Virginia: Muslim Owner Demands Service Dog Leave Restaurant

April 1, 2012 at 11:26 AM 3 comments

Recently, it became known that Wegman’s supermarkets created a special situation for a Muslim cashier, allowing her to avoid handling both pork and alcohol products.  She says this offends her, yet she is willing to work at a place that SELLS both.

There is NOTHING in the Qur’an that says a Muslim somehow becomes unclean or has sinned if he/she merely handles these products.  It is in the CONSUMPTION of said products that the problem exists.

Yet Wegman’s has opted to create a special situation whereby a sign asks customers to go to another cashier if they are buying pork or alcoholic products.  Would Wegman’s do this same thing for a Christian or Jew? I cannot imagine it. So why do Muslims get free passes like this?

It is because they are seen as the “weaker” person, so society needs to wrap their arms around them and bring them along.  The truth of the matter is that Muslims are not weaker people.  Many – too many – are radical, hate-mongering people who look forward to the day when Islam will rule the world.

With respect to the situation at Wegman’s, this is merely another way in which Islam is attempting to foist itself onto the fabric of American society.  This is called “stealth jihad” and it is coming to a community near you.

I know of people who were fired from their jobs because they wore buttons while at work that said, “God bless our troops.” I know of others who were fired because they brought a Bible so they could spend time reading it silently to themselves during their lunch breaks.  They didn’t stand up and read it out loud or preach to the rest of the people in the lunch room.  They simply brought it to study on their own time, off the clock, during lunch.

Yet here we have a situation in which a major supermarket chain has made the mistake of catering to ONE person over the alleged belief that handling pork or alcohol is not permitted in Islam.  In fact, as stated there is nothing that prohibits touching it; but only in consuming it.

The following is from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs.  She, along with Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), post about the things that are happening in the world and even here in the United States.  You can read more about the situation at Wegman’s by clicking on the link below.  For more information at Atlas Shrugs, click on the link at the end of the article.


After I posted on the sharia compliance at Wegman’s and their special halal checkout here, an Atlas reader shared this experience with a “tolerant” religion of peacenik. Remember, there is no golden rule under Islam.

Get this one Pam[ela],

I have a disability which requires that I use a service dog. His name is Ray and he helps to counterbalance, alert and guide me. Under Federal Law, The Americans with Disabilites Act of 1990, a disabled person with their service dog must be allowed public accomodation and admittance. Among such places include Airplanes, Public Transportation, Businesses which serve the gerneral public, restaurants, etc.

One evening two friends, myself and my service dog Ray entered a kabob restaurant in Virginia. Within seconds a man, apparantly who was the owner, made a scene about my service dog and asked me to leave. I was fairly certain he was Pakistani Muslim. There were other people in the restaurant who apparantly were also Muslim because of their coverings. Anyhow, I told him about the ADA, which he knew nothing about, and I told him that I was refusing to leave the restaurant and demanded that we be served the food we ordered. He was obviously very, very unhappy about it, yet he did eventually very reluctantly comply.

If he had insisted that my dog and I leave and refused to serve us in his restaurant, I would have filed a Human Relations Complaint of Discrimination or a ADA complaint with the US Dept. of Justice. If that would ever happens I wonder if this Islamization has gone that far that it would limit me from entering a Muslim owned or opperated establishment which serves the public? It’s sad to see our society begin sliding down the slippery slope of making these kinds of self serving accomodations. The people who are in favor of these kinds of accomodations as being in the friendly spirit of Freedom and Liberty are missing the point that our strong tendancies for “cultural” and “religious” acceptance are really being used to undermine our very freedoms and liberties in a very clandestine manner.

The very essence of the Judeo-Christian belief is based upon “Loving our neighbors,” but all to frequently forgotten is another teaching of our sacred writings is that if we know that someone is going to kill us “We are “obliged” to kill them before they can kill us. In the context of this teaching, “obliged is stronger than being commanded.” We are not commanded to murder someone because of their belief system or because they are different, but if they are going to kill us, self defense is an imperative. I believe as many of our fellow Americans would like to believe, is that the majority of Muslims here in our country are not about Jihad; HOWEVER, a belief system which commands its believers to deceive and lie to non-adherants about their murderous intentions is most certainly one that should be closely examined.
Respectfully submitted,
Scott Sylte. [1]


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Arrested for Reading the Bible…in America Wegman’s Supermarket Update


  • 1. GC  |  April 13, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    Europe must round up all muslims and deport all of them back to the middle east where they belong. Muslims never has and were never able to adapt and accept the society in the western free Christian world. If we do not deport the muslims now there will be another Holy Crusade.


  • 2. Sherry  |  April 1, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    Certain Muslims consider dogs evil-

    I have seen a video of a Muslim killing a dog by throwing it off the roof of a building and I have heard of Muslim hoodlums grabbing an elderly person’s dog that was being walked and killing it right before the owner’s eyes in England. Many taxi drivers won’t take people who have dogs and/or alcohol with them.

    Eve told the serpent that she was not allowed to even touch the forbidden fruit-a stipulation that God did not make at all. That’s what these stories remind me of. Special treatment and rights for certain people groups besides the handicapped has got to stop.


    • 3. GC  |  April 13, 2012 at 8:30 PM

      Islam is not a religion but a twisted ancient tribal arabic fable. There was no Mohammed. They have no proof of a Mohammed.
      If Europe does not round up all the muslims and deport them back to the middle east where they belong there will be another Holy Crusade.


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