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Does God Really Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Life? Part 2

Relationships are very much like this. If we do nothing to work on them, they will sour. It is the same with our relationship with God. If we enter into a relationship with Him (which is essentially what salvation is all about), but believe that He is there to make us happy, to reveal that “wonderful” plan of His to us, we may very well be disappointed. God’s “wonderful” plan centers around salvation.

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Does God Really Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Life? Part 1

Whether pastors mean to be misleading or not, simply presenting a crowd of people in a sanctuary with the phrase, “God has a wonderful plan for you life!” does not do justice either to God or His Word, at least not without further explanation. God does have a wonderful plan for us and that includes salvation itself. Without salvation, we all die an eternal death, fully and eternally separated from God, enduring only His wrath. That’s the downside of life without salvation.

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Defeat of the Religious Liberty Bill is Vexing

The truth is that Christians and Christian organizations only are the ones being squeezed and discriminated against. We turn the other cheek. We’re the humble ones. We are supposed to simply continue to take whatever the world dishes out. Certainly, there is some truth to that, however, as voters and people who pay taxes here in Georgia (as well as other states where this type of legislation is attempted), we have a right to express what is on our minds in a thoughtful, non-judgmental, yet provocative way. We know the world won’t like it but what does that matter?

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution: Birth Pang 8

Imagine what the world will be like when someone is able to step up and create some semblance of peace in the Middle East. Currently, much of the world’s problems are related to what is happening in that section of the world and specifically where Israel is concerned. Arab nations do not want to tolerate Israel’s existence. They are constantly threatening to annihilate Israel from the face of the earth. Animosity is thick. It is also why – I believe – Islam is being used to make such headway into other areas of the world. I believe many Muslims are being used as the Elite’s foot soldiers because they are not afraid to die. Like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII, these militant, radicalized Islamists see their actions as great acts of heroism. It is a repeat of the brainwashed Japanese Kamikaze pilots of decades ago. Their suicide missions helped Japan gain the upper hand in certain sectors of the war at least for a time. Eventually, the Japanese were stopped in their tracks and I believe the same thing will happen to radicalized Muslims.

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He Is RISEN Indeed!

Here was God in the flesh, Jesus, who never sinned for even a second in His entire lifetime, which alone qualified Him to offer Himself as a sacrifice for all of humanity. He then offer Himself in our place and experienced God the Father’s wrath for us so that we would not have to experience it. This happened because of God’s great love, which I cannot understand and will likely never be able to fully comprehend in this life.

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution: Birth Pang 7

If there was no physical Antichrist coming to this world, there would be no need for the world to see a globally unified system of governance as we are seeing. In truth, the coming final world order is at our doorstep because Satan is being given the chance to rule over it as God. He will choose a physical human being to fully empower with his supernatural abilities as leader of this final global empire. While the spiritual ramifications of this coming empire are huge, the fact remains that it will be a physical manifestation of Satan’s promise to be “like the Most High” in human form as the Antichrist.

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution: Birth Pang 6

But the Elite are blind to Satan’s (and certainly God’s) plans! They are working so hard behind the scenes to unify the world that they are not aware that once they bring the world together in its final global empire form (though they fully expect themselves to be the ones to rule; ten of the most important and powerful men of the Elite families), the Antichrist will step up at that point and literally take over, according to Scripture. The Elite will have done all the hard work but at the right time, Antichrist will waltz into the situation and take control. He will use fatal force to win his point.

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