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Just a very quick note regarding our page on We’ve been placing up audio messages for a number of years and we also post many of our blog articles over there as well.

If you go to and our page there, you can listen to our audio messages, most of which are essentially audio versions of these articles for those who would rather listen than read. In a busy world, it’s nice for folks to have both options.

If you also have a smart phone, you can download our app for either iPhone or Android in the APP store so that you can listen through your phone. We normally upload our messages at the higher bit rate for quality, as opposed to the lower bit rate, which though may load quicker and use less data, has reduced quality.

Unfortunately, due to one thing or another, we’ve been unable to consistently post new audio messages for a while now, but it appears life may finally be slowing down allowing us to post new audio messages at least once per week, but hopefully more often.

To our over 9,000 subscribers to this blog, we appreciate you and while most do not post comments (that’s okay as we know how that goes), we are hopeful that our thoughts, while you may disagree with them from time to time, offer food for thought.

Our goal is to glorify our Lord and Savior. The most important thing any believer can do is to get to know God through His precious Word. It may seem like a real task in the beginning, but the more you read His Word, the greater the reward. I am amazed at how much more I contemplate aspects of His Word throughout the day or how often I might see new insights into something I thought I was so familiar with previously.

There are many good “read-through-the-Bible” plans available. In fact, the one we use we downloaded from the APP store. Our Bible software program of choice for our phone is the Mantis Bible Software. This is available for iPhone or Android and is a free program. However, additional options for the program (Bible versions, commentaries, etc.), are not free. It’s nice to have the Bible readily available though and something you may wish to consider if you have not availed yourself of a Bible software program for your phone.

We hope you all have a wonderful day in the Lord. Please pray for us that the Lord would see fit to glorify Himself through our humble efforts. Keep the leaders of our country in your prayers, that God’s will would be accomplished and we would gain the grace to accept His decisions, whatever they may be.

Pray for safety and a lack of violence at the current Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. It is pitiable just how certain individuals show such a lack of public decorum. Talk about gone with the wind. Decorum left the public arena years ago, but the reality is that the Senate has rules and Sen. Grassley is the one who needs to enforce them.

Remember also that as Christians, we are ambassadors for Christ. People see our lives and determine whether or not there is truth in our witness for God. That is something we all need to remember and be very aware of so that we become compelled to submit to Him in obedience.

We’ll be breaking down Zechariah 3 soon. If ever there was a presentation of the Gospel in the Old Testament, surely this chapter is one such place. There are two very important things that Zechariah touches on in the vision of Joshua he witnesses. Those two things, though they originally spoke to Joshua and the nation of Israel, essentially speak to all believers. It’s really a delightful and awe-inspiring chapter so be looking for that soon.

May the Lord grace you with His strength as you move through today desperate to perform His will for His glory!

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