Global Communism?

July 11, 2022 at 4:10 PM 1 comment

It’s been over a week since I’ve offered any articles, but we’ve had a house full of people including my wife’s nearly 92 year-old mother, who flew in from California. She’s that brave. But my wife and I both noticed that in just one year since we saw her last, her health and awareness have diminished. Kind of sad to see, prompting us to agree that she should not fly back here again and in fact, her travel should be limited.

We had other relatives here too and while it was fun to see everyone, it got tiring too. You love them, you enjoy having them, and then you want them to leave. It’s interesting how you forget after they’re gone the amount of stress that was involved; making sure people have enough food and drink and other needs are met. I noticed my wife and I were simply hosts and had very little time to chat about anything. We’d hit the hay at the end of the evening exhausted from the day.

It’s like that with friends and family. You’re glad to see them and enjoy their company but it gets tiring. Still, where would we be without family and friends?

Changing gears…many are warning of the impending global communism/technocracy that seems to be taking shape across the globe. Is global communism different from global technocracy? In a technocratic regime, “experts” are in charge. So, currently, we see the “green agenda,” “sustainability,” “climate change” taking precedence over society so that farms are in danger of being shut down (as in the Netherlands), corporations are being overloaded with regulatory fees and in some cases, are going out of business because of it, and of course, this trickles down to the people who work in the various industries that are now being seen as verboten.

So, in essence, this type of government (technocracy) is seriously influenced by the “experts” who then offer their opinions on what should be done to make the earth more sustainable and last longer. Globalists then consider these opinions and put them into effect through the various governments across the face of the earth because they have bought so many leaders and politicians. It won’t work without monetary rewards and perks.

Communism, on the other hand, is a system whereby those in charge are tasked with ensuring that everyone gets the same thing and no one is above another. Of course, like a technocracy, these rules do not apply to those in charge of either system and it takes a group of people to actually be in charge of each system and there are built in rewards for those who obey and want to climb up the communist ladder. Private property is replaced with communal property. Everyone gets the same food, the same living space, the same paying job and all of it is said to benefit all of society.

The bottom line though is that the results of either global communism or global technocracy are essentially the same while the methods and people used to implement each system are slightly different. You’ll recall Klaus Schwab saying, “You will own nothing and be happy“? That is his take on how he sees the world very soon (likely, by 2030), and friends, it is thoroughly Marxist.

It seems we are heading toward global communism/technocracy (call it whatever you want), that is meant to prevail and rule the world. However, I have my doubts about at least some of it because of examples of one historical regime after another. None last and this will be true of the coming final one-world government that is currently being set up. But before we get into that, let’s go over a few bits and pieces of what’s taking place in the world today that is making it easier for globalists to usher in their one-world empire over which they hope to rule.

More people keep “suddenly” dying with really no explanation. You can read about some of them here. The tragedy here is that no one ever mentions the possibility of the CV jab that could be the culprit. It’s something in the atmosphere, heat or even the soil if you garden, but no one seems to think that the experimental gene-therapy jab could be the culprit in any of the cases. I’m still dumbfounded about the amount of people who make absolutely no connection between these sudden injuries and deaths after receiving the jab and the jab itself. They seem completely clueless about all of it. “I’m thankful I’m vaxxed otherwise it would be worse” they constantly intone. Yet, it doesn’t appear that the vaxxed are having these kinds of issues.

In other news, Gov. Abbot (TX), has ordered the deployment of the National Guard and police to the Texas border to arrest people illegally attempting to enter the USA. They will be sent back to Mexico, where they will, I’m sure, attempt to gain re-entry to the USA. What a joke. If the federal government was doing its job as outlined in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, they would protect the states rather than encourage and allow the invasion by people illegally gaining entrance into this country.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

It’s pretty clear, yet the Biden administration has not only turned a blind eye to the invasion, but has done everything possible to encourage it. This is treason, but who’s keeping track? The military is supposed to do something about it, but the military started going “woke” under the Obama administration and continues down that path. A Christian Militia group has joined in with Texas law enforcement officials to help them round up those illegally trying to enter the US. Part of their goal is to help get true asylum seekers out of the hands of the gangs and drug cartels, something apparently the Left doesn’t care about. The Left simply wants open borders where people can come and go at will, in spite of the fact that the gangs and drug cartels seem to control the border.

Let’s see, what else is happening? Way too much to list here, but please note that public schools continue trying to groom and program children into changing sex, having abortions and getting used to the idea of sexually experimenting on themselves. You can read about some of it here in this article from WND. Not to be outdone, National Education Association (NEA), decides to change from using “mother” to “birthing person” as if men can actually give birth. I’ll say it again…the only people who can become pregnant and give birth are women. If a woman decides to identify as a man and retain her reproductive organs, she is NOT a man according to the chromosomes she was born with and though able to give birth, this does not mean that she is physically a man. She simply identifies as a man, but remains fully a woman. I don’t care whether Hollywood or the entire Left likes that or not. Those are scientific facts, something the Left continually says they follow, but in reality, do so only when it’s convenient or when it seems that science sides with them. Most of the time, science speaks against them though they refuse to acknowledge it.

The lunacy is getting out of hand, but as I’ve stated in other articles, we are seeing the results of Romans 1 occurring throughout society. I’m really not sure if this is happening all over the world, frankly. It seems that the focus is on America in order to weaken the country to the point where it will simply implode. There are numerous factors at work that are attempting to create an overload to the system that will cause mayhem and havoc, resulting in the death of the United States. Certainly, it appears that this is why Biden was installed. Interestingly enough, I do not tend to see the same growth of transgenderism occurring in the USA, in other countries. I’m aware that other countries have their “pride” events, but it seems that the USA (for the moment), is the primary pusher of Transgenderism. Is it because by any means necessary, the traditional values of America must be destroyed in order to bring in the world order? Well, they’re going to have to do more than that because they still have the pesky 1A and 2A to deal with here as well. I know too many folks who won’t be turning in their guns. What Congress forgets is that any law they attempt to put in front of the 2A (or 1A), is fully illegal. The only legal way to overturn an amendment is by creating another amendment, which is very difficult to do. They tried that with Prohibition years ago and it was a complete failure so another amendment was created to overturn the Prohibition Amendment.

California has done a couple of things that will create more problems for that state, but who is surprised? Apparently, the government there decided it would be best to increase gas taxes, in spite of the fact that gas continues to increase there and is among the highest gas prices in the US. The other thing they’ve done is pass a law that will make it very difficult for independent truckers to work in the state. The new law – AB5 – reclassifies independent truckers into employees of a company rather than have the freedom to work for themselves. This was initially done targeting Uber and Lift drivers, but now it is extending to independent truckers, which will cause major havoc for the trucking industry in California.

Stay up with Dr. Mercola, whose articles are now safely listed at his substack page: Dr. Mercola’s Censored Library. He has a lot of great things to offer that can help us navigate the burgeoning world government. Specifically, his latest article on coming food shortages is not meant to scare, but to educate. Please read it.

Getting back to the coming one-world government, which, as I said, is destined to fail for a number of reasons, what’s happening? First and most important, the Antichrist who will rule over it will be absolutely destroyed at the physical return of Jesus, at which point, Jesus will deal with Satan’s final man with one breath or word from the Lord’s mouth. So, we know from the Bible that the final government is fully destroyed and evaporates when Jesus returns (Revelation 20). However, even before that, there are clear indications from Scripture and from history itself that inform us that all man-ruled empires are not sustainable. Certainly, globalists will give it their best shot because they truly believe that their coming kingdom is the be all, end all for them as rulers of this world. We know they are trying hard to create a kingdom that will elevate them to the status of rulers of the world. However, we also know that once that occurs, Antichrist makes his move to eliminate three of those 10 “kings” (Revelation 17:12), and the remaining seven swear their allegiance to him. This won’t last either because we see the problems when Antichrist tries to gather all the earth’s forces in an attempt to keep Jesus from returning to this world (Revelation 19).

This was first prophesied in Daniel 2, when Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was revealed and interpreted by Daniel, the prophet. The final global kingdom will be utterly destroyed and cast to the wind. Nothing will remain of it. Nothing.

This is true of every regime/empire that has ever existed throughout history. Every one came into being and then went out of existence at some point. The Roman Empire was probably the greatest empire that existed and the fourth empire highlighted in Daniel 2 long before Rome existed. The Roman Empire lasted a very long time, was very powerful and yet, in spite of that, still succumbed to numerous things that weakened it enough to allow its destruction.

Historians do not agree across the board on the reasons that caused Rome’s decline, although there are some that many historians do agree on. If you take the time to research this subject, you’ll find any number of reasons why some believe the Roman Empire declined and eventually died out altogether. I want to list some that appear to me to be the most obvious.

  1. Rome’s size
  2. Inflation
  3. Decline in morality and values
  4. Political instability
  5. Centralization and expansion of government
  6. Military changes
  7. Family disintegration
  8. Low birth rate
  9. Culture of death
  10. Rise of Christianity
  11. Public health/diseases
  12. Invasion of barbarians

First of all, the Roman Empire eventually got so large – going all the way south across the Mediterranean Sea south to the top portion of Africa and north to what is now Great Britain – that it became impossible to police the entire empire. As advanced as the Roman Empire was with a military that struck fear into the hearts of nearly everyone, they had become so large that they could not dedicate enough soldiers to every corner of the empire. It was impossible.

Elon Musk has been given approval to launch thousands of satellites into low-orbit so that everyone throughout the earth can have 5G+ Internet (though why am I thinking the Amish won’t care?). This will certainly make surveillance much easier for globalists to watch each person’s every move and where they are at any given time.

It still may well be an insurmountable goal to turn the entire earth into a surveillance state like China, but they’ll try. Certainly, it would be far easier to watch over people with surveillance in the larger cities and metropolitan areas, but what about the more rural areas? This will be difficult and even though Agenda 2030 speaks of packing and stacking people in the cities in housing units, there are too many folks who won’t be giving into that without a fight.

The more I consider what the globalists want to accomplish in order to bring about the final world order, the more I’m inclined to think that this new and final world order will be centrally located in Europe for the most part, branching out its tentacles from there. In fact, it appears French President Macron now wants to have a revived Roman Empire with nearly the same borders that the old Roman Empire had. It’s almost as though what’s being done to the USA with the Biden administration is set to bring the US to its knees and destroy the power it once had as a nation. Whether or not the USA will be actively part of this coming world order or simply be part of it on paper remains to be seen.

Ultimately, I think it’s important to understand what is being built, but not to be seriously focused on it. People should use the information out there to make good decisions about how to prepare for what’s coming because it seems clear that the transition to a final one-world global government is not going to be a pain-free transition. Things will have to crash and burn first in order to be able to “Build Back Better,” which simply means to put Communism in place. It’s only “better” for the globalists, not for the average person.

But I also fully believe God blesses those who continue to seek Him. This is accomplished as our fear (of offending) God grows continually, based on an act of our will daily. I just began reading through Ecclesiastes and while much of it tends to be a bit of a downer, the end is clearly uplifting, as I will here (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 NKJV).

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

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