, but these same folks look at the Bible and laugh.

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Steve Wohlberg Does It Again! Yay!!!!

While Eschatology is extremely important (if for no other reason than Jesus spoke of future coming events), because it can purify our minds. It helps us to understand the shortness of our own lives here on earth. We are but a vapor. Will Eschatology save anyone? No. The most important, precious thing we can do for people is to tell them that they need Jesus. If the Lord helps them see that they really do have an actual life and death need, then and only then will they seek THE solution: Jesus Christ and His salvation.

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Taking Back Lost Time for Memorizing Scripture

There may come a day when it will be against the law to own or carry a Bible. Think that’s far-fetched? It’s not because the Bible is currently outlawed in 52 countries around the world. Like me, you may have one or two collecting dust. Time to get the dustrag out and start reading and studying!

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Atrocities in South Africa Continue

Turn TO Christ, believing that He is who He says He is, and He did what He said He did. Then, and only then, will you be able to see your need for Him.

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The New Age Never Disappoints! This Time, it’s Monjoronson…

Satan will never spend the time creating a completely fictional event or situation. He will always try to parody God’s events, and circumstances because he knows that when they happen, he will receive credit. To take the time to teach people things that will never happen only makes him look like an idiot and he will lose a great deal of credibility with his followers. Why would he risk that when he can take what he knows God is going to eventually do, and make it sound like it is his idea?

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Socialized Gospel vs. Eschatology

If we are discussing Eschatology without using it as a springboard into an evangelistic effort, then why are we placing such an emphasis on Eschatology?

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The Holy Spirit Taught Me…

But let’s be clear here. When people start making statements like “I prayed that the Holy Spirit would teach me,” one must stop to ask how could the Holy Spirit be teaching three or four different versions of the same theological topic?

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