Are We in the Final Stages Before the New World Order Becomes Reality?

July 25, 2013 at 12:49 PM 1 comment

Daniel Estulin books

Two books that are worth reading by a true investigative journalist, Daniel Estulin.

Are We in the Final Stages Before the New World Order Becomes Reality?

I have been having an interesting time reading through several of Daniel Estulin‘s books, which have been major eye-openers. A little over a year ago, I fervently asked the Lord to show me what was going on behind the scenes in the world to bring us to a place where a new world order would come to fruition. I desperately wanted to see how things were coming together. Part of me believed (or wished) that He would simply pull back the curtain in the spiritual realm as He did with Elisha in 2 Kings 6.

I admit that I had little faith that it would happen and what I would I have learned anyway? I would have seen tremendous amounts of spiritual beings and a great deal of activity and movement, but without explanation, it would have done little good.

It seems as though the Lord provided a far more pedestrian way to give me the understanding I sought and frankly, I’m glad because while it has been a slow process, it is one that has helped shaped my understanding of what has transpired, what is transpiring, and what will transpire as the new world order is brought closer and closer.

My studies certainly involved His Word, but He also seemed to direct me to book after book, article after article written by people who appeared to be deeply in the know, some of whom are not even Christian. Their discoveries and writings have helped paint a picture that at least seems to be a fairly accurate assessment of what has brought society to where we stand now and what we expect to be happening in the near future.

When I first began this quest for understanding, I wasn’t really sure how much more time we had in front of us. Moreover, I was also not firm on whether or not we could actually take things back, to wrest control (in God’s power and grace) from the enemy. I no longer believe that this is possible. Too much transformation has occurred in society for that to occur. In fact, with the initial election and re-election of Obama, I think the puppet masters behind the scenes (The Bilderbergers or Shadow Masters, as Daniel Estulin refers to them) have created such a widespread conglomerate throughout the world in which they stand to benefit even more than they have to this point, that we cannot go back. In reality, I’m not even sure they can be slowed down by human effort. I simply don’t know as I’m still trying to pierce through the darkness as it were to understand in greater measure what they have done.

In short, I now believe that because of how far everything has come, it appears as though we are in the last stages just prior to the revealing of the new world order. I’m not a prophet, nor am I a seer. I am simply making an educated guess based on what I have learned.

I also firmly believe that there is absolutely no way the global elite could have gotten the world to this current point without God allowing it to happen. This is not to say that God has blessed their endeavors. Far from it. He has simply allowed things to move as they have because ultimately, it coincides with His will and will bring Him tremendous glory.

In reading through Estulin’s book about the Bilderbergers (“The True Story About the Bilderberg Group”) and how these global elitists have used the international drug trade to make themselves exorbitantly wealthy and powerful (“Shadow Masters”), much of the plan is laid bare. Estulin provides almost too much documentation for my tastes, but I also completely understand why he does so. He wants to ensure that those who might be tempted to doubt him see the thoroughness of his research and investigative journalism.

If God had planned on stopping any or all of this, I believe He would have done so long before things reached this point. He has not stopped things. He has allowed them to progress. The global elite has spent decades enriching themselves off the backs of the common person. They have looted entire countries of their natural wealth and reduced their currency to a near worthless state (Russia in the early 1990s). They have created one war after another (Kosovo) in order to amass more wealth through the sales of arms (legal and illegal) to both sides, or remove leaders they wanted out (Milosevic).

They have done what they can to put and keep society on edge and destabilized. A society that is fearful because they do not know what will happen next is a society that is willing to give up freedom in exchange for promises from the government for “security.” That security is a smokescreen, an illusion that never materializes.

I have come to understand that America’s political system has become fully corrupted. This is not to say that every politician is corrupt, but it is to say that the system itself is so broken that there is no fixing it.

It seems presidents come and go but the advisers and decisions makers in government remain. Most of the top individuals in our government (and often behind the scenes) are members of Bilderberg and also part of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Trilateral Commission (TC). Would it surprise you to note that many of the advisers in Obama’s administration were also part of Jimmy Carter’s administration, or Reagan’s, or George H W Bush’s, or Clinton’s? Estulin proves the connections.

The two-party system in America is a sham. We do not decide who will be president. The global elite would not dare to leave that decision in the hands of “serfs.” The president himself is little more than “yes” man to the global elite. If he fails to continue to play ball, he is gone. Think Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.

I firmly believe we have passed the point of no return. This is not to say that Christians stop working. We continue working, but we cannot expect that our government or society as a whole will be turned around. I don’t believe that God will allow that no matter how hard we work or how much we dedicate ourselves to praying for it.

We need to remember that God’s plans must come to fruition. Part of His plans allow Satan to rule over the world through his spiritual son (just prior to the return of Jesus), the Antichrist. If you stop to consider it, this will be the fulfillment (or at least the last attempt) of Satan to bring his own promises of eons ago to pass when he said he would “raise [his] throne above the stars of God, And [would] sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north,” (Isaiah 14:13). “Stars of God” is most likely a reference to the angelic realm, as also used in the book of Job.

God is going to give Satan that chance and he will fail miserably. He still pursues that goal though.

If this is what is going to happen, then what are Christians to expect? Terrible times, as Paul has stated in 2 Timothy 3. But I also firmly believe God will guide those of us who seek His direction. He will provide wisdom. He will grant us peace.

We shouldn’t worry. God will not abandon us. We simply need to hold onto Him in complete faith, knowing that He cares for us. If we get caught up in the circumstances in the world, we will lose sight of our mission, which is to glorify Him and share the gospel.

There are people who need to hear His message of salvation and if Christians don’t share it, who will?

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  • 1. cheryl  |  July 25, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    Thank you for the honesty insight and true call to arms in your closing statement. We have to be salt and light in these ever darkening days, they will know we are Christians by our love……


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