Liberals Want Freedom of Speech – THEIR Way

December 25, 2010 at 8:25 PM

You know, I am getting really tired of the liberal left, the Fabian Socialist, the Marxist, and anyone else who continues their attack on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The other day, I saw a car on the freeway with three bumper stickers.  One reminded us to vote for Obama in 2008, another one was to visualize world peace, and the third one said three words:  “Turn Off Fox.”

It is extremely interesting to me that liberals do not want people to say anything to which they disagree, yet in the same paragraph, they claim they do not want to chip away at the right of freedom of speech or expression.

This is absolute garbage, because only the extremely dimwitted believe that those two statements coming from the mouth of a liberal are compatible.  The person driving the car apparently believes that Obama is the answer (he’s not), we can achieve world peace by visualizing it (we can’t), and Fox News is apparently biased unlike the rest of the media (it’s not).

In fact, Fox News offers insight that the liberal monuments we call news, like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HNN, PBS, and a host of others do not.  In the entire cesspool of news media, we have Fox News that offers at least a glimpse into the conservative side of things.  Set against Fox News are all the other news bureaus.  The woman driving the car believes that no one should pay attention to Fox News, but would probably also tell you that she believes in free speech.

Al Sharpton is on the prowl again and he wants the FCC to take action against Rush Limbaugh for what he considers to be Rush’s constant racial and homophobic remarks.  The FCC says there will apparently be meetings about Rush’s show.  The problem of course centers around Sharpton’s definition of racism and homophobia.

For instance, if I say “Homosexuality is wrong,” and I base that statement on the Bible, there are many groups who believe I have made a statement based on hatred.  I could say “Prostitution is wrong,” and no one would accuse me of making a statement based on hatred.

In England, a street-preacher recently went to trial.  He was arrested on charges of hate-speech.  What did he say?  As he was preaching on the corner of a city street, a police officer approached him and asked him what he was saying with respect to “homophobia.”  The preacher answered and said that he had not been preaching on what he considered to be the sin of homosexuality, but he has in the past.

At that point, the police officers (another had joined the first by this point) indicated that he had broken the law and he was promptly arrested.  He spent all day in jail before he could bail out.  When the situation came to trial, the preacher was not only found 100% innocent, but the police were ordered to pay what amounts to $11,000 in court costs on behalf of the wrongly arrested man.

This has happened a number of times in England and not simply with the area of homosexuality.  It has happened with people who have discussed Allah or Muhammad and when they indicated that they were Christians and did not believe the Qur’an was a holy book, the Muslims they were speaking with promptly went to the police and complained.  The couple was arrested and charged with a hate crime.

Years ago, we heard that morality could not be legislated, yet that is exactly what is going on today.  In those days, it was charged that the conservatives were trying to make society free of lewd conduct and speech.  Today, the liberals are trying to do it and all of a sudden it is right.

Think of the lunacy though.  Because of Gay and Lesbian groups, they are making it a hate-crime to even offer an opinion based on Scripture.  What other group has this type of protection?  What other group is afforded the privilege of being protected from people SAYING things against them?

Do we not have enough laws in this nation already, many of which are ignored routinely by people every day?  In this particular case however, while most agree that homosexuality IS wrong, the fanatical lobbies of the Gay and Lesbian lifestyle want to squelch this type of speech.  They are putting so much pressure on legislators, advertising companies, TV production companies and the like that it is becoming politically incorrect to offer an opinion based on the very Book upon which this country was founded.

Sharpton believes that Rush Limbaugh is a racist and homophobe.  We all know what a racist is (and to Sharpton, that is most likely anyone who is Caucasian, but he can’t say that because he would be viewed as a racist), but what is a “homophobe”?  A homophobe is apparently someone who is afraid of gays, or in essence hates them.  How is this determined?  Simply by stating opposition to that lifestyle.

On numerous occasions, when I have made these types of comments on this blog, it isn’t long before a gay individual will send me a note asking why I “hate” gay people so much?  I guess they believe if they make that charge or claim enough times, then every time someone makes that statement, the fact that they hate gays is a foregone conclusion.  It is like repeating a lie so often, people begin to accept the lie as truth.

On numerous occasions, when I have made the statement about homosexuality being wrong, I am accused of hating and I should take my hate speech elsewhere.  When I try to explain that saying “homosexuality is wrong,” is no different from saying “prostitution is wrong,” or “stealing is wrong.”  This falls on deaf ears because their rejoinder is usually “take your hate-speech someplace else.”  You see, the truth of the matter is that they know that there will always be people who believe homosexuality (and prostitution, and stealing) to be wrong.  Gays and lesbians simply want to outlaw that opinion.  In essence, they want to take away freedom of speech.

Now we know that in a pluralistic society made up of many cultures, ethnicities, and languages, hate speech should not be part of the equation.  It should not be acceptable to call people racial epithets, or gender-based negative remarks.  To go so far as to make it a law that is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment is ridiculous, as if that law is going to keep people from making those statements.

Most people know what hate-speech entails.  Most people also know when someone is offering an opinion about something.  If someone simply says that homosexuality is wrong, that is one thing.  To call a homosexual all sorts of things and even want to beat them – or as they do in Iran, kill them – is wrong.  The Gay and Lesbian Taskforce wants us to believe that hatred STARTS with offering an opinion on the morality of homosexuality.  If we let that stand, it’s only a few short steps away from physical crimes against homosexual.  Ridiculous.  That means that if the apostle Paul was alive today, based on Romans 1, he obviously would have graduated to wanting to kill homosexuals because he pointedly remarked that it is wrong, and his opinion at the time was based on the Old Testament.  I don’t care how gays try to “spin” Scripture, when left in its context and understood as the text is meant to be understood, it is impossible to arrive at any conclusion other than homosexuality is wrong.

Sharpton has a very checkered past and anyone who knows anything about the man knows of the darkness in his past.  To date, he has yet to apologize for falsely accusing numerous people of doing what they were found to not have done.  It doesn’t matter though, because Al Sharpton is an ignoramus who belches hot air.  I suppose he’ll find some way to turn that last sentence into a racist rant though it is not.  Ed Schultz, the guy who gives Sharpton a bully pulpit is also an ignoramus who belches hot air and Ed is Caucasian, so unless I hate my own race, and myself, there is no way to turn that into a racist statement.

The more I consider what our government is doing to the average citizen, the more frustrated I become.  Liberals believe that the best way to peaceful coexistence is to legislate it.  Neither Communism or Socialism has ever worked.  People who live under a dictatorship usually hate it.  Yet, we have the brainiac liberals (and stooges like Sharpton), in Washington doing their level best to shut down anyone with which they disagree.  They only disagree with conservatives, people who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

These individuals have bumper stickers on their cars that sport the symbols for all main religions (including the ideology of Islam) and they actually believe that this type of peace could happen (in spite of the fact that radical Islam hates all people who are not part of it).  They also believe Obama has done a great job to date and should be rewarded with another term.  These individuals also believe that in essence, conservatives should be shut down.  They believe this about conservative news bureaus as well, but they won’t say that.  They will simply say to turn it off.  However, I recall Obama coming out against Fox News and Jimmy Carter has not had pleasant words to say about them either.

These same people have no problem with the Ground Zero mosque.  They do not believe that democracy is in any danger from radical Islam.  They believe that it is perfectly fine and even justifiable for them to define “hate” speech in their terms and then create laws that make their version of hate speech a crime.

I was studying Matthew 24 today and the thing that stands out to me is that Jesus speaks of a world that progressively becomes more evil until that final dictator steps onto the world’s stage.  When he does, he will continue the fight against conservatism until it is completely squelched.  Of course, let’s not forget that most true conservatives are authentic Christians.

What I find absolutely ironic is that people can generally say what they want to say about conservative Christians and they will gain the world’s ear.  They can scream at us that we are HATEMONGERS, when we are simply repeating what the Bible teaches.  They can grow agitated and disgusted with us in no uncertain terms, terms that the world appreciates, admires, and even joins.

As far as hate speech is concerned, the laws dealing with hate speech will never be applied toward Christians if Christians are on the receiving end of that hatred.

Recently, a well-known scientist who had received numerous awards for his work was turned down for a job because he was a Christian.  The people at the institution to which he applied were concerned about what he MIGHT do or say on a forum somewhere on the ‘Net because of his Christian beliefs.

Bear in mind, the scientist, while he had written articles here and there about aspects of science from a biblical perspective, had not done anything illegal, nor had he denigrated anyone.  He simply presented his views on certain subjects.  For this, he was denied employment, never mind that it is illegal in this country to NOT hire someone based on race, religion, ethnicity, or creed.  The scientist is suing and good or him.

In order for this world to become as evil as Jesus says it will, there must be massive changes in our society.  Those changes are here and more are on their way.  I believe this is the best time in human history to be alive because of what lies directly in front of us.  I also believe that this coming period will require every authentic Christian to have a very close and strong relationship with Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  Anything less is like heading out to see in a boat with a huge hole in it and no life preservers.  There is really no choice.  We either grow toward God daily, or we grow away from Him daily.  What will it be for you?

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