Baphomet May Make Debut as Statue Honoring Satan on Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

May 6, 2014 at 6:54 AM

Satan statue

Image courtesy Vice Magazine

It seems to me that America has officially gone off the rails. America was a country that was founded on biblical principles, where many to most of our original laws were based on the Bible. Over the few hundred years since our founding, America has gone from its biblical origins to what it is now; a country largely controlled by forces who are more at home with socialism, Marxism, and communism than anything biblical. In fact, it has become very clear that the anything biblical part is being stamped out as quickly as possible.

Space doesn’t permit listing of everything that’s taken place in this country to move it from its biblical foundation to its current one. There have been too many things happening over generations that has forced a re-imagining of America to list them all in this one, short article. Each modern decade has had its moments when tossing out became more important than preserving. Whether it was tossing out prayer and the Ten Commandments from schools and government buildings, to tossing out unborn babies through abortion, America has been on a steady decline for quite some time. There appears very little chance of returning to our roots because somehow, the forces that hate America have managed to gain control.

But in a play that sets all forms of pretense aside, a statue honoring none other than Satan (Lucifer), the very arch-enemy of humanity, may debut on Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds near a monument of the Ten Commandments. If this becomes reality, I think it is safe to say that God has officially been removed from His rightful place. It is mindful of the Shechinah glory that slowly moved from the Jewish worship sanctuary until it simply disappeared from view. The sad part? The Jewish people didn’t really notice.

Has America’s fall become so great, so irreversible that now, the very enemy of God (and those who follow Him) is in danger of taking up a physical position on the lawn of Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds where all can see? The statue – as can be seen in the photo – has a young boy and girl, one on each side of Satan, looking longingly into the statue’s face. Beyond this, it is being purposefully sculpted to allow people to sit in the lap of Satan.

In November, the Satanic Temple asked to have the statue as a compliment and contrast to the Ten Commandments monument, which already sits on Capitol grounds. Plans for all statues were put on hold while the state fights an ACLU lawsuit over the Ten Commandments statue.”

Even though this statue is currently being produced, it may not ever see the light of day at least on the capitol grounds. If the state of Oklahoma loses its fight in court against the ACLU, then the Ten Commandments monument would have to come down. In that case, the Baphomet statue would likely not be placed on the grounds. However, if the state wins its case, allowing the Ten Commandments monument to remain, one can assume that if the state said “no” to the Satanic Temple, the state would be forced into another legal fight over that issue.

One might also assume that if the state is forced to remove the Ten Commandments monument and simply refuses to allow any other type of statue, the Baphomet statue will find a home someplace.

But the larger issue should not be missed. Some believe that America was founded by God. I’m not one of them, though I do believe that America was founded upon biblical principles. In the short few hundred years since our founding, America has been pushed far off its original moorings.

The idea that a group that worships Satan can have a statue produced for the purpose of having it sit on any capitol grounds of any state is preposterous, yet that is where we are today. At the same time, this shocker shouldn’t really come as any surprise since we know that Satan has been pushing for (and will gain) a one-world system whereby he will control all the world through his spiritual son, the Antichrist.

There are many godless people in America. Many of them were born here, but many more seemed to immigrate here within the last few decades. There are too many evil forces at work behind the scenes in America, attempting to reshape it, demoralize it, gut it, and destroy it. Prior to the 1950s, those forces operated largely under cover of the shadows, out of sight of the mainstream. Today, they work in the direct sunlight, creating havoc, creating change, destroying the biblical foundation of this great country.

The fact that so much that used to be deep in the shadows has come out into the light tells me that the enemies of this country, freedom, and biblical principles have gained enough of a foothold so that their confidence causes them to fear nothing. They now openly ply their oppressive trade rewriting laws through emotional virtue (political correctness).

I remind myself that this is all for a purpose, God’s purpose. He will be glorified. In the meantime, in spite of how dark things may appear, my job is to fulfill the Great Commission by evangelizing those who are lost, but still yearn for truth.


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