Valerie Jarrett: Orchestrating Choreographed Chaos from Behind the Scenes in America

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Is that a poisoned apple, Ms. Jarrett?

Is that a poisoned apple, Ms. Jarrett? (Ironic how Obama’s position makes him look as though he has a Pinnochio nose…)

by Guest Writer, Janna Brock

Of all the people in Obama’s Administration, Valerie Jarrett is the most shadowy of figures. She’s an enigma, dubbed the “night stalker” by those familiar with the Administration. She is also the woman who has been single-handedly conducting secret talks with America’s sworn enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, for the past year. Think about it. This woman is the only person who has direct access to President Obama. He runs every decision by her. There is not one aspect of his administration that she does not seem to control. In essence, Barack Obama is a Valerie Jarrett creation.

Jarrett was born in Iran in 1956 to America parents. Jarrett’s mother Barbara Taylor Bowman, “co-founded the Erickson Institute in Chicago and still serves on its Board of Trustees. Tom Ayers, the father of Bill Ayers, was a one-time fellow trustee of the Institute.” Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist, part of the Weatherman Underground Organization, and “secret” Obama supporter. In 1995, Bill Ayers had a fundraising party for Barack Obama in his Chicago home which launched his political career. This truth was denied fervently by Obama but Ayers confirmed the truth himself some months ago.

The Weatherman Underground was a radical leftist domestic terror organization, with ties to “Black Power” radicalism, but ultimately Marxist ideals, including the destruction of U.S. imperialism. The goal of the WU was a classless society, a complete overthrow of the United States government. Though the terrorist group disbanded in 1981, those same sentiments are driving Obama’s policies including his deep affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. But how do the two connect and moreover, what does Valerie Jarrett have to do with all this?

Here is another point of intersection in this tangled web of the Islam, domestic terrorism, and Chicago. The Nation of Islam is well established in Chicago, and the Mohammad University of Islam was founded in Chicago in 1934 by Elijah Muhammad. All this leads to the present, with Munir Muhammad, who was born James Waller, a Nation of Islam convert and leader of the Coalition for the Remembrance of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Chicago. The Nation of Islam, though fragmented and disorganized, has deep ties to the Democratic Party. Munir Muhammad is influential in Illinois politics and is associated with Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama.

Valerie Jarrett is a dedicated Marxist. Her father-in-law was Vernon Jarrett, a noted Communist. And a close personal associate was Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist poet, and mentor to Barack Obama. He was rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Obama, perhaps molesting him as a young teen. And last but not least, is Donald Warden, a black man who now goes by the Muslim name Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour. A Black Panther, he funded Obama’s college education. He is also a noted American, Jew, and racist white-hater. Hence, it is obvious to see how this association has influenced everything Obama has done in his Presidency and how his puppet master, Jarrett operates. The goal is to destroy America.

As a side note, Vernon Jarrett, Valerie’s father in law, in 1979 “wrote about a plan by al-Mansour and OPEC nations to fund the higher education of blacks who would then declare their allegiance to the Middle East and Islam, rather than the United States.” Jarrett being the Marxist, America hating mentor to Obama, obviously adopted this plan. But Jarrett got Obama into Chicago society. She more less adopted him. And he owes her everything.

Barack Obama is a manufactured product. And in proving that he is not truly capable of leading, Valerie Jarrett is the one who does the leading for him. But behind the veiled curtain.  Behind every Obama decision she sits. Obama was bought and paid for. And all the goals of a rabid racist, America, Jew-hating Marxist, and Muslim sympathizer, will be realized through him.

It was Jarrett who urged Obama to hold off three times in the killing of Osama bin Laden. He never once listened to military officials or other advisers. Only her. It was all for political gain and when opportunity outweighed the risk, he finally relented, after her okay.

Edward Klein writes, “Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States.  She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how relations with Congress work, how the federal process works. She doesn’t understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security works. But she understands how Obama works.”

And if she isn’t qualified to advise the President, Obama’s qualifications to be President are more abysmal. Look at the disaster that is Obamacare. Jarrett pushed Obamacare and she was also the orchestrator of the shutdown. What was the motive? Political gain. In forcing the shutdown, the blame would fall on Republicans and Obama would have an out. Her “no negotiation tactic” was the center of the deal. A Democratic House could give Obama amnesty and guaranteed no holds bar control over every policy on the table. He could have complete control.

But what no one truly wants to believe is that he does have control. And no matter what happens with Obamacare, how big of a disaster it becomes, it ultimately doesn’t matter. It is choreographed chaos, a manufactured crisis. A deliberate failure orchestrated by a mad-Marxist, hell-bent on destroying everything America stands for all. Obama was indoctrinated by anti-American radicals. Islamists with deep ties to rich Arab oil. His time spent in Indonesia and Pakistan, as well as his education being financed by al-Mansour prove where his loyalties lie.

Jarrett is also the mastermind behind Obama’s great military purge, which will ultimately lead to our inability to defend ourselves in a major confrontation. The once great United States military is falling to pieces. But in the revelation that SHE is the one conducting secret talks with Iran and has been for the past year, at least, shows that this Administration has made a pact with Islam, has mutual interests, and goals. And in some bizarre way, Obama achieving any diplomatic negotiation with Iran would help alleviate his other foreign policy disasters, mainly Benghazi. Not that he has much to worry about from that anymore, since it has been virtually written off.

This aside, let’s get real. As Jeannie DeAngelis says, “The president’s willingness to participate in nuclear talks with a nation that has expressed genocidal contempt for Israel as well as a desire to eradicate America from the face of the earth is curious indeed, especially when measured against his obstinacy in political debate here at home.”

Everything the Obama Administration does is by design. They seek the ruination of America, the complete destruction of Judeo-Christian values, and ultimately submission to Islam. In Islam, there is power. And if al-Mansour’s plan is as outlined, with blacks being funded to essentially support Islam, this is the goal. Pledge allegiance to the Islamic Middle East, and away from America.

Valerie Jarrett is the brains behind Obama’s operation. The race baiting, white, Jew hating, bigot who sees America’s ruination as profitable. In the end, though different in theory, the Marxists’ goal is strikingly similar to the desire of Islamists. It’s a commonality of ideals, “Death to America,” to freedom of speech, and absolute power for a dictator like Barack Obama. Marxist/Communist thought is in line with Islam.

In an interesting essay, Alamgir Hussain writes “Therefore, it becomes evident that in matters of both feeding and providing for the poor and armed revolution, Islamic and Communist movements stand on the same line. And in both matters, Islam was the pioneer for the Communist movement. Whether or not did it happen in reality, Islam certainly gets a place as a priori example for Communism to emulate.”

Thus, in the eyes of Angels, Prophet Muhammad’s armed Islamic movement was a struggle of the poor (Proletariat) against the rich (exploiters/oppressors) for establishing parity in power and wealth. And Marx expressed agreement with Angels in his reply. Elsewhere Marx wrote:

Muhammad was the man who rose with an iron will among people who worship idols. He invited them to monotheism and planted the immortality of psych in their souls. So not only is he to be included among the prominent men of the history, but we also have to confess by all of our hearts that he has been God’s prophet.”

Marx praised Muhammad. Obama bows to Islam, and also to the woman who runs his Presidency, Valerie Jarrett. Together, they will work to destroy Israel and pave the way for a New World Order. Israel as we know can never be destroyed. But America can, and she will. If Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama have their way, there will be internal strife so violent as to cause complete societal collapse. And then they can seize total power. Every move is calculated, though perplexing as it seems, and every step measured. America is to be destroyed completely from within. And it will happen.

While all eyes are diverted to domestic chaos, the war clouds over the Middle East gather. In the process, America continues to crumble into a ruinous heap of rubble, all by calculated design, and by a people who have turned away from the Lord.

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