Luciferian Age of the Spirit

September 12, 2018 at 3:56 PM 6 comments

Anyone who has done any studying of the New Age realizes that it is often closely aligned with occult thinking and even direct worship of Lucifer (Satan). Many aspects of the New Age Movement, which incorporate deadly occult/pagan theology. This is not new, but it is something many miss simply because they do not take the time to study it. Certainly, we should not actually immerse ourselves into the practices of that ideology. However, we should at least familiarize ourselves with what the New Age teaches, then compare those teachings with Scripture.

The New Age movement has made serious inroads into Christendom, the visible Church. What is often misinterpreted today as a “move” of the Holy Spirit (because it appears to be happening within Christendom itself), is really Satan’s successful attempts to infiltrate the visible Church. He has made remarkable progress, to what should be the chagrin and concern of true Christians everywhere.

At Watch Unto Prayer it is noted that “The New Age has long been referred to in the occult the Age of the Holy Spirit or simply the Age of the Spirit. During the Age of the Spirit, the institutional Church will give way to a more spiritual form of worship, focusing less on doctrine and more on experiences ascribed to the Holy Spirit. This explains the present overemphasis on the Holy Spirit in portions of Pentecostalism, with their attendant signs and lying wonders. And in some Charismatic and Pentecostal circles, the ‘Spirit’ that is being invoked has usurped the exalted position that rightfully belongs exclusively to the Lord Jesus Christ.

How many Christians are aware that this has been and continues to occur? This is happening in one Protestant church to another, where the Bible is essentially set aside in favor of experiences that are touted to be from God, the Holy Spirit. As we’ve outlined in our most current book, Deception in the Church, along with numerous articles here on this blog, the tragedy is that little if any of what is seen has to do with God the Holy Spirit, but everything to do with Satan, the fallen god of this world and his deceptive practices.

We are living in truly dangerous times where critical thinking and spiritual discernment appears to be gone. When authentic Christians notice that the world is going completely haywire and many leaders within Christendom are leading us down that same path, to keep us in step with the world, that should cause us to stop and think, shouldn’t it? Instead, we too often get caught up in the emotional swell created by the world under the guise of “accepting” all without judgment. Multiculturalism, gender fluidity, sexual deviancy, open borders, and many other things are being pushed by leaders within Christendom. It’s all part of the social justice warrior attitude influencing society because of politically correct thought and speech.

There is a huge difference between pointing out the failure of people to achieve their own salvation (along with what exactly keeps that from happening; i.e. spelling out specific sin at times), and condemning people because of those things, isn’t there? While we need to be doing the first, it is not our job to do the second. Unfortunately, because of prevailing political correctness, anyone today who is seen to condemn a the sin itself, is labeled a “hater” and through peer pressure, is generally ostracized from the “town halls” of society, whether in person or on the Internet.

I will never forget years ago when the push for same-sex unions was just becoming a thing in California. I was talking with some folks, who happened included homosexuals, Leftists and other Christians (ostensibly). When I informed them that homosexuality is condemned as sinful in the Bible, I instantly became the enemy. Mind you, I was not condemning the person. I was simply pointing out what the Bible stated regarding that specific sin. I went further to state that though we are all sinners in one way or another and all have problem areas in life, Jesus came to save us from our sin and self. This He did by living a perfect life and dying a horribly brutal sinless death to take on the judgment that we no longer have to receive.

My comments didn’t go over well. I was told to “take my hate” somewhere else. Even one alleged Christian accused me of being “judgmental” and said I should be more like him. His idea was to “live and let live.” Even my additional explanations did not matter. I had been “outed” as a hater and that was that. No further chance to discuss it.

It is becoming way too difficult to keep track of all the variant theologies, ideologies and movements that have changed much of the tone of the visible Church and the Gospel itself. However, the source for all of these aberrations is found in one individual, Satan. He is a master of deception and can convince anyone without discernment that his ways are the best practices. It is hard enough for those who have discernment. We must always watch and guard ourselves that we remain faithful to God. This can only happen as we faithfully read and apply His Word on a daily basis. It can happen no other way. The truth is that without God’s Word, we are walking through life with blindfolds on, given to the whims of our emotions, which take the lead because of our blindfold. This is what Satan wants because our emotions are very powerful and can be easily used to deceive us.

It must be remembered the Occult teaches that Lucifer is the true “good” God, equal with God the Father (whom Luciferians believe to be “evil”). These two are allegedly locked in a perpetual conflict that will only be broken when Lucifer gains enough followers on earth to allow the overthrow of Jehovah.

Since the Creation and resultant fall of Adam and Eve, Satan has worked to consistently ensnare and gain control over global society. As I’ve stated before, his ultimate goal is to install his spiritual son Antichrist as the final ruler of this world. Once he accomplishes that, he believes he will be in the position to gather all people to himself in a final and desperate attempt to keep Jesus, God the Son, from returning physically to this earth.

To bring this about, Satan knows he must keep Christians especially from using true discernment and critical thinking skills. He wants Christians to look within themselves (not outside to the Bible), to determine the way they feel about every issue. Christians who continue to rely on God, increasingly get to know God through His written Word, and use spiritual discernment to apply God’s truth, will become increasingly ostracized by a world led by Satan. This is the sad fact, but it was long ago foretold by those whom God used to compose His holy Book.

I even see this occurring as it relates to President Trump and maybe I’ll share more about that another time. The reality appears to be that major aspects of Christendom have been hijacked by spiritual forces opposed to God. Does this mean that the Church itself is in danger? I don’t believe so, as I fully believe God protects His own and will not allow His Bride to be decimated. There does appear to be a purging happening today that is separating professing Christians from authentic Christians. Moreover, it is also possible that average true Christians can fall under deception as well if not paying attention. We are not immune from it.

I believe in spite of the way things may look in society right now, this world is still heading toward a one-world government with an accompanying one-world religious system to prop it, up at least temporarily. This is all outlined thoroughly in Scripture. What this means is that in spite of any good we may see under President Trump, it cannot last. In fact, what he accomplishes may be used against Christians sooner than later.

Kingdom Now proponents (goes by various names), all believe that as Christians work very diligently to spread the Gospel, more people will become saved, growing God’s “army.” This then in turn, will make it possible for Jesus to return to this earth in victory. Many see what is occurring in society today and believe they are seeing the Kingdom Now doctrine unfolding before their eyes. I believe they are sadly mistaken.

Consider something before I sign off today. The cabal families have been around for centuries. They’ve had many generations to plan their takeover of the world. The writings and other evidences are historically there.

Though today, it may look like they are losing because of President Trump, ask yourself how they could actually lose? Ultimately, they will lose of course, when Jesus returns, but now? They have most of the wealth in the world and it is not necessarily situated in the United States. That said, President Trump’s EO’s may have little impact on their ability to use their wealth and resources. It won’t get in their way.

While the cabal likely has many untold agents working for them in plenty of corporations, agencies, political halls, and media throughout the world, there are only so many actual true cabal family members. According to Fritz Springmeier and others, there are 13 families at the very top of the Occult pyramid. Thirteen families. The only loyalty these families have is to Lucifer and each other. Their so-called agents, the people who do their dirty work? The cabal has no loyalty to them because they are not “blue bloods,” therefore dispensable. I can easily see them throwing some of their agents under the bus once they become useless to them. Ask yourself, can Hillary offer the cabal anything anymore?

By allowing some of their agents to be dealt with publicly, wouldn’t this be a good way to “prove” to the public that the cabal is losing (though they are not)? Wouldn’t it go a long way in convincing people that things in society are turning around? Are we as aware of Hegelian Dialectic or “Perestroika” as we should be?

What most of the public sees today is a very obvious though general “war” between good and evil; forces of seeming good in our government against the evil of the cabal. This is what most are focusing on and because of that, much at the periphery seems to go unnoticed by the average person. Unfortunately, it will likely be these very things that people don’t notice that will undoubtedly become major turning points for society in the near future.

I realize I’m speaking a bit cryptically, but possibly in future articles, I’ll provide more detail. For right now, if you consider yourself an authentic Christian, ask yourself this: how often do you read and study God’s Word? Do you find yourself determining right/wrong by how you feel instead of by what is written in God’s Word, in spite of how you might feel about the issue? Moreover, what does God’s Word actually say about the end times/latter days and what is slated to occur?

There’s a great deal happening in our world right now and it is imperative that true Christians allow the Holy Spirit to develop our critical thinking skills and our discernment. Without it, we will be tossed around by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14), and end up being dragged along by the world. We need to divorce ourselves emotionally from the world and its satanic viewpoints.

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  • 1. Donna  |  September 12, 2018 at 7:35 PM

    Great article.
    Just want to say that I consider myself Pentecostal and Charismatic. I have been saved for forty years and for the first decade and a half I attended a wonderful, loving, Spirit filled Church that was so very balanced in teaching God’s Word, prayer, missions, and all that Scripture exhorts believers to be immersed in. During our Sunday Service people shared testimonies of how God was working in their lives and answering prayer. Hands might be layed on someone who requested prayer for healing. The Gifts of the Spirit, as taught by the Apostle Paul in Scripture, were in operation and it was wonderful and a blessing to all.
    I know there are many who have abused and misrepresented the Gifts of the Spirit from within the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement, but there are many who haven’t, as well. I am so glad that I got to be a part of that Church. It was a blessing and I am a better Christian for it.
    Your article is so needed today and I hope many Christian’s read it and grow in their study and understanding of Scripture. There is no way to gain true spiritual discernment apart from that.


    • 2. modres  |  September 12, 2018 at 8:02 PM

      Thank you, Donna. I appreciate your thoughts.


  • 3. Lois Rondoni  |  September 12, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    i know there are some strange ones out there in the charismac movement and pentecostal but they are all not strange. My father was pentecostal and solid in the Word of God. He taught us three children. He taught us you build yout faith in the Word not emotions. He also said if it is not in the Word if God he didn’t care how good it sounded – throw it out! He really walked and talked with the Lord which at one time saved my life. I am in my 80’s now so it was long ago. I ended up being. Presbyterian because of where we lived but have never forgotten my heritage. Yes, am imto the Word daily and prayer. Our nation is in need of much repair as far as serving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    I appreciate your column very much and agree with you re the Satanic forces. May God have mercy on us.

    Have you read of the 90 yr old Norwegian lady and what God showed her? This was in 1968. Amazing.


    • 4. modres  |  September 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM

      Hi Lois,

      I spent years in the Charismatic Movement and to Pentecostalism’s credit they rejected much of Charismatic Theology.

      Yes, there are really strange things happening in many evangelical arenas w/in Christendom. Without knowing and rightly dividing God’s Word people drift in every wave of doctrine.

      Offhand I am not familiar with that Norwegian woman you mention.

      Thanks for writing.


      • 5. Lois Rondoni  |  September 13, 2018 at 12:50 AM

        I actually found this by accident looking up somethijg else. I notice some other people have found it which I don’t support but it doesn’t mean it is not true.
        Someone put it on Utube.

        Thanks for your reply – much appreciated.


      • 6. modres  |  September 13, 2018 at 7:50 AM

        Thx. I’ll check it out.


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