Islam: the Religion of “Peace” Strikes Again…

September 28, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Just read today that a Christian pastor in Iran must recant his faith in Christianity or be put to death as early as today.  “Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who maintains he has never been a Muslim as an adult, has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his faith in Jesus Christ, the 11th branch of Iran’s Gilan Provincial Court ruled. Iran’s Supreme Court had ordered the trial court to determine whether Nadarkhani had been a Muslim prior to converting to Christianity.” [1]

It is amazing to me to watch the goings on in the Middle East and the ramifications of being a Christian in that area.  We hear so much about the alleged fact that Islam is a religion of peace, yet we have a multitude of examples where this is obviously not the case.

There are too many examples to list that prove this is simply not the case of a few radical extremists going nuts over Islam, but it is in fact, a regime that follows Islamic teachings to the core.  The main belief of course is that the good Muslim must live the way Muhammad lived.  One only has to look at Muhammad’s life to see how he lived.  This then is the barometer by which other Muslims should live.  This means killing innocent people in the name of Allah, and doing whatever else Muhammad did.  This is why many Muslim men marry very young girls because Muhammad took Aisha at the age of six but waited until she was the ripe old age of 9 before he consummated the marriage.  Of course, up until that time, he “thighed” her frequently.  So on one hand, Islam teaches against homosexuality and pedophilia, yet on the other hand, Muhammad was guilty of being a pedophile.

But here we now see yet another case where a Christian is being persecuted to death for his “crime” of being a Christian.  Pastor Nadarkhani states that he was never willingly a Muslim during his adult life (though raised in an Islamic home), but the courts say that because he was part of an Islamic household, he became an infidel (non-Muslim) when he converted to Christianity.  For this, they say, he must die.

I find it fascinating that Muslims come to this country (nothing wrong with that) and rather than assimilate into our culture, adopting this country’s rules and laws, they retain their Islamic values that permeate every aspect of their culture and society.  So they are here and take advantage of the freedom they have under Democracy, all the while condemning Democracy and everything that is not Islamic.

Pastor Nadarkhani was told that he must convert.  “When asked to repent, Nadarkhani stated: ‘Repent means to return. What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?’

“‘To the religion of your ancestors, Islam,’ the judge replied, according to the American Center for Law & Justice.

“‘I cannot,’ Nadarkhani said.” [2]

Yet the people of the United States continue to believe the lie that Muslims is a religion of peace.  I did a search on this story and besides FOX News and the Washington Post, I could not find it on any of the liberal rags.  They simply do not want to (or are not allowed to) report anything like this because it makes Islam look bad.

But the question is why would the global elite be interested in keeping this story out of the news bureaus they own?  Because they want people to think that there is nothing wrong with Islam and it is simply a peaceful ideology that people live by, minding their own business and wishing to be left to worship as they see fit.  In other words, they are using Islam as a distraction so that it can gain a great foothold within the borders of the United States.

When they are done using Islam, they won’t care what people say about it, but for now, it is helping to create the societal upheaval that is happening throughout the world and now within the borders of the United States.  They pretend it doesn’t exist, but they know that as Islam gains more ground within the U.S., as it has done within many other countries, society will begin to push back.  As society pushes back, there may be great civil unrest.  If that happens, then of course, martial law can be declared within those parts of the U.S. that are affected.  Fear of what is happening will spread like wild-fire and this unrest will (hopefully, as far as they are concerned) spread throughout.

Some might ask, why don’t they begin assailing Islam then to make the civil unrest happen sooner?  Good question, but the thing is that they want it to happen all by itself, without any direct help from them.  Since their news bureaus have been so leftist for so long, it would look strange indeed for them to all of a sudden begin reporting things on Islam that do not look good.  They can stoke the fires in other ways.

But back to our pastor in question.  In a Democracy, people have the right to worship as they see fit, but not in a dictatorship like Iran.  When people cease to be Muslim, they must be killed.  This is only slightly different for those who have never been Muslim.  They can be given the option of living and coming under the servitude of Islam.  Most often, as history has proven, these non-Muslims are simply wiped out, entire villages at a time.

I have to appreciate Pastor Nadarkhani’s stance.  He is unwilling to bend to something he believes is completely blasphemous and he had the strength of character to tell that to the judge.  To him, going back to something that he cannot equate to would mean that he would have to denounce his faith in Jesus Christ.  Right now, as a Christian, he believes that once he received Jesus through faith, he became a new creature and the Holy Spirit began living in him.  God also sealed him for the day of redemption (cf. Eph 2).

Pastor Nadarkhani is a brave man, but it is really the same thing that all authentic Christians should do if called upon to make that choice.  Once you have something that you believe to be the truth, it is impossible to recant that unless of course you are only interested in saving your own physical life.  If that is the case, then the chances are excellent that you were never truly saved in the first place.  This seems not to be the case with Pastor Nadarkhani.  The Lord bless him and his family.


[2] Ibid

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