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Why Do We Always Shoot for the Lowest Common Denominator? Sorry, I am NOT Josh Duggar!

We need to stop coddling Christians like Josh Duggar and realize just how reprehensible sin is to our holy God. He despises it because of what it has done to His Creation and because it is such an affront to Him. Yet, we coddle it, we entertain it. We dabble in it then expect people to not “judge” us when we’re caught.

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Does God Speak Audibly to Us Today?

Humans are too often at the mercy of deceptive spirits, seeking to pull them away from God. Certainly, Christians are not exempt. The Bible tells us that there is going to be a great apostasy or falling away before the end of this current age. It is happening and under the guise of religiosity. New Age teachings have wormed their way into Christendom and there is little hope in repelling it. But we certainly need to vigilantly lift one another up, intercede for others, and pray for God’s discernment. This is desperately needed in this day and age.

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Are Revelations and Speaking from the Holy Spirit Real Today?

Do you have any resources, articles, etc., on how to address women at my church who believe God gives them “revelations” and the Holy Spirit “speaks” to them? There are only a few of them, and while they seem to be sincere Christians, they also appear to be way out there on these topics!

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Heresies Overtaking Churches Today, Pt 4

The NAR seeks to move people even further away from any connection with Christianity by shoving the Great Commission out of the way and replacing it with a form of socialized concern for people in society. Therefore, in this scenario, people who attend church (or not) and are seen actively helping people in society (the poor, the disenfranchised, etc.), and doing what they can to fight against the forces of globalism by wanting to “take back America” are seen as Christian, whether they are or are not.

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Heresies Overtaking Churches Today, Pt 3

Today, the NAR is trying to do things differently. Today, the goal is more along social welfare lines. As we previously noted in our first part, Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan seeks to eradicate what he calls the “five giants” of Spiritual emptiness, Self-serving Leadership, Poverty, Disease, and Ignorance (or illiteracy). Notice all the but the first one are simply very general and anyone can be involved in working to eliminate those things. In fact, as Christians, we should do what we can to help in those areas. The first – Spiritual emptiness – while sounding spiritual really is not. Many today talk up Yoga, Buddhism, and other practices in order to create a sense of fulfillment and well-being in people.

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Heresies Overtaking Churches Today, Pt 2

Now of course, it also needs to be understood that those who believe that the office of “apostle” has been restored would also argue that the authority the original apostles had is also held by these new apostles of today. In essence, what we are dealing with is a brand new sense of Christian Imperialism that appears innocent to most people because these people argue that Christians need to “take back America” for God.

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Heresies Overtaking Churches Today, Pt 1

The movie War Room plays this up. At one point, we see the older black woman’s character praying in her “war room” (prayer closet) and she calls upon God to “raise up an army!” This army is not intended to preach the gospel. It is intended to change the world so that Jesus will be able to rule this world through Christians and those who profess to be Christian. But again, remember what Warren said. He didn’t even care if the person he worked with was a Muslim as long as the larger goal of destroying the “five giants” listed above is in mind.

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Face It: Anti-Semitism is Fully Satanic, Pt 3

But why has Satan continued to deal so harshly with the Jewish people and Israel now that Jesus was born and completed His redemptive work? Because his hatred drives him, for one thing. For another thing, Satan continues to attempt to make God a liar. If Satan can successfully destroy all Jews, there won’t be any Jewish people to go into the Millennial Kingdom that follows the coming Tribulation where they will be ruled over by Jesus Himself for 1,000 years. This will be their time to have all the Land that God first promised to Abraham. They have never really enjoyed all the Land with a king over them who always did the right thing. They will during the Millennial Kingdom that is coming, unless Satan can destroy all Jews before then. He will then have succeeded in making God a liar.

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Face It: Anti-Semitism is Fully Satanic, Pt 2

This blood thirsty rage can only come from one source. Satan, whose hatred for God and for the Jewish people from whom the Savior/Messiah came seems to know no bounds. Whenever you hear of someone who hates Jews or speaks rabidly of boycotting Israel, know that they are prompted by a hatred they do not understand but give in to. Though they are not guiltless, they certainly need our prayers. They need salvation. This is the best way to defeat Satan repeatedly. As each new person comes to know Jesus in a salvific way, Satan is once again defeated.

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Face It: Anti-Semitism is Fully Satanic, Pt 1

The real tragedy here is that Antisemitism is still alive and well today. However, instead of a growing resistance against it, we see a full-on growth of it throughout the world. While on one side we have many in Arab countries who either downplay or outright deny that the Jewish holocaust ever occurred, the other side ignores that and simply does its best to paint Jews and the nation of Israel as the source of continued problems, not only throughout the Middle East, but the world itself.

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