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February 2, 2023 at 11:41 AM 2 comments

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Grace is normally defined as “unmerited favor.” Instead of giving Adam and Eve (and the rest of us), what was deserved, God chose instead to exercise grace in the midst of His judgment and actually provided a way for them to escape the path they had chosen. So, grace is dealing with someone not based on what they deserve, but on how they are loved. We do this all the time with our children or grandchildren, other people and even our pets.

We exercise tremendous grace with our dogs, but they also both know that I am the alpha dog and they answer to me. When they make poor decisions we decide on our response based on the situation. When our older dog, Buster, was a puppy, we left him home while we were in church one Sunday. We wrongly assumed he’d just sleep while we were gone. Several hours later we arrived home to discover he had tried his mouth at redesigning our couch. Both sides had been torn off including metal framing. Our mistake was not putting him in a crate with bones and toys to keep him busy and protect our furniture and belongings. Buster didn’t know what he had done. We couldn’t punish him because he wasn’t doing it when we arrived home. He was tired and had fallen asleep after all that effort.

Our new dog – Scooby – made a very huge mistake recently. One morning my wife and I were both in our respective offices working. Buster was taking his morning nap and we assumed Scooby was doing the same. We were wrong.

At one point I heard my wife yell, “NO NO!!” I asked what had happened as I approached her office and I saw it. Scooby had brought in a chicken into her office that he had killed. We were upset. My wife had swatted Scooby across the nose with rolled up paper.

Scooby had somehow gotten into the fenced backyard where our chickens were free-ranging, by pulling back the wire fencing near the bottom of the gate between the garage and the house. He then killed five chickens and brought one inside the house to show my wife. He could’ve killed all of them.

I was angry at Scooby, but treated him with as much grace as I could muster. I realize he was a puppy and probably didn’t understand what he had done, but I was angry. For the next day and a half, I ignored Scooby. That may seem harsh, but it was actually a measure of extended grace because in my righteous anger, I didn’t want to do something that I’d regret. Just as an alpha dog would berate underlings via snarling or even nipping at another dog and might even possibly ignore that dog for a bit after taking it to task, I ignored Scooby so that he would know something was wrong. He got the message.

I learned from talking with others that this can happen and it’s not out of the ordinary. There was no need to think of getting rid of Scoob. He would simply need to be trained better and watched until he understood that chickens were off-limits to him. We also chose to stop allowing our chickens to free-range and kept them in their area which was fenced and netted (to keep flying predators out). Trouble was that the fencing we used was the same type of fencing used on the gate, so Scooby needed to learn that above all things, chickens were not his toys or dinner.

We began training him to ignore the chickens based on advice from others including our dog trainer. We showed him grace and firmness so he would not make that mistake again. But life is filled with mistakes, isn’t it? Most of them are hopefully unintentional mistakes, but there are some mistakes that appear to be far removed from unintentional and have the signs of being fully intentional. A person breaks into your home and that’s not unintentional. Someone breaks your car window and again, that’s not intentional. You’re driving down the road and the vehicle in front kicks up a rock that cracks your windshield and that’s unintentional. Life is full of these types of situations. In this last example, obviously, the driver whose vehicle through up a rock had no knowledge of it and certainly didn’t plan it.

During COVID, there is a growing concern that huge mistakes were made and foisted upon the public with no room for dissent. Were they intentional mistakes or of an unintentional nature?

Numerous medical professionals tried to warn the public about CV, masks, mandates and the rest. These folks were generally censored and some face expulsion from the medical community, because their opinions did not agree with the official stated narrative.

The powers that be foisted numerous mandates of mask wearing, lock-downs and social distancing. We were told that masks posed the greatest measure of safety against the spread of CV (prior to vax roll-out). What we now know is that this was absolutely incorrect. Was it an unintentional or intentional mistake?

Numerous mask studies over the past few years show masks are worthless in stopping viral spread mainly because the virions in CV are so tiny that they easily flow through a mask. Yet, how many times did you hear, “Remember, your mask protects you and my mask protects me” looped recording propaganda at big box stores until you either recognized it for what it was or believed it, being completely overcome by brainwashing?

Two recent studies – the Bangladesh Mask study and the recent Cochrane study – both prove that masks are essentially worthless at stopping viral transmission. Yet, we continue to see people every day wearing them even when alone in their cars. Both studies have been summarized by Steve Kirsch, who also includes links to the original studies. [1] Another article with links to original data also states what has also become the obvious. [2] [3}

In spite of the fact that masks don’t work, people will continue to wear them because they tell themselves, “Well, it must be doing some good!” We have proof they don’t and in fact, they create health problems for wearers since it forces exhaled CO2 to be breathed back in.

So, why were masks forced on the public? Why was social distancing also mandated? Why were lock-downs believed to have been necessary? Why were only big box stores, grocery stores, liquor/package stores, and strip clubs allowed to remain open? These were considered “essential” and because of that definition, many small businesses went out of business forever. Were all these global decisions actually unintentional or intentional mistakes? Most people will say they were “unintentional” based on what they knew at the time. Then those officials had no business being called “experts,” who also had the power to shout down any other medical professional who disagreed with them.

Somewhat related to the whole CV situation, why were there so many fires at fertilizer plants and food production facilities with the latest one happening at one of the largest egg suppliers in the USA just a few days ago? A very large fire destroyed one of the largest commercial egg farms in Bozrah, CT. Over 100,000 chickens were killed and with them, all the potential eggs they would have laid. You will see the increase of eggs in stores because of it. [4] It’s not just that chickens were killed and eggs destroyed. It’s that the future eggs will never be laid and the missing eggs cannot simply be created immediately. It will take time and in the meantime, consumers lose and most seem unaware of it.

With all these “accidental fires”[5] that have been ravaging production facilities throughout the world, one can only wonder if they were unintentional or intentional mistakes? Seems a bit too weird to simply be coincidental. Yes, some fires occur every year at production facilities, but not at this pace. Something is off.

Then we have the situation surrounding what is being called “Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 vaccination,” including increasing incidents of dementia and other issues. [6] How does this happen? Is the CV jab doing something to people’s minds? Why can’t it be discussed instead of simply being ridiculed and ignored?

But were you also aware that apparently, the value placed on your life is $250,000? This is how much a hospital was in the position to receive during the CV pandemic if they did everything government requested and the patient was wheeled out in a body bag. [7]

To sum up, there are two types of mistakes (sin) made in this world:

  1. unintentional
  2. intentional

When a puppy kills chickens, he doesn’t realize the full import of what he did. To him, chickens are toys that make noises and rumble around, signalling they should be chased. Grace should be extended because he really didn’t know any better. This is an example of an unintentional mistake, when a young dog was simply following his own natural instincts. He didn’t mean to do what he did, but it was still wrong. Grace should be extended.

People who make intentional mistakes should also be extended a measure of grace, but that grace extended is based on the nature of the deliberate offense. Generally, laws reflect this reality. The goal for each Christian is to make as few mistakes as possible and to be sure to avoid the intentional mistake as much as possible.

We will make mistakes along the way from time to time and though God might be angry at us initially (as He was with King David in 2 Samuel 11), His anger is fully justified and it is not an anger to our death. It is not anger borne of hatred but it actually stems from His love for us. How He renders that anger for our growth is testament to His all-encompassing grace. It is for correction, reproof and also proof of His love for us.

What is our approach to God? Do we approach God in a deeply respectful way understanding that He is the Alpha Male over all Creation, or do we tempt ourselves with intentional mistakes (sins) from time to time? Everything about our life, from God’s perspective, is built on grace. The fact that we are sinners and He doesn’t destroy us but has actually provided a way to save us out of our death spiral is proof of His love, even when seen accompanied by His anger. The Mosaic Law had no recourse for people who deliberately committed sin (made mistakes purposefully).

Just as my dogs love me, are glad to see me, want to do the things that make me happy so that I am pleased with them is a very small example of how we should be relating to God. Certainly, we are better in God’s eyes than dogs or other pets but God made those for our pleasure and His glory too. The truth is that we live, love, laugh, enjoy, grow in Him all by His grace. We are able to approach Him because we are adopted into His family through Christ and will live with Him throughout eternity. This is due only to the tremendous grace He constantly extends to us in this life.

That same grace that comes from God to us is what we should be extending to all people, especially those of the household of God. We can have all the book-learning and Bible understanding we can gain in this life, but without love shown in grace, what has been accomplished except head knowledge?

Love and grace are active, not sedentary. Love covers a multitude of sins and grace is the vehicle through which love reaches us.


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    Thanks for another informative article…so much news, so little time…so much wickedness…hopefully it can’t be much longer till He comes!

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    • 2. modres  |  February 6, 2023 at 6:26 PM



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