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Forgetting to Remember

It is sad that we must be reminded and remind ourselves to not forget to remember God. He must be at the forefront of our minds. He must become the most important part of our lives. Unless He is that, we will all be continually forgetting to remember Him.

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Rev 14B: Reaping the Harvests

From this passage we learn that God is gathering a great harvest of souls. Commentators see these two harvests as either the first being for the righteous and the second for the wicked. For the righteous of course, eternal life is provided, and for the wicked, just and eternal punishment awaits. Some commentators believe the two are for the same harvest – the harvest for the wicked. The reason they believe it is repeated twice is for emphasis, showing that God will surely bring it about. It’s difficult to go into all the pros and cons of each view, but readers should avail themselves of study tools that may help them come down on one side or the other. Remember, we are trying to determine God’s meaning here, not what we think it means or what we want it to mean. What is God telling us here?

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Revelation 15: Beginning of the End

Before unleashing the final seven of twenty-one total judgments (Revelation 16), during the coming Tribulation period, John the apostle sees numerous things happening in heaven in preparation. –John sees the temple in heaven, the sea of glass (see also Revelation 4:6), and the seven angels with seven bowl plagues appearing with them (after one of the 4 Living Creatures gives the angels their bowls).

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Being Wrong About God

We know the story. Joseph did what he could to physically avoid her constant temptations to lie with her. But he wanted nothing to do with and would not yield. Where did Joseph get the power and ability to resist Potiphar’s wife? It had to stem from how he learned to fear OFFENDING the Lord all those years in prison. He had given himself over to God.

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Being a Good Automaton

People need to be informed and not “feared” into doing something that may or may not be good for them. It is good to be as fully informed as possible. Yet the powers that be prefer we just take whatever they tell us as truth and not think; do no due diligence; avoid critical thinking at all costs. Just do what you’re told like good little automatons.

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Mistakes Made

People who make intentional mistakes should also be extended a measure of grace, but that grace extended is based on the nature of the deliberate offense. Generally, laws reflect this reality. The goal for each Christian is to make as few mistakes as possible and to be sure to avoid the intentional mistake as much as possible.

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