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When Ministries Become Big Business…

There is something afoot in America and throughout the world that has actually been going on for quite some time. Unfortunately, most within the visible Church seem completely unaware of it.

People take the time to look to leaders of ministries – whether they are church or para-church organizations – to give them the Word of God. They want to be spoon-fed and told what they should believe. They want to trust in what they are hearing. They look up to the people in the pulpits and heads of large ministries and trust that what they hear those people say is the truth, so help them God.

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Obama/Shabazz – Allies in a New Race War

Here’s an intriguing and timely post from Craig Andresen over at the National Patriot.

I keep forgetting that even though the liberal media likes to give tremendous attention to racist groups like the New Black Panthers – making them seem far larger and more effective than they actually are – but it is good to be reminded that these types of race-baiting groups are fringe, just like the white version; KKK.

However, even though fringe, it is important to recognize their presence and intentions. Craig lays it out clearly….

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I Simply Cannot Trust What Mosab Yousef Says…

What people do not either realize or care to know is that the Muslim Brotherhood has been working very hard in Egypt not only to squash anything outside of Islam including true Democracy, but to rid the country of Christians. They’ve been doing this by attacking Christians – literally – throwing them in jail, burning their churches to the ground, and taking everything they have. Many Christians have left the country, but too many have either been killed or injured because of the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood and their pro-“Democracy” movement.

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Wegman’s Supermarket Update

Update regarding Wegman’s Supermarket catering to Muslim cashier, from Atlas Shrugs.

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Virginia: Muslim Owner Demands Service Dog Leave Restaurant

Recently, it became known that Wegman’s supermarkets created a special situation for a Muslim cashier, allowing her to avoid handling both pork and alcohol products. She says this offends her, yet she is willing to work at a place that SELLS both.

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