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Lies Are Quickly Being Accepted as Truth in Today’s Society

The problem is, that in today’s world, people use every excuse to explain away terrible tragedies and deadly deeds. Lately, we’ve been hearing a good deal about so-called “white privilege” as the reason at least some bad things happen. A professor at Rutgers and contributing editor at blamed the Eliot Rodgers’ killing spree on white privilege. Even after reading her explanation, I’m not sure how the idea of alleged white privilege has anything to do with the recent killings.

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Project Blue Beam to be Used by Antichrist to Fool People?

Project Blue Beam is said to be a system whereby the use of holograms are used to make things appear to be alive or simply appear to exist. An example of this would be with the recent “resurrection” of Tupac Shakur during a concert, where he sang, walked the stage and essentially did everything a living person would do, except for the fact that it was all an illusion.

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White Privilege: Newest Form of Acceptable Racist Bullying from the Left

The general definition of racism is defined as a hatred or intolerance of a specific race of people. Can black people hate whites? Of course they can. They are human beings with the same propensities toward evil that we all share. This is roundly denied though by people who tend to agree with the pervasively evil assault on truth known as Critical Race Theory and White Privilege.

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Take Heed That No Man Deceive You

According to Daniel, the Dispensation of the Age of the Law was limited to seventy ‘weeks’ (of years) totaling 490 altogether, starting from the command to rebuild the temple given Ezra by Artexerxes.

Daniel said the time would run concurrently until the Messiah is ‘cut off’ after 69 weeks (483 years). The seventieth week resumes sometime in the future with the introduction of antichrist.

The ‘fullness of the Gentiles’ is the conclusion of the Church Age. It is hard to see that any other way.

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Leftists Determine Cultural Conversation via Political Correctness

This is not how God works, nor is it how this country was founded and built. The rule of law came into play because of something called the U.S. Constitution. Over time, that document has been eroded by leftists who, in many ways, have gone unchecked. Conservatives didn’t really understand what was happening until everything spilled over onto society in the 1960s. It took us by surprise and now we’ve been playing catch up.

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Daniel’s 70 Weeks is NOT 70 Years!

It is the same thing here in Daniel 9. Gabriel is really giving a bit of a play on words. In essence, as Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum points out (“Footsteps of the Messiah”), Gabriel is essentially saying, “Daniel, it’s not 70 years, but 70 SEVENS of years.”

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Ronald and Laura Weinland and Steve Fletcher are Three Examples of False Prophets

Like Steve Fletcher who also has a habit of making claims that are not fulfilled (making him a false prophet as well), Ronald Weinland seems undaunted by his numerous errors and continues on as though nothing was amiss. This is simply the way it is with false prophets. Normally, when they are shown to be wrong, they will often attack those who call them out. This is the modus operandi for those who esteem themselves as prophets or seers. In reality, they have overworked imaginations and an ability to cause people to follow them. There is an intensity about their personality that makes people believe they have something that others do not.

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Baphomet May Make Debut as Statue Honoring Satan on Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

There are many godless people in America. Many of them were born here, but many more seemed to immigrate here within the last few decades. There are too many evil forces at work behind the scenes in America, attempting to reshape it, demoralize it, gut it, and destroy it. Prior to the 1950s, those forces operated largely under cover of the shadows, out of sight of the mainstream. Today, they work in the direct sunlight, creating havoc, creating change, destroying the biblical foundation of this great country.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 11

In verse 27, we see our first usage of the pronoun “he.” The first part of 27 reads, “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week…” The question we must ask then is who is this “he” referring to here? This is where the rule of antecedents comes into play. We look at the “he” and we ask, to whom does this “he” refer. If we travel backwards in the text, we come to the “people of the prince who is to come” section. We have determined that this is a roundabout way of referring to the Antichrist. Therefore, the “he” in verse 27 refers back to the Antichrist.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 10

It is clear from verse 27 that the final week does not begin until “he” confirms a covenant with the many for one “seven.” What is this covenant? We are not sure exactly what the covenant is, but we are sure that it entails a form of peace for Israel. The fact that it is one “seven” in length tells us that it is the final seven years of this age, just prior to and leading up to the physical return of Jesus.

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