Agenda 2030

June 5, 2020 at 11:12 AM 8 comments

I go online to look for the latest news and my insides become a tangled knot of frustration. I have a ton of questions and unlike many, I cannot “enjoy the show. I see what’s happening and like others I want to do something about it but that’s difficult at best.

I saw video after video of anarchists roaming the streets beating up innocent people, sometimes, killing them. I wonder where our federal law enforcement agencies are and what they’re doing? We all know that President Trump has promised to intervene with the military on American soil. Unfortunately, according to numerous constitutional attorneys, he really has no authority to do this. Yes, it’s been done before based on the Insurrection Act. The problem though is – again, according to constitutional attorneys – you cannot make a law that overtakes the Constitution. In order for that to happen, an actual amendment to the Constitution needs to be enacted and that is very difficult.

This may be why so far, only the National Guard has been used. At the same time there are many federal law enforcement agencies that can and should be used to quell the riots and stem the tide of violence.

We just saw roughly 1 million people in DC as part of a protest for George Floyd. At the same time, the mayor of DC order the National Guard troops to be evicted from their hotels. I’m sure she’d like total chaos and rumor has it that the Anarchists (AntiFa and BLM, along with other revolutionary groups), want to breach the White House fence. For what purpose? It doesn’t take too much of a guess to understand why. Do they have a death wish in order to be seen as martyrs?

The city council of Minneapolis has voted to disband the city’s police department. Does this mean there will be no community patrols? No, but since CAIR has aligned themselves with the city council in crying for the defunding of police and wants an Islamic revolution in the USA, we can reasonably expect that any future community patrols might well be made up of Islamists who will push Sharia Law on these communities.

The George Floyd death is an interesting situation. Why did he die? Was it due to “racism” or a tragic accident or even an actual “hit” on him? It turns out George Floyd had quite a rap sheet. He was clearly familiar to the police and on at least one occasion, illegally entered the home of a pregnant woman, put a gun to her stomach and with others, ransacked her house looking for cash or jewels.

Rumors of course are running rampant and it’s difficult to know the truth. In fact, though we may never know the actual truth, It has become apparent that Floyd and Chauvin knew each other. Turns out Chauvin worked with Floyd at a club previously. The two knew each other. Why did Floyd die over potentially passing a $20 counterfeit bill? It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Could it be that this particular club (which has a huge question mark over it according to some), was involved in counterfeiting money? If so, could it have been that Floyd, being broke, took a twenty and tried to use it to purchase goods and did not have permission to do so? Numerous people online believe this is very possible.

Here’s a woman – Amazing Polly – who offers some potential insight and asks some very interesting questions that really demand answers. Some of what she says is related to the club that both Floyd and Chauvin worked at. If interested, give her a listen: Riots & Lockdown – 4th Generational Warfare.

But in the end, we have another situation where a black man has been killed by a white police officer and that black is being held up as a martyr based on “racism.” He’s not a martyr. He is a victim of something. Personally, I tend to believe Floyd was a “hit” and had absolutely nothing to do with racism. The same holds true of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin – neither had anything to do with racism at all and both young men apparently had rap sheets.

We know the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crew picks and chooses which blacks they will support. If you’re an unborn black child, you can be executed in the most horrific way possible and other blacks in general don’t care. If you’re a black cop or security guard or average black caught up in the violence perpetrated by thugs, gangsters and anarchists, the same holds true.

David Dorn is not “trending” on social networks because his death doesn’t fit the narrative, even though he was black. Other blacks have been killed by AntiFa and BLM riots, but they receive little to no attention. The thousands and thousands of black babies aborted monthly are not “trending” either.

So with all of this, I was feeling very much overwhelmed, wondering where saving grace will come from and if it will come at all. I spent a good portion of yesterday and this morning praying about it. I came to realize that once again, my focus was wrong.

It’s not wrong to try to find out what’s going on in the world. It’s wrong when that information pushes us to think things that are not wholesome. It’s wrong when we start to lose faith in God and His agenda. Fortunately for me, God provided a reminder in the form of a video sermon from Rev. Danny Jones at Northlake Baptist Church.

Rev. Jones spoke again on the Coronavirus but added to it the fascinating aspect of the UN’s Agenda 2030. It had been a while since I had looked at that document from the globalists pushing for a one-world order, so I downloaded it again. You can do so here: UN Agenda 2030

You can watch this video from Northlake Baptist Church here: Coronavirus and the UN Agenda 2030

The UN’s Agenda 2030 is a 41-page document, but don’t let that fool you because behind every one of their 17 goals, are pages and pages of documentation that we do not see. In essence, the Agenda 2030 is a summation of the key points that the UN is working (along with many other nations), to bring to fruition. This document was originally published in 2015 and so the UN has been busy working to make it happen since then. We are essentially ten short years away from that.

When we hear politicians talking about “sustainability,” “climate change,” “zero carbon emissions,” etc., know that everything they are parroting is based on this one document. As you can see in the image of the first page of the table of contents, the very first thing is “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Let me say this first of all, these people are not kidding around. They not only want but are working very hard to bring the 17 goals they list to fruition. As Rev. Jones points out it’ll cost around 4-7 trillion dollars per year to make that happen and of course, that money is supposed to come from all the nations of the world including the USA in the form of taxation.

If you look at these 17 goals, please understand that these are the planks for the coming New World Order, aka one-world government. Satan is building it using godless humans to get it done. God allows it because it will ultimately fulfill His will for Creation. Read through those goals.

What also needs to be understood clearly is that not only this entire document, but the UN itself is an organization wholly built on lies. The Left has been working very hard to gin up the fear regarding climate change and the end of the world if we do not come together in “unity” and fix the alleged problem. These are all unmitigated lies that are diametrically opposed to Scripture. In essence the UN is built on a foundational lie that deifies humanity and attempts to dethrone God.

This world will last until the point where Jesus destroys and recreates it as we learn in Revelation 21. God and only God has control of that. We are in no danger of using up resources throughout the earth. Yes, there is waste and pollution, which we should do our best to control and limit. However, this is built into God’s creative equation. He and He alone controls how long this planet exists in its present form.

The UN believes we must zero out carbon emissions and drastically lower the world’s population. This is done through abortion (“health care”), as well as through pandemics, disease and wars. Please note that roughly 25,000 people died in New York State alone from CV-19, many in nursing homes placed there by Gov. Cuomo.

But please consider this one very important thing, if nothing else. We are just ten years away from the UN’s 17 goals of world change. Some of the things they want is to push people into cities where they will be packed and stacked. The land throughout the world doesn’t belong to anyone and belongs to everyone, says the UN and they want to limit where people can live and go and that includes the USA. Look up Agenda 2030 population map.

I’m very aware that all of this appears to delve into the area of “conspiracy theories,” but if you stop to consider it, Christianity itself is often considered a conspiracy theory by “intellectuals” who have been around since Paul’s day. They laugh at the idea that God became Man, lived a sinless life, died for the sins of humanity and all who will come to Him for salvation may do so. This is a huge conspiracy theory to them.

The UN follows suit with their godless views of life, death and the aftermath. They promise us everything in their Agenda 2030, which summarily comes down to full blown Socialism leading to Communism/Marxism. They will provide “free” everything: education, job-training, guarantee a basic income, housing, phones, food, and more. In exchange for that, all we need to do is submit to and obey them so that this one-world government can come into existence.

What has been happening in society, first with Coronavirus and now riots, lootings and burnings (not to mention innocent people being harmed or killed), is a mega push to destroy the rule of law in America. Once the rule of law is gone, all we have left is barbarism. At that point, would international forces be sent into to “help” the USA restore order? To what kind of order would our country be restored to?

I don’t think this is coming immediately but is certainly on the way. This same type of thing with riots/protests happened back in 2016 before the presidential election and it’s clear that much of this is all a ploy to ensure that Donald J. Trump is not re-elected so that greater advances can be made with the UN’s Agenda 2030. In my mind, there is not enough being done to counter the rioters and looters, while others disagree with me.

In reality, the actual bottom line has to do with our outlook as Christians. Where are we looking? To whom are we trusting? Do we understand that God is in charge and that any one-world government will only come about because He and He alone allows it to happen?

I quoted 2 Timothy 3:1-5 in my last article. Here is the very first part from the NKJV:

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come…(emphasis added)

The word “perilous” literally means “chaos” or “chaotic” times. It also means “lawless” times. Jesus called them “birth pangs” (Matthew 24).

We are living in that time right now and it is destined to get much worse over the next ten years as the UN doubles down to bring in their socialistic New World Order. As Christians, we really need to keep our heads above the water and in God’s Word. We need to understand that as these things ramp up, God has not forgotten us. He is faithful. Are we faithful to Him in understanding that He and He alone helps us, protects us, and keeps us?

What this means is that He may not keep evil from reaching us, but if we know Him and are secure in the knowledge of His salvation, what evil can accomplish over us is not permanent. In the meantime, it seems very clear from the apostle Paul that we need to do what we can to avoid the evil that is climbing out of hell to remake society. I watch videos of innocent people who find themselves in harm’s way and wonder why they are there? Certainly, some things cannot be avoided, but it might be best to do what can be done to avoid all dangerous situations now. You be the judge for yourself.

I’ll be expanding these concepts in future articles and determining what our (Christian) response should be to all of this. Please join me.

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Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement Foundational Crisis in America, Part 1

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  • 2. Maranatha Today  |  June 9, 2020 at 1:55 PM

    Thanks for another excellent article…You might want to watch these short videos…puzzle pieces coming together!

    The elite want a reset

    The riots were preplanned!They’ve been teaching the kids
    mayhem! Sunshine Movement!

    The Corbett Report


    • 3. modres  |  June 9, 2020 at 2:28 PM

      Thanks very much. I’ll do my best to check them out soon. God bless.


      • 4. Maranatha Today  |  June 9, 2020 at 2:34 PM

        Same to you!


  • 5. jettiejonker  |  June 8, 2020 at 12:42 PM

    Last week on June 6 was the World Invocation Day by Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust has an advising role in the UN.

    And yesterday was “attack and dethrone God” trending on Twitter!


    • 6. modres  |  June 8, 2020 at 1:23 PM

      Hi Jettie, thanks for this info. I had forgotten about Lucis Trust which I believe used to be Lucifer Trust. Yep, Lucis Trust has been vested in UN since it’s inception. Fascinating isn’t it?


      • 7. rob45  |  June 9, 2020 at 8:23 AM

        The whole UN-United Nations harkens back to Genesis 11. They haven’t stopped trying to build a name for themselves.


      • 8. modres  |  June 9, 2020 at 8:25 AM

        Yes, exactly. Today’s UN is built on the same spiritual foundation as old Babel. Same thing, just a far more modern version.


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