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Pushing Ahead with Resolve

Most people don’t like to even sneak a peak too long at negative offerings. They prefer to push that aside and focus instead on those things they see as good and uplifting. The trouble is that we must, at times, delve into the negative or the “doom and gloom” because it is there that our direction lies most of the time. Simply ignoring what may well be the inevitable does nothing except allow people to pretend all is well. Then when things actually do go south, They won’t have a proper response to it because they’re completely unprepared.

Too many choose to ignore all the signs that point to the coming reality. This applies to many Christians, largely due to the fact that they are woefully unaware of the prophetic portions of Scripture that specifically deal with the character and nature of the last days prior to the return of Jesus. Most pastors won’t touch the subject either.

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Ah, to be Clueless…

When folks are fearful, they don’t make the best decisions in life. Often, they reach for the answer they believe will alleviate the fear. This is why a high percentage of people took the CV jab, seeing it as a God send, something that would keep them from not only remaining free from CV infection, but also keep them from transmitting it to others. This is what we were told repeatedly by professional liars who had a reason for doing what they did and continue to do. These liars drowned out and had censored medical professionals who disagreed with the narrative being told to the public. We are now learning that these censored medical professionals were correct.

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Surprised by Grief

The other morning as I ate breakfast, reading through 2 Kings 1, 2, 3, I found myself saddened to the point of tears. This is where Elijah goes to heaven in a chariot of fire and Elisha gets a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. My sadness was due to a number of things; the kings of Israel had an absolute lack of love for and loyalty to God to the point where one chose to seek information from demons. That king had an illness from which he died because he would not seek God for answers. That resonated within me because of what the leadership of the USA has been doing and continues to do by rejecting God completely.

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Be Encouraged – Praise God

Babylon has literally come out of the closet and is in society’s face. Globalists smugly dare the world to try to push back against it. As Christians, do we need to be concerned about it? A quick glance at Scripture tells us that Jesus did not hesitate to tell His disciples and apostles what would happen to them at the end of the age (prior to His physical return). He didn’t sugar coat it nor did He hold back that information. He didn’t want them to dwell on it or live in fear of it, but He clearly wanted them (and us), to be aware of what would occur (Matthew 24:4-8, 25).

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God Will Provide, But…

Folks, I believe this is what’s needed now for all Christians who seek God and His blessing. There are a plethora of verses that point out the covenant relationship we are in with God. It is an agreement. We have salvation through faith in Him and His finished work on the cross and that salvation grants us fellowship. We maintain our fellowship with God through our growing desire to be in obedience to Him and His commands. This is done not out of “duty” or “fear of retribution,” but it is done out of love and a fear of offending or grieving Him. I’ve written about that enough so that hopefully, readers understand what I mean by it.

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Day of Vengeance?

In Romans 1:20-23, Paul goes onto explain that we can know God exists because His attributes are clearly seen in His Creation. It is inherent in each person. Because God knows His attributes are clearly visible (and He did that so there would be no excuse), it means that people who reject Him do so deliberately. Because of this, God is righteous and just in eventually giving them over to become fully enveloped by their growing delusion so that they cannot see truth at all.

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Avoid Sinking

As if all this is not enough to become incensed over, the Levite has the audacity to bring the concubine home, then he uses what happened to her (as if he really cared), to exonerate himself! Instead of giving her a proper burial, to show some sense of honoring her, he cuts her up into 12 pieces as though he’s cutting up an animal sacrifice and sends one piece to the elders of each tribe of Israel. They get the message and wonder aloud what to do about it.

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Rev 14B: Reaping the Harvests

From this passage we learn that God is gathering a great harvest of souls. Commentators see these two harvests as either the first being for the righteous and the second for the wicked. For the righteous of course, eternal life is provided, and for the wicked, just and eternal punishment awaits. Some commentators believe the two are for the same harvest – the harvest for the wicked. The reason they believe it is repeated twice is for emphasis, showing that God will surely bring it about. It’s difficult to go into all the pros and cons of each view, but readers should avail themselves of study tools that may help them come down on one side or the other. Remember, we are trying to determine God’s meaning here, not what we think it means or what we want it to mean. What is God telling us here?

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Rev 14: The Lamb and Proclamations

One of the biggest points that this text drives home is that God is GOD and there is no other! The fact that things are done according to God’s timing and for His glory often make us question His involvement in the affairs of humanity. However, it becomes exceedingly clear from Scripture that God is not only involved in our affairs (in our lives, locally, statewide and federally as well as globally), but in the affairs of all people throughout the globe! Our God not only holds all these things in His extremely capable hands, but nothing escapes His notice. Nothing.

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Blasphemy Openly Increasing

We should actually rejoice at a person who becomes angry at the truth we present! That sounds odd, but if they are angry, they are actually still dealing with the issue of God because their conscience still works. Once they’ve pushed beyond it so that their consciences become seared and God literally gives them over to the lies they have chosen to embrace (Romans 1:24). At that point, they have no trouble with actual truth anymore, fully convinced the lies they believe are truth.

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