Day of Vengeance?

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In Romans 1, the apostle Paul outlines the way any society begins its downfall. Starting in verse 16, he notes that it is the Gospel that he longed to preach to them in Rome and how he was not ashamed of that Gospel simply because the Gospel and only the Gospel has the power to save and set the captive free through faith because those justified will learn to live by the same faith that opens the door to salvation (Romans 1:16-17).

Paul then moves from these opening remarks to a huge problem that he saw in the world then and it was certainly happening in the Roman world. He speaks of the reason why God’s wrath is poured out on any society (Rome included), and ultimately, would be thoroughly poured out onto the entire world (during the final seven years of human led history known as the Tribulation).

Mankind has always wanted to do things his/her way. God’s way has never been good enough and this remains a problem for Christians as well because we have the resident sin nature to deal with all the days of our lives. Our natural propensity is to move away from God, not toward Him. This is the constant battle we face daily as we try to remember to submit ourselves to Him for His good will to be done in and through us.

Paul alludes to this problem later in the same letter to the Roman believers, Romans 7:15-23. There, he nails it in citing that the war that often rages within us is due to the fact that our sin nature and our new creation empowered by the Holy Spirit is always at odds and what remains at every turn is to choose God’s way, not ours. As we make that decision to follow God, the Holy Spirit empowers us to do so. However, the conflict that often occurs within us just doesn’t feel that good, does it? In fact, it can be downright annoying.

Some commentators believe that the reference to Romans 7:15-23 compares Paul’s life before he became a Christian and after he became one. The implication is that once he was saved, he didn’t have the same type of battles nor the ferocity. Some even take that text to mean that Paul actually became sinless in his Christian life. I may not be the most learned man in the world, but I have a hard time with that. I actually think Paul was simply showing believers the way to win each and every battle that we face. It’s not a once-and-done type of situation. It is a battle that rages on daily and in each case, what is needed is to turn to God in faith, relying on Him to give us the strength to get us through that particular battle. I also believe the idea of becoming sinless in this life would be something Paul would have vehemently rejected. He wasn’t sinless then. Now he certainly is but that’s because he long ago passed from this life to the next and like the rest of us when we die in Christ, the sin nature will be removed by Jesus Himself.

With introductory comments out of the way, Paul begins speaking of God’s wrath and why it needs to pour out onto humanity. This he starts in Romans 1:18-19.

18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.

God’s wrath is poured out onto this world’s societies because of “all ungodliness and unrighteousness.” Put simply, human beings have a natural propensity to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” In other words, we suppress truth in how we live, talk and think. It’s done in those who consistently reject God’s truth.

For instance, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, it appears that being transgender has completely eclipsed being gay. Gayness? That’s so passé, so yesterday. The new thing is being gender fluid, which simply means that people can literally changed genders based on how they identify. Some may choose to physically alter their appearance to outwardly appear the opposite gender from what they were when born. The absurdity of it is that more and more, we see corporations and even the medical industry and government catering to those who identify as something other than what they were born in spite of the very small percentage of people in that category.

To argue that if a woman physically alters her outward appearance through surgery to remove her breasts and may even have male genitalia created for her but also decides to retain her natural reproductive organs she was born with, then chooses to be impregnated by a biological male (or artificially fertilized), then brings the baby to term and gives birth, society is now supposed to agree that “men” can get pregnant. By this, transgenders and their sycophants are all guilty of “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” and for those Christians and Christians leaders who go along with that because they don’t want to “offend” or because they believe it is not “loving” to call them out, they are also guilty of suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.

God is saying through the apostle Paul in Romans 1 that He will not put up with a world that lives lies. Paul warns that because people consistently and continually prefer lies over truth, these same people will naturally become more and more deceived and vile in the way they live. People who persist in embracing lies (through deliberate choice or through being deceived), will suffer terrible consequences because of it. They will also become more hostile to anyone who tries to share the truth, regardless of how gentle and kind the person is in attempting to share the truth (Romans 1:28-32). I doubt even someone like Richard Dawkins, who essentially states that there are only two genders will escape their wrath. While his comments do not directly negate trans ideology, he calls the LGBTQ+ movement as a whole a movement based on bullying and refuses to fall in line with their dictates.[2]

A sign of the strong delusion that exists within people who continue to reject God’s truth is seen in their anger, rhetoric and unleashed fury, as Paul notes. This may have been the case in the tragedy that took place in Nashville, TN just two days ago, where it turns out a 28 year-old transgender by the name of Audrey Hale took several guns to a private Christian school, shot her way into the building and proceeded to slaughter three young children and three adults. The shooting started at 10:13 and by 10:27, the shooter was dead, killed by police officers who descended on the scene.

We also now know that an event planned for April 1 at the Supreme Court Building in DC called “Trans Day of Vengeance – Stop Trans Genocide.” I wasn’t aware that trans people were being targeted for genocide, unless by that they mean that there are people who oppose the notion that a person can actually change their gender. Consider how drag queens (a form of transgenderism), are treated today, literally given an open door to showcase their prurient lifestyle in front of children as young as primary school age. Schools and libraries have opened their doors to drag queens and their sexually-explicit events. Don’t complain about it or you may be labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the DOJ.

But as one writer pointed out, this shooting occurred in Tennessee, which “…had proposed House Bill 9, a bill banning many drag performances from taking place on any public property in the state, as well as in any location where people under 18 could be present. House Bill 1 bans children under the age of 18 from being chemically and surgically mutilated. Both bills were passed into law on February 23rd of this year.“[3] So, maybe bills like the ones in TN are what trans people mean by the statement, “stop the genocide”? The rest of us should give into all demands or more people will be murdered? Unfortunately, it may be too late to go backward as things gin up to introduce the final global kingdom ruled over by Antichrist. Way too much ground has already been lost, given over to special interest groups in just the past 20 years alone.

Apparently, Hale had a transgender manifesto and I’m sure we’ll learn more about what she/he believed while under the influence of a severe delusion caused by continual rejection of God and His truth. It’s interesting that some described Hale as “very religious.” What does that even mean today?

In Romans 1:20-23, Paul goes onto explain that we can know God exists because His attributes are clearly seen in His Creation. It is inherent in each person. Because God knows His attributes are clearly visible (and He did that so there would be no excuse), it means that people who reject Him do so deliberately. Because of this, God is righteous and just in eventually giving them over to become fully enveloped by their growing delusion so that they cannot see truth at all.

They ultimately become (Romans 1:28-32):

  • unrighteous
  • sexually immoral
  • wicked and malicious
  • given to envy
  • murderous
  • haters of God
  • violent
  • inventors of evil
  • without discernment
  • unloving, unmerciful, unforgiving
  • passionately vile
  • darkened in thinking
  • futile
  • dishonorable

Because of God giving them over to what they reach for, they become so darkened in their thinking that they cannot reason intelligently anymore. They do what their vile passions dictate, doing everything that goes against natural affection. Women become attracted to other women and men to men. This leads ultimately to a completely debased mind (v 28), so that’s what they do that is really extraordinarily unfitting, seems to them to be normal. I personally believe people who often arrive to this point are not only all these things, but because God gives them over to themselves to do whatever they want to do, any protection He might have granted them is also removed.

I don’t know what you think, but when I see Paul’s list above, I see a perfect description of someone who is so given over to evil (because of their abject rejection of truth), they’ve opened the door to the demonic realm because all these lies come from hell. For this reason, it is very possible that many of these folks are demonically possessed. This may well be why they are irrational and are often so easily angered sometimes resulting in tragedies that Nashville families experienced recently. But the world will focus on a greater need for “background checks” (like Dick Durbin, Press Secretary and other Leftists), instead of dealing with the source of the problem.

We need to prepare our minds for what we may increasingly see and possibly experience in society. This uptick in vile brutality may coincide with where this world is headed and that is a point Paul makes in another of his letters to his protégé, Timothy (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Seems like the days of any semblance of innocence in the world are behind us. It’s all in final preparation for the coming son of perdition who will be worshiped as though he is God. A day of vengeance is surely coming but it’ll be initiated and completed by God Himself!

Carry on, Christian. Pray for discernment. Read His Word. Praise His holy Name. Seek fellowship with other Christians of the same mindset. Develop community with them.







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