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Dearborn Michigan: Pro-Islamic Sentiment Contrary to the U.S. Constitution

It’s pretty tragic when publicly elected officials begin an assualt on the U.S. Constitution. Such seems to be the case in Dearborn, MI where both Mayor O’Reilly and Chief of Police Haddad have made their own laws concerning the issue of freedom of speech and expression.

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Myths of the Middle East by Joseph Farah

So what’s the solution to the Middle East mayhem? Well, frankly, I don’t think there is a man-made solution to the violence. But, if there is one, it needs to begin with truth. Pretending will only lead to more chaos. Treating a 5,000-year-old birthright backed by overwhelming historical and archaeological evidence equally with illegitimate claims, wishes and wants gives diplomacy and peacekeeping a bad name.

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Three New Books from Dr. Fred DeRuvo

God does not love Jews more than anyone else on this planet. He loves to bring honor and glory to His Name and rightly so. Because of this, His plan for Israel – the Land and the nation – will continue to unfold. The gates of hell will not stand against it and neither will nations or people.

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How Many “Invisible Judgments” Are There?

Other than call on Camping to silence himself and repent, I’m not sure what else can be done. Maybe nothing. But the world needs to know that authentic Christians do not stand with this man. Maybe…just maybe, people will hear us and start to believe the truth about Harold Camping; that he is a false prophet who should not be given any attention!

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First Draft of Book on Urantia Done

I’m pleased to say that the first draft of my next book, Why Should We Believe Them is complete.  Now for the rewrites and then off to the editor!

After studying these books especially The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles, it is absolutely fascinating what people will believe when it allegedly comes from an “ascended master,” or “alien”!

Here is the updated cover:

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What Does the Bible Say About Israel Today?

The first part of this began in 1948 when God began re-gathering Jewish people back to the Land. Why did He do that? Because it was the first step in Him ultimately returning glory and honor to His holy Name.

You people who are opposed to Israel had better humble yourselves and repent because you are sinning by standing opposed to God and His will. If you are unable to see that, it is because you have never asked Him to open your eyes to the truth. Please do so now.

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Harold Camping’s “Spiritual Judgment”

Salvation: Do NOT leave this life without it!

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