Taking Back Lost Time for Memorizing Scripture

January 23, 2010 at 3:57 PM

The other day I was thinking about how difficult it is sometimes to find time to sit down, with no distractions and just read the Word.  Beyond that, I thought it would be great to have more time to memorize Scripture!  Wow, what a NOVEL idea, eh?!

Then as I continued ruminating on that, I realized something.  Looking back over my life, I spent some time acting.  I started off years ago, left it for quite some time, then half a dozen or so years ago, re-entered the hobby of acting.  I took a few college courses, then landed a few roles in some college productions.  From there, I branched out into community theater and then finally thought about getting an agent.  Eventually, I got an agent and then began doing some commercial work – print, voice and video.  It was fun, especially when I received the paycheck.

Of course, that was not good enough, so I began pushing myself toward movies and landed a few in independent movie projects.  Of course, I also did my share of “extra” work on some major studio productions. I learned a lot and had fun.  In fact, doing the “extra” work allowed me to gain the necessary number of vouchers to be able to join SAG if I want to do so.  Since I live in Northern CA and the cost to join is over $2000, I have found no need to join, but it is nice to have the option.

After I did this for a while, I really got sick and tired of all the hassles of being involved with people who seemed to have little or no moral standard.  What I mean by that is that most actors I met were willing to do anything at all for a part in a movie.  If you do some checking, it is not at all difficult to find current stars and celebrities who did some work in the “naughty” industry, or they took off their clothes for a movie role.  It’s pretty sad when you stop and think about the fact that most actors desiring to gain any type of foothold in the industry must get to that point, if they want to go further.  It’s an unwritten code and everyone knows it.

So once I became disgusted with that, I decided to make my own productions, so I purchased the equipment and began writing scripts.  It was a lot of fun and I made a few long trailers for projects that I was working on.  Even though it was fun, it went nowhere.

You are probably asking what this has to do with finding the time to read the Bible.  Well, as I was mulling over all the lost time in my past, I realized that when it comes to studying the Bible and memorizing Scripture, it is not something that should be relegated to the back of the bus.  It is something that needs to take priority.  It is something we should do whether we feel like it or not.

During one of the plays I performed in, and I had one of the lead parts.  It was hefty.  I retyped all of my lines onto their own pages, with the person’s last line before mine.  When I finished, there were literally 29 pages of dialogue that I needed to memorize for that character!  That was daunting.  What did I do?  I forced myself to memorize it until I could say my lines very fast without even thinking about them.  This is one of the things actors will do – say their lines quickly with no emotion in order to test themselves on whether they know their lines or not.  If there is any hesitation, they keep going over them.  If there is no hesitation, the dialogue is in the recesses of the brain and will not be forgotten easily.  Even if the actor “freezes” during the performance, there is usually something that he can grab onto which gets him right back into character.

I estimate it took me about 6 weeks to get my lines memorized.  I felt as though I had accomplished something big, and I had.  During the three week performance, I never dropped a line and never messed up.

The trouble is…why don’t I do this with God’s Word?  Why don’t I do this with memorizing Scripture?  There were many times during those 6 weeks where I did not want to work on the dialogue anymore, but I did.  I knew if I didn’t, I would suffer for it later.

It is the EXACT same thing with memorizing Scripture.  If we do not take the time NOW, when it might even be “inconvenient,” we will suffer for it later.  In Psalm 119:11, David tells the Lord that he has hidden His Word in his own heart, that he might not sin against the Lord.  If I can take 6 weeks of deliberately memorizing a script (even when it was not convenient), can I do any less with God’s Word?

I cannot get those weeks back, but I CAN and WILL do something about it NOW, where God’s Word is concerned.  Do you want to know where you can start, if you also are interested in hiding God’s Word in your heart?  There is a link which allows you to download 101 Scripture verses.  They are in PDF format and simply need to be printed out (I printed mine out on cardstock), and trimmed.  They even already have the small circle where they can be cut out and put on one of those metal rings to carry with you.

Here is the link and the file is FREE to download from School of Biblical Evangelism (Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron).  They do not ask you to register or sign-up or leave information.  The link to download the file (in zip format) the #1 on the following page:


There may come a day when it will be against the law to own or carry a Bible.  Think that’s far-fetched?  It’s not because the Bible is currently outlawed in 52 countries around the world.  Like me, you may have one or two collecting dust.  Time to get the dustrag out and start reading and studying!

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