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Are We in the Final Stages Before the New World Order Becomes Reality?

We need to remember that God’s plans must come to fruition. Part of His plans allow Satan to rule over the world through his spiritual son (just prior to the return of Jesus), the Antichrist. If you stop to consider it, this will be the fulfillment (or at least the last attempt) of Satan to bring his own promises of eons ago to pass when he said he would “raise [his] throne above the stars of God, And [would] sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north,” (Isaiah 14:13). “Stars of God” is most likely a reference to the angelic realm, as also used in the book of Job.

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What Do George Zimmerman and Roderick Scott Have in Common?

In 2009, a man was asleep on his couch when he heard noises outside. He grabbed his gun, told his girlfriend to call 911, then went outside. Once there, he confronted three youths who were attempting to break into a neighbor’s vehicle.

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America’s Decline is Evidenced in the Demise of the Culture

The demise of American culture began decades ago, with people like President Woodrow Wilson and his chief of staff, who was very fond of Marxism. Much of it was underground and behind the scenes until it bubbled over onto the surface of America during the 1960s when the so-called cultural revolution hit society. From that point onward, America changed and it is still changing. Here’s what one author writes about that period of time.

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Man’s Inhumanity to Man Continues Seemingly Unchecked

As we read through Revelation or other books of the Bible that detail the end times and how bad they will become, it appears to grow in intensity and occurrence until Jesus actually returns. I know that historically, there have been times when things are dark. The difference in those situations and the last days has to do with the fact that things will be fully global. These are the times which are here now, I believe.

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Media Blackout on Black on White Crime Because It’s Politically Correct

This is what political correctness does. It focuses only on those things that are filled with emotional virtue. Trayvon Martin’s death? It is tragic that it happened. Political correctness is forced to make Martin appear to be the hero, and Zimmerman appear to be the bad guy. Why? Because under political correctness, blacks and other minorities are the “victims” and whites (especially white males) are the “oppressors.” This is also why the news media went so far as to refer to Zimmerman as a “white/Hispanic,” but now almost exclusively refers to him as a “white male.”

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Obstruction Is Such a General Term But Police Use It More and More

Generally speaking, when a person is charged with obstruction, it is supposed to be due to the fact that the person allegedly interfered with police, or in some way kept them from doing their job. If a person physically stands in the way of a police officer while they are trying to get around them, may be considered obstructing. If a person deliberately lies to law enforcement to keep them from obtaining the truth, may be considered obstructing.

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Cowering Under Islam’s Presence is Becoming the Norm

The real tragedy is what Islam continues to do to freedom in society. The idea that people who have committed no crime (except the perceived crime of telling the truth) can be kept out of a country is abysmally evil. It is profoundly wicked. It is bowing to Islam.

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