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Is America Under Judgment?

What should also be noted is that Jones’ message is comforting for the believer. For those who faithfully seek Him, He rewards with blessing after blessing even in difficult times. It’s something that we should be staunchly aware of because our active, ongoing relationship with God in Christ matters in many ways. We grow to spiritual maturity, God uses us to spread His Word and comfort to those who are frail in faith. This cannot happen if we are preoccupied with our own affairs, worry, doubt, and frustration about what we see in society.

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Trust the Lord and Do Good

So what is the antidote for authentic Christians as we increasingly find ourselves dealing with people who have reprobate minds? There is really only one antidote and it is found in Scripture. In fact, it is found throughout Scripture.

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Eating Animals’ Pain? Really?

I’m not really sure how these people can, with straight faces, make the statements they make as I don’t think they really believe them. On the contrary, I believe they are making those statements because they know they will be supported by MSM without question or any real pushback. These people are never given hardball questions. While the MSM host might attempt to prod a bit here and there, overall, each host comes full circle and fully agrees with their guest who pushes the latest form of climate change propaganda. All of this while people like Bill Gates, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Al Gore and many others fly around in private jets leaving an exceedingly large carbon footprint and being ignored for it. It’s either that or they build castles right on the beach while telling us that in a few years, America’s coastlines will be 20 feet or more under water. Well, which is it? These people are either stupid enough to build a mansion right next to the same ocean they say will swallow that coast or they are lying to the rest of us.

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Do Not Fear What They Fear

God warned Isaiah not to fear the enemy as it conspired against Judah. Instead, Isaiah should focus solely on the Lord through his thinking (see also Matthew 10:28). Too many Christians today fear too many things: CV, monkey pox, BA.5, potential food shortages and much more when in point of fact, we should be trusting the Lord to guide us through all of it. If we die, we die and we will be far better off because of it, won’t we? Yes, take precautions, but the overwhelming fear within society is doing more harm than good.

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Above All…Mockers Will Come

Peter is emphasizing to his readers that, while there are numerous signs indicating the last days are upon the earth, one in particular will stand out. That is the number and vehemence of people who mock the idea that Jesus will return. Many will do their best to show their contempt for Jesus (and believers), by ridiculing or mocking the fact that Jesus will return to this earth in victory and judgment.

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Global Communism?

Communism, on the other hand, is a system whereby those in charge are tasked with ensuring that everyone gets the same thing and no one is above another. Of course, like a technocracy, these rules do not apply to those in charge of either system and it takes a group of people to actually be in charge of each system and there are built in rewards for those who obey and want to climb up the communist ladder. Private property is replaced with communal property. Everyone gets the same food, the same living space, the same paying job and all of it is said to benefit all of society.

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