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One Official Watches Over Another Official, and There Are Higher Officials Over Them

In our society today, I see many people who are doing as much as they can to gain as much wealth as possible. Many of these individuals are on the left. They talk a good talk about “sharing the wealth” and meeting the needs of the oppressed. However, they are concerned about themselves and they are building their little kingdoms off the backs of hard-working individuals throughout the world. They wish to live in splendor and ease while the rest of the world slaves away.

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Seven Heads, Ten Horns, and the Revived Roman Empire, Pt 2

It is reasonable to conclude then, that the beast that comes out of the sea – with seven heads and four horns – essentially comes from all the previous empires that existed. Here is Revelation 13:1b. “Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.” These seven heads really represent the previous four kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persian, Grecian, and Roman. Why seven heads?

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Seven Heads, Ten Horns, and the Revived Roman Empire

These empires are important because of the fact that they are part of prophecy and they essentially replace one another, as one empire segues into the next. What is truly interesting here is because these empires occurred in essentially the same area of the world – which turns out was the birthplace of civilization – even though a new king or emperor came on the scene, if we stop to consider it, one empire simply folded into the next.

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What Do Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, Russia, China, and the US Have in Common?

What Estulin points out is that in order for the NWO to come into existence, the global elite needs to gain control of all major players in the world of geopolitics. That includes Russia and of course, China. In fact, Russia is far more important because of its location in the world.

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The Very Interesting Thing About the Last Beast of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13

But what I find most interesting is that there definitely appears to be a group of individuals deep in the shadows who have been controlling many events worldwide for decades. If true, then in essence, they are actually ruling the world now in spite of the fact that it appears that presidents and leaders of countries throughout the world are actually leading nations.

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Are We in the Final Stages Before the New World Order Becomes Reality?

We need to remember that God’s plans must come to fruition. Part of His plans allow Satan to rule over the world through his spiritual son (just prior to the return of Jesus), the Antichrist. If you stop to consider it, this will be the fulfillment (or at least the last attempt) of Satan to bring his own promises of eons ago to pass when he said he would “raise [his] throne above the stars of God, And [would] sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north,” (Isaiah 14:13). “Stars of God” is most likely a reference to the angelic realm, as also used in the book of Job.

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Wisdom Does Not Mean Always Making the Correct Decision

We know that knowledge is the acquiring of information or learning. Wisdom is knowing how to apply that knowledge. Knowledge helps someone to understand that electricity runs through a light socket. Wisdom tells the person not to put their finger in that light socket. Better use of wisdom causes a person to put a light bulb in that light socket so that the light it gives off is beneficial to those around.

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George Zimmerman Helps Rescue People But Still the Question: Why Was He Following Them?

The story also notes that this accident happened “less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Martin.” Obviously, that proves it. Zimmerman was very likely home at the time of the crash, or skulking around some bushes lying in wait for the next black thug that dared to walk through Z’s neighborhood.

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What Do George Zimmerman and Roderick Scott Have in Common?

In 2009, a man was asleep on his couch when he heard noises outside. He grabbed his gun, told his girlfriend to call 911, then went outside. Once there, he confronted three youths who were attempting to break into a neighbor’s vehicle.

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Because of the Desire for More Gun Control, We Never Learned the Truth About Trayvon

There is so much about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman that we learned from the mainstream media. The problem is that this media had an agenda. They had a story to tell and both Martin and Zimmerman were merely props to be used for a “greater” purpose. The purpose, as I’ve said before, is greater gun control.

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