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Muslims in Spain Rise to Absurd Levels

I have the right to be a Christian in this United States and in this world. Those who want to silence me are doing exactly what they accuse me of doing to them. This world is tumbling toward the Tribulation. I know that the Lord will save all who will call on Him for salvation. My heart goes out to the rest, but in the end, I am desperately looking forward to God’s rule on this planet. It cannot come soon enough.

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Comedian Chris Matthews Wants Obama to Show Real Birth Certificate

Chris Matthews wants Obama to show his birth certificate.

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Unadulterated Truth About Dearborn’s Arab Festival

For more complete information with all the vivid details, I suggest that anyone who is interested head on over to the following Web address (hurry, before the FCC removes it!): Truth About the Arab Festival

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Liberals Want Freedom of Speech – THEIR Way

In order for this world to become as evil as Jesus says it will, there must be massive changes in our society. Those changes are here and more are on their way. I believe this is the best time in human history to be alive because of what lies directly in front of us. I also believe that this coming period will require every authentic Christian to have a very close and strong relationship with Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Anything less is like heading out to see in a boat with a huge hole in it and no life preservers. There is really no choice. We either grow toward God daily, or we grow away from Him daily. What will it be for you?

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TSA Plays Gestapo

It is a sad day when you cannot speak out against your own government without fear of reprisals. Yet, this is what we are experiencing in America today. Is that okay with you? It’s not with me.

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Update from Larry at Test All Things…

Here is the reality: I do not mind if people disagree about my Eschatological beliefs. I can live with that. What I cannot nor will not live with is some yahoo telling me that I’m a heretic because of THEIR misguided and faulty exegesis of Scripture.

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“Questions & Comments to the PreTrib Rapture Enthusiasts on Their Way to Hell”

Salvation is based on my belief, my understanding, and my submission to Jesus Christ as Lord of ALL Creation. It is not based on what I may think about the Rapture, the Tribulation, or other aspects of Eschatology. We need to remind ourselves of this constantly.

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