Three New Books from Dr. Fred DeRuvo

May 28, 2011 at 3:10 PM

With two of our books heading to the editor, we have begun a third, related to the nation of Israel, from God’s perspective.  This book will deal mainly with Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, 38, and 39 so that the reader can gain an understanding of what God’s plans have been for the Land of Israel as well as the nation of Israel.

Too many people today believe that starting with Ezekiel 36 onward, God changed from speaking about Israel, to all of a sudden somehow referring to the Church that was not to be born until Pentecost, recorded for us in Acts 2.  It seems fair to say that to understand Ezekiel 36 onward in this manner means to allegorize Scripture.

For the first 35 chapters of Ezekiel, God, through the prophet, is making his case against the actual people of Israel, explaining in clear terms why He ultimately removed them from the Land.  As Ezekiel progresses, it becomes clear that God is referring to the same Land and nation that He referred to in the first 35 chapters, though He is speaking in future terms, whereas Ezekiel 1-35 highlights the history of Israel through modern times.  Though He removed them from the Land, He also promised to restore them back to it.  In fact, in chapter 36, God literally raised His hand in an oath, swearing that He would do this.  Many here believe He fulfilled this through the Church.  If we are to understand Scripture in its literal sense (not literalistic sense), we would have to see a continuation and see that God is speaking of the exact same Israel in chapters 36 forward that He was in chapters 1-35.  Israel in no way ever became the Church.  God’s promises to Israel (except for the promise of salvation) was never given to the Church, or somehow transferred to Christ’s Bride.

People seem to miss the fact that He has promised to restore Israel (the Land and the nation) for one reason, and one reason only: for the sake of His holy Name.  In fact, he specifically states that what He does, He does not for the people of Israel, but solely because of the need to restore honor and glory to His Name.

Israel – the nation – is being dealt with by God.  Israel – the Land – seems to be at the mercy of nations, but in truth, it is God’s Land.  People need to recognize the fact that we are to support Israel for no other reason than He said we should when He first gave us an inkling that He was going to create Israel in the first place (cf. Genesis 12, 15, & 17).  What He means by that is that we are not to support the things that the nation does wrong, no more than we would support any other nation for the things they do wrong.  At the same time, we should support Israel because it is God’s Land and He is going to use the nation of Israel to return honor and glory to Himself.  That is why we should support Israel.

God does not love Jews more than anyone else on this planet.  He loves to bring honor and glory to His Name and rightly so.  Because of this, His plan for Israel – the Land and the nation – will continue to unfold.  The gates of hell will not stand against it and neither will nations or people.

I will be discussing this topic for the next few weeks on my radio program.  The first episode can be heard at

Incidentally, some time toward the end of June, we will be moving our broadcast over to  There, we will have our own page and you will be able to hear our broadcasts on a weekly basis as well as many archived broadcasts.  Please join us there.

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