America’s Decline is Evidenced in the Demise of the Culture

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“Language and dress are the outward manifestations of a culture. Eloquent language and dignified dress are hallmarks of a great civilization. Vulgar language and undignified dress are hallmarks of a gutter people, barbaric, and uncivilized.” – B. Forrest Clayton

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The demise of American culture began decades ago, with people like President Woodrow Wilson and his chief of staff, who was very fond of Marxism. Much of it was underground and behind the scenes until it bubbled over onto the surface of America during the 1960s when the so-called cultural revolution hit society. From that point onward, America changed and it is still changing. Here’s what one author writes about that period of time.

“In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the leftwing hippie movement started its cultural revolution in the United States and was later successful in taking over much of the entertainment media. In the United States casual attitudes towards dress, speech, and manners accompanied casual attitudes towards ‘drugs, sex, and rock n roll.’ If ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity’ was the battle cry of the French Revolution, ‘Drugs, Sex, and Rock n Roll’ was the battle cry of the hippie movement. The long hair of the hippie movement is no longer with us, but the drugs, sex and rock n roll music of the hippie movement have taken over our popular culture and remain with us to this very day.” [1]

The tragedy is that so much groundwork was laid that served as the explosive force for the cultural revolution that it became difficult (if not impossible) to stop it. A few tried, but were unsuccessful. The heady taste of freedom from the norms of the day catapulted the movement onward with little let up.

Though society – up to that point – had certain mores and values that were generally respected, having been codified long before, things changed seemingly overnight. “The hippie movement emphasized the idea that formality in dress, speech, and manners was bad and that casualness in dress, speech, and manners was good. Our society today has clung steadfastly to this new radical belief system. This rebellious attitude instilled in our culture by the hippie movement has led to much higher levels of libertine style liberalism. For example, one of the leading leftwing propagandists in America today, Michael Moore, goes out of his way to appear unshaven, unpressed, and unkempt. Dignified dress and eloquent use of language show respect for oneself and respect for others. Casualness shows a lack of respect for oneself and others.” [2]

Look at the prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, the 19-year-old friend of Trayvon Martin who was on the phone with him moments before he was shot and killed. One of her responses to attorneys who questioned her as a witness was, “I done told you, I don’t watch no news.” Part of that is simply the way people in the south speak “I done told you…” and the second part is a double negative (“I don’t watch no news”), which means that Rachel does watch the news. Most people without a quality education do not comprehend how a double negative works.

Racial apologists tried to paint Jeantel’s testimony as simply showing the major difference between black and white culture. I’ve heard plenty of people often referred to as “white trash” speaking exactly the same way though. This supposed cultural twist also (allegedly) includes the use of the word “cracker” as simply referring to white people, but it is not meant to be taken as a racial slur. The argument I heard was based on the attorney for the Martin family who said that the use of the term cracker in reference to white people by Trayvon (and Jeantel simply stated what she had heard Martin say on the phone referencing Zimmerman as a “crazy a** cracker”) couldn’t have been a racial slur since Trayvon also used the “N” word. That’s disingenuous (if not an outright lie) though because black people will often call themselves the “N” word, but of course, if a white person did that, there would be hell to pay. We can assume the same thing here with the use of the word cracker, so the Martins’ attorney is wrong (once again). Rachel Jeantel is not the exception to the norm. She is the norm.

We just returned from spending several days in California. We went there for a relative’s wedding and stayed to take in Disneyland and California Adventure. When we speak of dressing down today, we should not miss the fact that part of that includes people becoming human billboards. The amount of tattooing that people have on themselves has become ridiculous. It’s not just tats, but piercings. Piercings in eyebrows, noses, lips, tongues, ears, and other parts of the human body. It’s really strange to look at people who have turned their bodies over to tattoo artists. Beyond this, the way people dress seems to highlight the fact that they don’t really care how they look. Anything goes today. Anything. There is little to no concern for propriety in either speech or dress. It’s all up for grabs.

“In Ancient Rome the decline in dress, speech, and manners accompanied a rise in ‘bread and circuses.’ The ‘bread’ represented a growing socialist welfare state and the ‘circuses’ represented perverted entertainments in the circus maximus and the coliseum, like feeding Christians to the lions while the masses cheered for more satanic violence to satiate their lust for cheap entertainment.” [3]

American society has been decimated by a continual decline that began outwardly in the 1960s. Like a tsunami, it has spread itself out over our entire nation as an attack from the left on the culture. There is no longer any pretense about it.

[1] B. Forrest Clayton, Suppressed History II: Pulverizing Politically Correct Paradigms (2005), p. 90

[2] Ibid, p. 90

[3] Ibid, p. 89

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